Neighbours Spoilers – Shane has a choice to make: Dipi or Amy?

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On next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Shane Rebecchi is forced to choose between his estranged wife, Dipi and his new love, Amy.

These episodes air in the UK from Monday 15th March.

The love battle for Shane Rebecchi has been playing out over the last few months in Erinsborough. With his estranged wife of twenty years Dipi in his rear vision mirror following her affair with billionaire Pierce Greyson, Shane has been making plans with Amy Greenwood for a new life together.

The last week has been more of a struggle for all involved. Amy had an idea that would see her permanently set up in Erinsborough, but thanks to Dipi’s meddling, that was not to be. The next day, Dipi declared her love for Shane – she is not ready to give up on them.

It’s left Shane in a sticky situation.

To make matters worse, this week, Amy finds herself signing a new contract.

Having missed out on the building in the complex, Amy pitches an idea of a boutique clothing parlour somewhere within Lassiters. Paul loves the idea and knows exactly where to put it. With everything that has gone on with the tram in the past weeks, he and Karl decide to invoke the morals clause in Kyle’s lease. This terminates his lease and absolves them of responsibility. Naturally, Kyle is distraught, but one person’s loss is another’s gain.

Amy’s over the moon when Paul tells her she can open her boutique in the Tram. Now she gets her business, and she gets to stay in town and be with her man.

Gleeful, she visits Shane in the Waterhole and proposes that he go into business with her. They can have a small coffee station in the cart for the customers coming to buy clothes. In Amy’s eyes, it’s perfect.

When Toadie hears the news, he thinks that Shane should be quick to tell his ex-wife so as to ensure she doesn’t hear from a third party. However, by the time he gets to her, Dipi has already heard. She puts on a front for Shane, but deep down, she’s distraught – with Amy wanting to sell coffee from her own business, it’s as if she’s stealing Dipi’s entire life.

At the tram, Shane and Amy move stuff around, including a propane gas bottle that has been leftover from The 82.

When she is walking past, Amy happens to knock the valve and gas slowly begins to seep out.

Shane decides the moment they are in is as good as any and agrees to Amy’s proposal.

I’m committed to being with you, so I’m committed to your dreams,” he tells her. For the both of them, this is the start of something special. And to commemorate, Shane believes giving Dipi the leftover bar fridge as a peace offering would be a good first step to her accepting them.

Amy agrees, and invites Dipi over.

With just the two of them inside the Tram, it doesn’t take long before the effects of the gas take over and Dipi collapses…

…with Amy following shortly after.

The next thing Amy knows, she’s waking up outside the tram while Shane tries frantically to wake Dipi. Everything is hazy, but it’s obvious that Dipi is more worse off that her love rival, and she’s taken to hospital.

Yet as Amy thinks about it, something just doesn’t seem right.

The next day, she finds Terese in the Waterhole and asks her if the fit out for the boutique can start right away. Terese is taken aback. What happened to her was traumatic – she’d understand if she wanted to push it back, but to bring it forward…?

After some discussion of the events, Terese brings up the time she was trapped in the Erinsborough High School fire – and how Brad saved Lauren first. In her mind, that was the moment she realised that there was no chance for them and she stood aside so the pair could be together.

Amy’s devastated as she realises that Shane rescued Dipi first – and in that moment, as the tears flow, the designer makes the realisation that she and Shane will never work out because he’s still in love with Dipi.

At the Tram, Amy delivers the blow.

I can’t compete with someone you’ve been with for most of your life.

Shane understands, and through sadness, he admits that he met Amy when he was at the lowest point of his life. Yet despite that, she’s a big part of the reason that he was able to turn his life around. He assures her that they weren’t nothing and she does mean a lot to him.

Amy can’t muster any words. Sad and defeated, she walks away from yet another man who she thought could love her.

Meanwhile, Dipi returns from the hospital to Yashvi, and after some deep thought, she’s come to a decision – she’s going to move to Sydney to be closer to Jay and Kirsha.

Shocked, Yashvi questions her motives. Dipi admits that she does love Shane, but she can’t bear to watch him be with another woman.

Will Dipi find out the truth in time?

After saying goodbye to Shane, Amy and Toadie meet at Lassiters Lake for a debrief.

She’s heading back to Queensland to be with her children. While this means putting her dream on the backburner, she thinks it’s for the best.

Toadie’s just as sad as she is to say goodbye – he’s loved having her back and he’s going to miss her.

The pair embrace, a friendship enduring.

And just before she leaves, she asks the question anyone who knew Amy twenty years ago has been waiting for her to ask.

Hey, before I go though. Do you have Lance’s number?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 15th March (8558)

Ned offers Brent a workspace at The Hive to work on his creative pursuits.

With Hendrix and Brent’s engagement lacking at school Jane suggests to Susan a Year 13 as a more targeted approach to their needs.

Nicolette suggests that the real reason Chloe is refusing to engage with Fay’s bucket list is because she’s not ready to face her mother’s mortality. 

Tuesday 16th March (8559)

Karl pushes Kyle to consider a rebrand for the Tram and to change the expensive ingredient list, but Kyle is reluctant to tarnish Gary’s legacy.

Olivia Bell is back in town, wanted to write a new version of The Devil You Know.

Wednesday 17th March (8560)

Kyle and Roxy are devastated that Paul is enforcing a morals clause in Kyle’s lease to eject him from the Tram.

David is considering teaming up with Olivia to renew his professional reputation.

Shane is thrown when Amy asks him to come on board with her new venture at the Tram.

Thursday 18th March (8561)

After the accident at the Tram, Shane is confused by the thought of losing Dipi and struggles with the feelings it has stirred up in him.

Kyle struggles to move on from the Tram, so Roxy and Levi work together to give the Tram the send-off it deserves.

Unaware of Shane’s feelings, Dipi returns from hospital resigned to let him go, poised to make a life-altering decision.

Friday 19th March (8562)

Fay arrives in Erinsborough, shocking Chloe and Aaron with her disappointment in Nicolette not there to greet her.

Shane is prepared to tell Dipi how he feels but is thrown when he learns she’s looking into divorce.

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