Neighbours Spoilers – Pierce Greyson is back in Erinsborough!

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On next week’s Neighbours in Australia, just as Hendrix begins to feel like he’s found his place in Erinsborough, his world is rocked by the return of his father, Pierce!

These episodes air in Australia from Monday 31st May, and in the UK four weeks later from Monday 28th June.

It has been six months since Pierce Greyson (Don Hany, previously Tim Robards) left Erinsborough, headed for a fresh start in Sydney. What he left behind him was a path of destruction.

A marriage to Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) was left in tatters, a heartbroken lover farewelled in Dipi (Sharon Johal) and a son Hendrix (Benny Turland) now devastated he wouldn’t be able to continue the relationship with his father that he so desperately wanted.

Now in the time that has past, wounds have began to heal.

Chloe is happily in a relationship with Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes), a woman that Pierce was always intimidated by. The reality was that Nicolette saw straight through him, and knew that he wasn’t the right fit for Chloe.

Dipi was able to reconcile her marriage. Together with husband Shane (Nicholas Coughlan), she too moved to Sydney. However, unlike Pierce, she moved to be closer to her son.

Meanwhile, Hendrix has struggled without his father.

First, he was caught in an illegal gambling saga, then he was dumped by his girlfriend Harlow (Jemma Donovan). More recently he has been involved in a new program at school and has developed feelings for best friend Mackenzie (Georgie Stone).

However, things are finally looking up. After Pierce’s departure, Hendrix moved into No. 28 with Karl (Alan Fletcher) and Susan (Jackie Woodburne). While it hasn’t all been smooth sailing, the stalwart couple are finally beginning to make progress with the young adult.

This week, Karl and Hendrix go for a drive and discuss Hendrix’s place in the family. For Karl, it’s a warming moment. He’s been able to see Hendrix really come into his own in the last few months and it has been great to see. For Hendrix, he finally feels like he is part of a family unit again.

But it seems everything could be undone when a familiar face arrives on Ramsay Street, and turns everything upside down.

Just when Hendrix thought it was safe to move on, Pierce rocks up in Erinsborough.

What’s worse is that Pierce assures Hendrix that he is only back in town for business. This hurts the fragile young man more than his absence over the last months. To return to town without calling ahead and turning lives upside down is bad enough, but to claim it has nothing to do with seeing his son hurts more than anything he’s ever done before.

It’s not just Hendrix’s skin that Pierce gets under upon his return.

Chloe and Nicolette have been going from strength to strength lately. Ever since Chloe forgave her now-girlfriend for the part she played in her discovering her husband’s affair with Dipi, the couple have embraced their mutual feelings. In fact, they even live together in the house that Chloe once shared with Pierce.

However, it seems their relationship could be threatened by Pierce’s return.

He’s concerned for his ex wife, thinking she’s rushed into a new relationship too soon, and suggests that the two spend some time together to catch up. Remarkably, Chloe agrees, leaving Nicolette worried.

He tells Chloe that he thinks she made a mistake by rushing into a relationship with Nicolette just days after the death of her mother. He thinks she did it just to escape grief, which is exactly what she did with him. It’s hard for Chloe to deny, and she’s left troubled.

Worse still, he finally discovers the truth about how Chloe uncovered his affair with Dipi. He learns that it was Nicolette who planted the necklace in Harold’s, leading Chloe to his hotel room. He’s furious, and it makes him all the more convinced that Nicolette can’t be trusted.

Having never been a fan of Nicolette’s, Pierce revels in taunting her, assuring her that they both know that the relationship she is in now with Chloe will never go the distance.

The mother-to-be knows that he’s just trying to get under her skin, but is there some truth in what he has to say? And, retaliating in anger, will Nicolette say something she regrets?

Whatever the reason for Pierce’s return, there’s sure to be unmissable drama that follows. Is he really back for work? Or is there something he’s trying to hide?

Who is Pierce Greyson?

Pierce first arrived on Ramsay Street, with a different face to the one he left with, initially played by Tim Robards.

A businessman with money in wine, his attention fell to Chloe, who he quickly learnt was running a ‘Cash for Company’ business. He hired out his services and attempted to bribe her into sex, but she turned down his every offer.

Slowly, he began to woo her and when she finally slept with him, a result of her feelings and nothing else, he gifted her an expensive bottle of wine. Feelings developed between the pair, but Chloe struggled when she had to reveal she had Huntington’s. Meanwhile, he agreed to do a business deal with Terese, but was blackmailed out of it by Paul (Stefan Dennis). Despite Terese’s best efforts, he turned down any offer she made to go into business and left.

A year later, he returned with a fiancée, Ebony (Christie Hayes). Their relationship soon soured and when she left him, he pined for Chloe, who was in a relationship with Elly (Jodi Anasta). Soon they split, and Pierce and Chloe embarked on a relationship. They were soon joined by Hendrix after he was expelled from boarding school.

After getting engaged at the Melbourne Cup, Pierce and Chloe rushed to the altar as a result of her Huntington’s.

However this was the beginning of their problems. Shoddy business deals, contemplation of a threesome, a miscarriage and a live-in nurse in Nicolette all played a part in Pierce finding a confidante in Dipi. Eventually, their bond deepened and the pair began a steamy affair.

Once this was uncovered, Chloe ended the marriage and Pierce rejected Dipi, begging her to work on her marriage while she still had it. Under a cloud, Pierce sold his share in Lassiters to Paul and made his way to Sydney…

…until now!  

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 31st May (8632)

A concerned Sheila and Kyle ask Levi to find balance in his life and start taking care better care of himself.

Roxy realises she has gone too far with her vendetta against Amy, but jealously continues to rear its ugly head.

Yashvi offers to move out with Ned to give their relationship a fresh start.

Tuesday 1st June (8633)

Just as Nicolette is about to tell Clive he’s overstated his welcome, he discovers that his beloved Herbert is dead and is overcome with grief.

While out driving together, Karl admits his pride in how Hendrix has grown up and Hendrix revels in feeling like part of the family.

Yashvi isn’t comforted by Ned’s explanation as to why he has a sketch of Sheila #2.

Wednesday 2nd June (8634)

News that Pierce is returning ricochets around Ramsay Street.

Karl convinced Hendrix to spend time with his dad, but he soon feels foolish as he realises Pierce is actually here for a very different reason.

When Chloe seems open to spending time with her ex-husband again, Nicolette begins to feel a niggle of concern.

Thursday 3rd June (8635)

Pierce hits a weak spot with Nicolette when he tells her that they both know her relationship with Chloe will never last.

Hendrix is upset by Pierce’s intimation that he is here only for business.

Misunderstanding Toadie’s response to her request to move in, Amy moves herself right into No. 30 and doesn’t get off to the best start in her new home.

Friday 4th June (8636)

Pierce tells Chloe that she is making the same mistake with Nicolette as she did with him by rushing into another relationship to escape grief, which leaves Chloe troubled.

Amy blames Roxy for another mishap at the bar and Amy is confident that she finally has grounds to fire Roxy.

A nervous Ned pops over to see Yashvi, hoping to get their first chat as exes over and done with.

Also… Tim Kano teases Leo’s return to Erinsborough

Pierce isn’t the only upcoming return, with Leo Tanaka heading back to Erinsborough next month.

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