Home and Away Spoilers – Susie poisons John Palmer as her plan goes awry

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Susie’s plan comes close to unravelling itself as she accidentally poisons John! Will Irene realise the poison was actually meant for her?

It’s all hands on deck next week, as John and Susie eagerly plan the surf competition that is set to renew the Surf Club’s finances. Susie has tasked herself with hitting up local businesses for fundraising, while John organises the logistics of the competition itself.

With Susie in charge of funds, she has one important question – what to do with the money she raises? Gerald, the club treasurer, is on holiday up north for the next two weeks, so she can’t give the money to him. John obviously can’t put the funds into his own account – as the brand new president, that would look more than a little suspicious! But it needs to go somewhere…

Susie ramps up the pressure, telling John that the sponsors may pull out if they’re given too much time to think about it. Her magic touch comes when she tells John what they’ll be able to do with the funds they’ve raised so far – nearly enough to re-tile the bathrooms, and perhaps even enough to upgrade the Polaris! “To the new sports model with the flashing new LED emergency lights?” gushes John excitedly, before he eagerly suggests that Susie puts the money into an account in her own name until Gerald’s back.

An account in her own name! Hmm…

While Susie has found fundraising easy so far, when she gets to the Pier Diner, things aren’t quite so straightforward. Irene doesn’t want a bar of her, and questions why it’s John’s new girlfriend who’s soliciting her for money rather than the President himself. Fiercely protective of Marilyn and Alf, Irene doesn’t look set to warm to Susie any time soon.

Elsewhere in Susie’s busy life, Leah and Justin hand over their house deposit as they take one step closer to owning their first house together. The couple are elated, but as they hand over tens of thousands of dollars, Irene has trouble hiding her concerns… “Something tells me real estate Barbie isn’t all she’s cracked up to be.”

Of course, Irene is right to be concerned. Last week, we saw her call up her dodgy business partner, telling them she had another couple “on the hook”. Leah and Justin are on the cusp of losing years’ worth of savings.

Irene even expresses her concerns to John himself, but obviously gets nowhere. When John warns Susie that Irene is gunning for her, the real estate agent decides to pay her a visit at her house.

Things start off perfectly amicably, with Susie explaining to Irene that she thinks they got off on the wrong foot, and that she wants to put things right. However, things become heated quickly, as Susie goads her: “I know you and John are good friends… but I got there first.”

Irene finds it hilarious when she realises Susie is accusing her of having feelings for Palmer, but Susie tells her that it’s obvious. Things quickly sour when Irene tells Susie she can see right though her, and Susie responds by warning her to “be very careful about what you say next.

“Trust me, Irene, you do not want to mess with me.”

Finally, it’s on John to try and smooth things over. He suggests the three of them have dinner at Salt, and although Irene is far from keen, she agrees to give it a go. Even if it’s just to wind Susie up even more.

Yet while a little winding up may be all that’s on Irene’s mind, Susie has a much darker plan lined up. The trio’s night starts off amicably and it looks like they may finally be able to put their animosity aside.

However, when Susie heads to the bar and orders three large glasses of red wine, she puts her plan in place. Withdrawing a bottle of clear liquid from her bag, she places a few drops in the glass meant for Irene!

Heading back to the table, she thrusts the three drinks out, giving the spiked drink to her rival. Things quickly backfire – Susie has no idea that Irene is tea-total, and when Irene rejects the drink, Susie goes to take it back to the bar. However, John quickly puts a stop to that, grabbing the glass back and telling her “we won’t be doing that, will we? No point wasting a good drop of red!”

Susie has no choice but to watch on in fear as John takes a swig of the drink.

Sure enough, a little while later and the newly elected president of the Surf Club is having to run off to be sick, as the poison takes effect. The next day, he’s still feeling terrible, and struggling to keep anything down. When he heads to the Diner for some dry toast, Irene can’t understand how he got so ill so quickly.

With time to think through what happened, alarm bells are ringing in Irene’s mind. The only person who got sick was John, even though she ate the same meal as him; something doesn’t add up.

She eventually realises that Susie handed her a drink and insisted that she have it, but John drank it instead… was that what made him ill? “But that would mean she tried to poison you,” points out Marilyn, who thinks it would be a huge allegation to accuse Susie of such a thing.

“I’m telling you, Maz, everyone around here is underestimating what that woman’s capable of. I am going to find out exactly what she’s up to.”

With Susie wrapping everyone else around her little finger, will Irene be the one to stop her from ripping off the residents of Summer Bay?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 19th April 2021 (Episode 7515)

Irene is becoming a thorn in Susie’s side. Alf takes Martha away from the hospital. Willow and Ziggy repair their relationship. Leah and Justin hand over their money to Susie.

Tuesday 20th April 2021 (Episode 7516)

Irene and Susie try to mend their rift. Bella’s trust is tested. Martha’s delusions return.

Wednesday 21st April 2021 (Episode 7517)

Martha faces her reality. Christian questions his judgement. Irene has a hunch about Susie.

Thursday 22nd April 2021 (Episode 7518)

Ari’s family brace for the worst. Justin makes a snap decision. Mac is forced to tell Tane her secret.

Friday 23rd April 2021 (Episode 7519)

Tane tells Mac the truth. Dean and Amber move in the right direction. Ryder avoids Chloe.

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