Neighbours Spoilers – Emmett gets involved in Brent’s gang drama

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Brent opens up to Emmett about Holden’s influence over him. Meanwhile Roxy makes a shocking discovery and Chloe give into her feelings for Nicolette.

These episodes will air from Monday 19th April.

Since his return to Ramsay Street earlier this year, Brent (Texas Watterston) has been on top of the world. Finally having a stable life at No. 32 with David (Takaya Honda) and Aaron (Matt Wilson), plus enjoying spending time with his new girlfriend Harlow (Jemma Donovan) has had a positive effect on the teen, and he’s a completely different person to the boy who first arrived in Erinsborough.

This week, he receives even more good news: his brother Emmett (Ezra Justin) has been approved to stay at No. 32 as well. For the first time in years, the pair will be permanently under the same roof together and they couldn’t be happier.

However, unfortunately for Brent, his past is catching up with him and it seems he can’t escape.

Last week saw Brent contacted by an old ‘friend’ Holden (Toby Derrick) who called in a favour – he needed Brent to stash a stolen dirt bike. Knowing it wouldn’t be safe in the Doug Out in the back garden of Number 32, he made a beeline for The Hive. There he hid it in a locked room, seldom used as the clients that own it aren’t locals.

However, next week Paul (Stefan Dennis) decides to spend a day at The Hive, looking over the books and checking how Ned is running the place. It’s part of his ongoing scrutiny of all of his businesses, an effort which is beginning to unnerve his business partner Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou). While there, he demands the room be opened to make sure there is nothing in there that could possibly be a fire risk.

As Ned opens it, he’s horrified by what he sees.

The stolen dirk bike that he heard about from Yashvi, and he’s got no idea how it got there.

Paul is furious. When he learns that the police need to close the space while they investigate, he lividly blasts Ned in front of Brent. Should Ned have another slip up, he’s out!

You are on very, very thin ice.

The words ring in Brent’s ears, knowing that he was the one responsible. Watching Ned cop the blame is not what he wanted.

Later, Brent receives a phone call from Holden, and he isn’t happy that he’s lost his stolen goods. Unfortunately, Emmett overhears. Brent attempts to cover, but his little brother has twigged to the fact something is up and when Brent receives a text from Holden, it’s far from pleasant..

Rushing to the Waterhole, Brent finds Holden.

Unbeknownst to him, a worried Emmett has followed and he is later forced to reveal all to his younger brother.

Holden is the head of a gang that Brent got involved with when he was away from Erinsborough, and he was the one who beat Brent up and robbed him. He’s also the one that stole the bike and organised for Brent to hide it. The only reason he went through with it is because he is petrified of the gang.

Despite Emmett’s worry, Brent implores his brother trust him: he has everything under control. But Emmett doesn’t believe him, and makes what he believes to be the mature decision.

He organises a secret meeting of his own, and approaching Holden, Emmett hands him an envelope full of cash. It’s not much, but it’s all he has. He can have it if he leaves Brent alone. Emmett explains that they like their new family situation and they want to stay happy.

Quietly, Holden takes the money and agrees, as Emmett walks out, triumphant. However, with Holden’s history, can he be trusted?

After all, not long before was Holden seen stealing food from the Tram.

The derelict hangout on Power Road.

When Roxy caught them stealing from their latest delivery, she chased after them, and stumbled across what looked to be a run-down hangout behind one of the buildings on Power Road. There, she found a spray painted image of the ring found at the site of her attack. Bingo! Finally, a clue as to who attacked her.

Taking a photo, Roxy is overjoyed that they finally have something to go on. When she reunites with Terese and Paul to tell them the good news, Roxy assures them it’s the exact image that was on the ring. Fearful of the gang’s effect on his business investments, Paul is quick to call in security, but Terese thinks it’s a bad idea. It might scare them off.

They need to get the police involved… and quickly.

Meanwhile, Chloe has finally confessed to Nic about her feelings for her.

They’ve been developing a while, but when she mentioned it to Aaron, he told her to suppress them. However, now that Aaron has decided to tell Nic, Chloe feels no reason to hide the truth any longer.

When we are together, there’s so much more. I want more. I want you!

Taken aback, Nic isn’t sure what to say. She wanted this moment for so long, but Chloe had assured her so many times that there would never be anything between them. Not wanting to let herself get hurt, she almost immediately begins to freeze Chloe out, telling her she no longer feels the same way.

Naturally, Chloe is hurt and takes her anger out on Aaron for breaking her trust.

…and it’s not long before it gets messy.

Later, when Chloe finds Nicolette, they agree to be friends. Neither of them wants to lose what they have. However, it is clear by the sexual tension in the kitchen of No. 24 that they can’t stay friends for much longer…

And as Chloe informs Nic how lucky her baby is to have a mother like her, Nic can’t hold in her feelings a moment longer. A lingering gaze turns into closeness and a peck.

When it’s clear that the feeling is mutual, the pair head in for a more passionate kiss and it’s clear that love will always find a way…

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 19th April (8583)

After Karl’s arrest, Susan gets an unexpected proposal from Olivia herself.

Sheila and Roxy pretend to argue in front of Kyle to make a point that he’s been overreacting.

Tuesday 20th April (8584)

Aaron excitedly announces that he wants to name the baby Fay, but not everyone is a fan of the idea.

Olivia’s determination to publish her book brings Bea and Susan to the same bitter realisation.

Wednesday 21st April (8585)

Aaron shares his concerns about Chloe with Nicolette, who is left in disbelief that Chloe may have feelings for her.

Brent worries he will be found out when Holden’s stolen bike is uncovered at The Hive.

Thursday 22nd April (8586)

Roxy has a chance run-in with Holden at The Tram and it leads her to discover his gang’s hideout.

Nicolette dismisses Chloe’s feelings and tries to deny her own in the process.

Friday 23rd April (8587)

Roxy and Sheila come up with one last prank to send Shane off on his last day at The Waterhole.

Jane returns from Brisbane to discover Chloe and Nicolette’s new relationship in the most awkward way possible.

With the help of Sheila’s creative idea, Dipi finds a way to stay connected to Nell while preparing for their move.

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