Neighbours Spoilers – Harlow plants a kiss on Brent!

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Harlow Robinson surprises Brent Colefax by kissing him out of the blue. Meanwhile, Fay Brennan comes clean about her decision and Mackenzie Hargreaves comes face-to-face with her ex-boyfriend.

These episodes will air from Monday 29th March.

Brent’s return to town has riled Hendrix up the wrong way, but Harlow couldn’t be happier

Ever since Brent Colefax returned to Erinsborough, he has had a budding friendship with Harlow Robinson, much to the chagrin of Harlow’s ex boyfriend Hendrix and grandfather Paul Robinson.

Granted, the pair did not get off on the right foot during his first visit last year – with Brent’s threatening behaviour towards Harlow far from forgotten by her granddad and ex – but as far as Harlow’s concerned, that’s now water under the bridge. The last couple of weeks have seen the pair grow increasingly close, and it’s clear that Brent has been developing feelings for Harlow.

Harlow’s feelings towards Brent have warmed a lot since his last visit to Erinsborough


In fact, it was Harlow’s influence that pushed Brent to return to high school. It was her pleas that got him to back off Hendrix as the pair’s feud bubbled over. And it is her offer to be his tutor that has really cemented their friendship.

As the week begins, Harlow and Brent sit down to discuss an essay that he’s written. As they chat, Brent reveals that he’s going to be picking up the slack for Ned’s job at the university while Ned is on holiday. An elated Brent knows that this means he and Harlow are going to spend even more time around each other… and, surprisingly, it seems Harlow is all for the idea.

It’s clear that Brent’s feelings for Harlow are growing. He has a massive crush on the young Brit, and any chance of his feelings staying platonic went out the window the moment she offered to help with his return to school. The more time they spend together, the more his desires grow.

Brent brings Harlow a gift from his Year 13 classes, which he’s only been attending thanks to her encouragement.

The downside to this is that he knows his days in Erinsborough are numbered. He’s only staying with Aaron and David temporarily, due to the lack of suitable accommodation in Melbourne. However, seeing how well he’s progressing in the new Year 13 programme at Erinsborough High, the boys come to a decision about his future and put it to Brent.

They’re worried that him leaving will disrupt the progress he’s made, so they propose that he stays at No. 32, just until their baby is born. It will take him up to the end of his second term in the new Year 13 programme.

Elated, Brent can’t wait to tell Harlow and at their tutoring session, he makes the big revelation.

Adding the fact that he’s brought her a stress ball that he made in his new Year 13 class, Harlow struggles to contain her happiness.

Surprising even herself, Harlow leans in and kisses Brent!

She pulls him in and lay a kiss smack on his lips. When she pulls away though, it’s clear she’s shocked by her own action and scurries off.

How will Brent react?

Harlow is torn… she got caught up in the moment and kissed Brent, but is she regretting it already?

Harlow isn’t the only Robinson that Brent is having issues with – Paul still wants him out of Harlow’s life and is struggling with their friendship. Even the thought of having the stress ball that Brent made in his house is displeasing him, so he won’t be best pleased when he finds out his granddaughter has just shared a kiss with the guy.

Will Paul have a change of heart?

Elsewhere in Erinsborough, questions are being asked over Fay’s will change proposal.

Toadie was shocked last week when Fay asked to change her last will and testament to include Nicolette. Having previously dated Audrey Hamilton, he’s all too well aware that Nic swindled a dying patient out of thousands once before, and is worried that she’s trying to do it all over again.

Now he can’t keep his concerns to himself and openly breaks client confidentiality to tell Chloe and Aaron.

When they discuss this with Fay, she’s hurt that they would confront her about it when it’s one of her dying wishes. Deep down, Fay is doing this because she thinks Nic will stay as a part of the family long term… ideally, with Chloe. Plus, she is carrying Fay’s grandchild.

However, Nic is adamant she doesn’t want to be a part of her will. It shouldn’t go to her, but rather Fay’s children. Will Fay listen to Nic’s request, and will Chloe and Aaron believe that Nicolette had nothing to do with Fay’s will change request?

Meanwhile, Mackenzie is struggling with her feelings after running into Richie.

The couple, who broke up several months ago, have been out of each other’s orbits ever since.

Now, with them both at university, the very real possibility of running into Richie on campus hadn’t crossed Mackenzie’s mind… until she does, that is.

Learning that he’s going to be in one of her classes, Mackenzie is thrown. He’s an engineering student, but he’s doing a law subject?

Shocked, she retreats to Harold’s where she finds Hendrix and downloads her concerns to him. She had put him out of her mind for months, but now that she’s seen him again, her old feelings are rushing back and she’s not sure what to do.

Hendrix is a listening ear for her, and when he runs into Richie at the Waterhole, he questions his motives. It’s here that Richie admits he’s only doing a law subject because he misses Mackenzie and wants them to be friends again.

Knowing what his two friends truly want and how they feel, will Hendrix play Cupid?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 29th March (8568)

Brent confesses to Harlow that it’s her belief in him that’s responsible for the improvements in his life.

Nicolette confirms that she had no part in Fay’s request to put her name in the will, coming clean to Fay about all her past sins.

Toadie makes it up to the Brennans by organising a dessert experience for Fay, an item on her bucket list.

Tuesday 30th March (8569)

Susan finds it confronting watching Finn’s video diaries, and David suggests that she use visualisation to process her feelings.

Harlow pulls back from her kiss with Brent, unsure if she should act on her attraction to him.

Wednesday 31st March (8570)

Paul tells Roxy that he was never seriously considering her second-hand store idea, leaving her feeling shattered.

Harlow reads Brent’s personal file and finds herself drawn to him even more.

Susan’s visualisations prove to be a surprisingly beneficial aid.

Thursday 1st April (8571)

While cleaning Sheila’s gnomes, Dipi accidentally breaks one, with Shane helping her to piece it back together.

Toadie is concerned about Susan when she tells him about her visualisations, but she is adamant that she’s in complete control.

Dipi and Shane are shocked to find an injured Roxy at the university.

Friday 2nd April (8572)

David insists Fay get a check-up, with Clive delivering some devastating news.

Susan tells Karl everything and both realise it’s time to close this chapter of their lives for good.

Fay acts as though all is well, but David isn’t convinces and calls Clive for answers.

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