Neighbours Spoilers – Why is Toadie being so cold to Melanie?

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, the reason behind Toadie’s mistreatment of Melanie at work is far from what Mackenzie thinks. Meanwhile, Bea grows ever more tense with Karl over the podcast.

These episodes will air from Monday 19th April.

Melanie is smitten with Toadie during their first Tinder date.

Ever since Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) began her new job as the personal assistant to lawyer Toadie (Ryan Moloney), there has been an air of tension between the pair. Be it animosity or chemistry, there’s been something lingering around.

Perhaps it has something to do with their matching on Tinder or even the mishap on Valentine’s Day which saw them both suspect the other of organising a romantic date.

But with Rebecchi Law finally moving back into the newly renovated office in the complex, it’s more evident that ever that there is something amiss about the pair’s relationship.

It all starts with Toadie, Melanie and legal assistant Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) finalising the move from the hotel room they’ve been working out of and the new office.

However, when Melanie arrives late, citing a scrambled egg disaster, Toadie is uncharacteristically abrupt with his assistant.

I didn’t [ask] and don’t let it happen again,” he says in response to her excuses, which receives a shocked look from Mackenzie.

He then comments on her choice of outfit – a low cut leopard print dress – and claims that it is inappropriate for the workplace. She will have to keep her coat on for the remainder of the day.

The conversation is brief, as Mackenzie and Melanie both carry one final box each, but it’s enough to make Mackenzie take note – this isn’t the Toadie she knows and loves.

Soon, the topic changes to work as Toadie informs them of the workplace compliance training they must undertake in the afternoon, at the request of their big new client. It’ll be boring, but this is one of Toadie’s biggest cases in years, so they need to keep the client happy.

With the training well underway, Toadie grows frustrated as his two employees keep losing focus, with Melanie questioning Mackenzie about Jay (Dhruv Malge) and what is going on between them. He pulls them up on it once, but when the pair continue to gossip, Toadie flicks the video off and berates Melanie… and only her.

He reminds her that should they fail the quiz that follows the video, they all have to sit through the training again. It’s not something any of them want.

Passive aggressively, Melanie takes her coat off. If she has to put up with the training, he is going to have to put up with her fress.

Switching his attention back to the training video, Toadie prepares the next section. As if hesitant about something, he sheepishly tells his employees that the next section is about inappropriate behaviour between work colleagues.

Later, Mackenzie discusses Toadie’s behaviour with Hendrix (Benny Turland) and Karl (Alan Fletcher), and downloads about her boss’s treatment of Melanie. She thought it was unfair that he only told off Melanie and not her. After all, she was partaking in their gossip session as well.

While Hendrix assures her that Melanie is a big girl, and can fight her own battles, Karl thinks she should call Toadie out before they have a bigger problem.

When she returns to Rebecchi Law, Mackenzie happens to walk in on a petty argument between Toadie and Melanie.

In that moment, she realises she has to say something! Mackenzie knows that Toadie probably isn’t meaning to treat Melanie different, but it is obvious that he is. After all, if their current case has taught them anything, it is that preferential treatment isn’t fair – whether positive or negative.

Toadie can’t believe that Mackenzie is questioning him on his behaviour. Yet, knowing that he’s in the wrong, he apologises and assures Mackenzie he will lay off Melanie.

However, it is soon evident that the tension between the pair isn’t bad at all. In fact, it’s quite the opposite…!

Meanwhile, over at No. 28, tensions are rising between Bea (Bonnie Anderson) and Dr Karl.

For weeks now, Bea has been biting her tongue over Karl’s controlling nature, but things are set to bubble over between the uncle and niece sooner rather than later.

With Bea now pursuing a podcast in order to tell her and her family’s side of the story regarding the Finn saga, she’s never felt more in control of the situation. She finally has a chance to tell things her way.

Unfortunately for her, her uncle seems to be wanting to elbow his way into the idea.

Bringing forward ideas about segments was one thing, but now, despite Bea’s naysaying, Karl has come up with an opening monologue and is debating what voice to use when he is acting as a co-host.

Uncomfortable with Karl’s persistence over the podcast, Bea knows she has to say something… The question is will she?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 19th April (8602)

Inside Sheila #2’s file, Bea finds a comprehensive dossier on Ned, including Fandangle pics.

Noticing the tension between Toadie and Melanie, Mackenzie confronts Toadie about his harsh treatment of Melanie in the office.

Tuesday 20th April (8603)

Harlow agrees to a reconciliation with Paul if he hires his PI to find Brent, but Paul refuses.

Toadie and Melanie can barely keep their hands off each other, with their secret romance almost uncovered by Terese.

Wednesday 21st April (8604)

Nicolette gives David and Aaron an ultimatum – Emmett or their baby.

After a rendezvous during work hours, Toadie returns to the office looking satisfied and his dishevelled appearance piques Mackenzie’s suspicions.

An uneasy Chloe is torn between her brother and her girlfriend.

Thursday 22nd April (8605)

Emmett is thrilled to see that Jenna has been working hard to get her life back on track, but Aaron and David remain unsure that she can be trusted.

Bea braces herself to reveal to Lucas about the breach of privacy with Sheila #2, but Lucas already knows the truth.

Frustrated that Aaron and David were so quick to blame her for Jenna’s arrival, Nicolette feels Jenna’s proposal could be the solution to all their problems.

Friday 23rd April (8606)

Ned gets the two Sheilas together, resulting in Sheila #2 opening up about the loss of her grandmother and the impact it has had on her life.

Bea is enraged at Levi for telling the truth to Lucas, which ultimately leads to her getting fired.

Terese learns that Ned was the one who leaked The Hive’s financials, intent on telling Paul.

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