Neighbours Spoilers – Bea leaves Ramsay Street for a fresh start

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Bea and Sheila #2 leave for a new start in Western Australia. Meanwhile, Yashvi and Ned’s rocky relationship takes another blow.

These episodes will air from Monday 21st June.

Bea Nilsson first arrived in Erinsborough in 2018, and who would have thought she would have the journey she did?

Her journey started off with her reconnecting with estranged sister Elly (Jodi Anasta) whom she hadn’t seen for years. What followed involved a psychopathic boyfriend in Finn (Rob Mills), relationships with Ned (Ben Hall) and Levi (Richie Morris), as well as a mechanic apprenticeship and a singing gig at the Waterhole.

However, in the last few weeks, Bea’s journey has changed dramatically thanks to a podcast she created about Finn. It’s allowed her to be open with herself and her loved ones. Unfortunately, that also involved breaking Levi’s heart in the process.

Listening to the podcast, Levi heard Bea admit that she never knew whether she could truly trust a man again. Just last week, she was urged to be honest about her feelings towards him and decided to end their relationship. Heartbroken, Levi realised this meant the road trip they had been planning for months wouldn’t be happening.

What he didn’t bargain on was Bea still going on the trip… just without him.

This week begins with Bea receiving a care package from Toadie (Ryan Moloney), full of all the essentials – toilet paper, extra strong insect repellent and a paper map. It’s obvious that Bea is having second thoughts about the trip, especially considering the company she was planning on keeping.

After lengthy discussion, Bea and Sheila #2 (Shareena Clanton) decided to go to Western Australia together to reconnect with their respective estranged families. However, late last week, Sheila #2 was overheard discussing her inappropriate connection with Ned by Yashvi (Olivia Junkeer).

This commentary results in Bea second-guessing whether she should go. It might hurt her close friend if she did. She decides to book a flight instead of driving. It’ll be easier for everyone involved.

It is in that moment that Levi pops over, making one final plea to his ex-girlfriend. He will do whatever he can for them to be happy, but Bea is adamant that she can’t get past the doubts that she has. They are too strong, and it’s too far gone.

So that’s it then?” Levi asks, melancholy.

I’m so sorry,” replies Bea, confirming Levi’s suspicions that their relationship is very much over.

Saying goodbye, Bea watches Levi walk out of her life one final time.

However, her final moments on Ramsay Street are not all sombre.

When it comes time for Karl and Susan to check in on their niece’s packing, they bring out a present they have purchased for her. Elated, Bea realises the stalwarts have purchased her a guitar to take on the trip with her. She couldn’t be more thrilled.

Meanwhile, Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) and David (Takaya Honda) pop over and present her with a gift of sentimental value. A photograph of her and Elly when they were children. Something she can treasure forever.

Soon enough, the time comes for Bea to head off. Joined by Sheila #2, she begins her proper goodbyes.

Firstly to Yashvi…

… then Ned, who can’t help but flick Sheila #2 one final lingering glance …

… and then the Kennedys. The hardest of all. To Bea, she owes them so much for taking her in and nurturing her into the adult she’s become.

Having you stay with us has been an absolute privilege,” Susan tells her, both fighting to hold back their tears.

You’re an inspiration,” Karl informs her.

Assuring them both that without their support, she would not have been able to travel the countryside, Bea is touched the sentiment truly is mutual.

With the goodbyes finally done, Bea and Sheila #2 put their sunglasses on and drive off, ready for their new adventure.

Sheila & Sheila #2’s special farewell

Sheila #2’s farewell experience is far different from Bea’s. After the truth comes out about her and Ned’s close connection, she is berated by not only Yashvi, but also by Sheila (Colette Mann).

The Canning matriarch blames her not only for ruining Ned and Yashvi’s happiness, but also for being the conviction Bea needed to end things with Levi.

However, the animosity between the Sheilas is short lived, with Sheila apologising to Sheila #2 for her behaviour. She had no right blaming her for something that was out of her control.

You’re family, sis,” she says in Noongar to Sheila #2. A notion that is very much reciprocated.

Levi struggles in the wake of Bea’s departure

Meanwhile, Levi isn’t happy when he returns home to find Bea has left him a letter.

Taking the time to read it, his anger slowly comes to a boil until he can’t take it any longer.

I’m sorry we didn’t get to have the adventure you wanted,” Bea writes, which leaves Levi seething.

Taking a cricket bat, he destroys the billy-kart the pair made together, severing the last link they had together.

Ned and Yashvi on the brink of splitting?

Elsewhere, Yashvi and Ned hit a crossroads after she learns that he and Sheila #2 shared a strong bond that he didn’t tell her about.

Although she knew that the pair were close, she didn’t realise that it warranted them keeping it a secret.

After hearing it on a recording accidentally, Yashvi confronts both Sheila #2 and Ned separately.

When talking to Ned, she promises that she isn’t going to break up with him, but she is worried about them.

What she really wants to know is why did he feel like he could open up to Sheila #2, but not to his own girlfriend.

Ned is gutted as Yashvi tells him that he should show her just how much she means to him.

With their cards now on the table, will Ned be able to prove himself to Yashvi, or is their relationship going the same was as Bea and Levi’s?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 21st June (8627)

Bea prepared to say goodbye to Ramsay Street as she excitedly embarks on her new adventure.

Yashvi’s shocked after hearing the recoding of Ned’s conversation with Sheila #2, forcing him to admit that he had an emotional connection with her.

Tuesday 22nd June (8628)

Both still feeling down about their respective breakups, Levi and Harlow both commiserate with each other over drinks before having a moment of unexpected connection.

Yashvi and Ned’s attempt at resolving their issues ends with Ned admitting that he thinks they both have different priorities.

Chloe and a reluctant Nicolette agree to temporarily let Clive stay with them while his place is being renovated.

Wednesday 23rd June (8629)

Chloe witnesses Levi thanking Harlow for last night and she begins to suspect the two have hooked up, sharing her theory with Sheila and Mackenzie.

Angela Lane is furious about the manure she thinks the Kennedys have dumped on her doorstep, retaliating by spreading rumours about Susan at the school.

Karl imparts some wise money-saving driving tips during a driving lesson with Hendrix, and the pair start to bond.

Thursday 24th June (8630)

Convinced Toadie deserves better, Melanie offers to end their relationship before anything else bad happens.

Terese and Paul put pressure on Amy to keep the Flamingo Bar’s profits up over winter, resulting in her reworking the roster so that Roxy picks up the slack.

Nicolette’s patience with Clive’s annoying quirks has grown thin, suggesting to Jane that it’s time for him to move out.

Friday 25th June (8631)

Amy enlists Levi as a model for her longest workout photoshoot, which results in a painful accident.

Toadie is unsure if he should continue his relationship with Melanie.

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