Neighbours Spoilers – Brent to leave Erinsborough as he joins the army

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On this week’s Neighbours in Australia, Paul blackmails Holden as he tries to get Brent sent to jail and out of Harlow’s life for good. However, Brent’s exit from Erinsborough is set to be very different than what Paul had in mind.

These episodes air in Australia from Monday 3rd May, and in the UK four weeks later from Monday 31st May.

In episodes which recently aired in Australia, we’ve seen Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) make a confusing play as he tries to rid Brent (Texas Watterston) from granddaughter Harlow’s (Jemma Donovan) life.

Harlow kept her meeting with Brent secret… but Paul soon discovered the truth

Harlow has recently been back in touch with Brent, who shot through after the failed robbery on The Hive, which he orchestrated as he attempted to get gang leader Holden (Toby Derrick) on side. Harlow managed to contact him via the Year 13 portal, after discovering that somebody had been accessing it remotely.

It was quickly clear Harlow still has feelings for Brent… will she help him at any cost?

The pair met up at a remote beach and had a sweet reunion, and as they shared a kiss it was soon clear that Harlow still has feelings for Brent despite everything that has happened.

Brent eventually agreed that he would hand himself into the police, but was just waiting for Emmett to leave for New Zealand with their mum so that things would be cleaner.

Paul convinces Jane to show him the messages from the school system

Unfortunately for them, Paul also discovered Brent’s whereabouts when he talked Jane (Annie Jones) into sharing the messages that his granddaughter and Brent were sending each another via the school system.

Brent finds himself behind bars thanks to Paul’s detective skills

He shopped Brent into the police, and officers took the young couple by surprise as they wandered along the sand. Paul happily admitted his part in Brent’s arrest to Harlow, who couldn’t believe her granddad would be so cruel, especially when Brent had already decided he was going to hand himself in.

In a surprise turn of events, Paul went on to hire Toadie to represent Brent, seemingly wanting the teenager to escape a custodial sentence.

However, this is Paul Robison we’re talking about, and he always has an ulterior motive. It transpired that he wasn’t paying for Brent’s legal representation out of the goodness of his heart, but to fulfil a pact he made with Brent and Emmett’s mum Jenna (Anne Lise Phillips). He agreed that he would look after Brent if she took Emmett away to New Zealand.

David and Aaron recently said goodbye to Emmett as he returned to New Zealand with his mum

Talking to TV Week about this week’s turn of events, Stefan Dennis explained, “The deal was struck so Jenna could feel confident about Brent’s welfare while she moved to New Zealand with Emmett.

“But it was more about Paul securing a better future for Emmett rather than caring about Brent.”

This week, having technically fulfilled his side of his agreement with Jenna, Paul is free to put Step 2 of his manipulative plan into action.

Holden has made Brent’s life hell since he arrived in Ramsay Street

He visits gang leader Holden in prison, where he blackmails him into changing his story. Paul wants the troubled teen to claim that Brent was the one who orchestrated everything, and to tell the police that he’s the leader of the gang.

Paul will stop at nothing to get rid of Brent. “Paul doesn’t like [him] and can only see ongoing destruction of his character if the relationship between the two young lovers continues,” Stefan told TV Week, talking about why he would go so far to harm his granddaughter’s boyfriend.

Paul tells Holden that there’ll be “greater consequences” if he doesn’t tell the police that the gang’s activities were all spearheaded by Brent. As a reward, Paul plans to put aside a large pot of cash which he’ll give to Holden when he’s released from prison – enough for him to “have a nice life”.

Of course, Harlow has no idea what her grandfather is doing, or that he’d stoop so low. When she finds out that Holden has changed his story and implicated Brent, she’s devastated. She turns to Paul for comfort, who starts to feel guilty when he realises just how crushed Harlow is.

Her boyfriend faces prison time thanks to Paul. He knows he can’t tell Harlow the truth, but now he doesn’t know how to fix things!

Paul begins to feel guilty after seeing the effect Brent’s arrest has on his granddaughter

The following week, in episodes airing from 10th May, Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) discovers all, and is horrified that her husband would do such a thing. Harlow is his granddaughter, and Brent was his son’s foster child, and now he’s making both of them suffer for nothing.

A guilt-ridden Paul visits Holden again and asks him to change his story, but the damage is already done. Holden refuses, and Paul has to face the consequences.

Harlow, meanwhile, is beginning to open up to Paul more and more. How will she react when she discovers the truth?

Although there are still some pretty big gaps to fill in, the latest spoilers reveal that Brent won’t face a life behind bars after all. However, we may soon see his final scenes, as he follows in half brother Emmett’s footsteps and leaves Erinsborough for good. In next Friday’s Australian episode, airing Friday 14th May, Harlow is devastated as she learns that Brent is joining the army!

It looks like Paul manages to get Holden to change his story back after all, and we presume Brent is released from remand shortly after. Deciding on a fresh start, it seems he’s set to leave his desires for a career in textiles behind and sign up for the army, leading for “one final heartbreaking goodbye” for him and Harlow.

It’s certainly not how we saw Brent’s departure from Erinsborough playing out, so we look forward to seeing what prompts such a huge career move over the next two weeks.

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for this week in Australia:

Monday 3rd May (Episode 8612)

Susan has concerns regarding some of Bea’s revelations in her debut podcast episode and how it might affect Levi.

After her work trip to Mildura, Jane is on a high and returns with a renewed confidence for her role at Erinsborough High.

Stunned by Hendrix’s declaration of his feelings, Mackenzie is unsure how to respond.

Tuesday 4th May (Episode 8613)

Levi admits to Bea that he is hurt by the idea she will never be able to trust him.

Nicolette decides to coach Chloe and Aaron in the upcoming volleyball competition.

Ned and Sheila #2 continue to connect over art, leading to a heated and unexpected moment together.

Wednesday 5th May (Episode 8614)

Rattled by their moment of intimacy, Ned and Sheila #2 can’t help feeling awkward around each other.

After suggesting they explore something more, Toadie mistakes Mel’s flirting as disinterest and is left disappointed.

When Mackenzie discovers Toadie is having a secret “work meeting” with Angela Lane, she shares her suspicions with Susan and Karl.

Thursday 6th May (Episode 8615)

Susan struggles to accept that Toadie is romantically involved with Angela Lane, making the mistake of telling Angela how much Toadie deserves a good woman in his life.

Brent’s gratitude for Paul prompts Harlow to finally open up to the possibility of forgiving him, unaware that Paul is about to go behind her back once again.

After the green light from Susan, Angela turns up at Toadie’s house and makes a bold play for his affections.

Friday 7th May (Episode 8616)

Driven by his concern for Harlow, Paul has a plan to ruin Brent’s chance of release by urging Holden to paint him at the criminal ringleader of his gang.

In trying to show their support for Toadie, the Kennedys invite a thrilled Angela to dinner, leaving Toadie confused by the unexpected dinner guest.

Harlow is devastated to learn that Holden has changed his story.

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