UK Neighbours Spoilers – Fay returns to live out her final days in Erinsborough

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On next week’s Neighbours in the UK, siblings Chloe and Aaron Brennan struggle to accept their mother’s mortality. Meanwhile, Susan Kennedy is approached by a blast from the past.

These episodes air in the UK from Monday 15th March.

They say that the only certainties in life are death and taxes, and Chloe Brennan is learning this the most difficult way.

Before arriving on Ramsay Street, Chloe lived in the States and undertook medical testing whilst there. This revealed some news she wished she had not learnt – she has Huntington’s Disease. While it was not affecting her at the time, or even now, it was a devastating blow to the vivacious party animal, who was suddenly confronted with a life expectancy of potentially just a couple of decades.

Knowing the illness had to have come from somewhere, all members of the Brennan family underwent testing.

Soon after, it was revealed that not only is Aaron a carrier, but that their mother Fay was already suffering from the early states of the debilitating illness.

A few years down the track, it has come time for Fay’s children to accept her mortality.

It all starts when Nicolette pops over to visit Chloe. Tensions are still high between the women, the former of whom was responsible for Chloe walking in on her husband having an affair with her neighbour. However, as Fay’s carer the last time she was in town, the fiery-haired mother-to-be is genuinely interested in her health.

Fortunately, the tension is solely one sided and Nicolette is a voice of reason to Chloe, who is dead set against the idea of her mother living out her bucket list. In her mind, it is Fay accepting she’s near death and Chloe isn’t ready to accept that.

Nicolette’s calming demeanour is able to offer Chloe some comfort as she assures her that no matter how much time Fay has left, she’ll never be ready to say goodbye to her. And worse, if Chloe pushes her mother away now in her time of need, she will live to regret it.

Neither child is prepared to say goodbye to their mother.

Deep down, Chloe knows she is right, and the next day when Aaron visits, it’s clear that Nicolette’s words have been playing on Chloe’s mind.

Aaron comforts Chloe.

How do I pretend to have fun when Mum is coming to say goodbye?” Chloe questions, still deeply upset.

It’s soon obvious that while Aaron is putting on a brave front, Fay’s quest for fulfilment before her passing is weighing heavily on his mind as well.

While he laments his fears to Nicolette, Chloe pulls out her photo albums and peruses the memories of her childhood with her mother.

A younger Chloe with her mother.

It’s in these photo albums that Chloe remembers all the good times she shared with her mother.

Chloe realises she’s making a mistake.

This is the catalyst for Chloe realising she has made a big mistake. She informs Nicolette, David, and Aaron that she’s going to organise for Tyler and Mark to fly Fay over to Ramsay Street as soon as possible. As the parents that was always by her side at the start of her life, Chloe needs to support her mother at the end of hers.

When the pair are left alone, Nicolette is overjoyed that Chloe has seen the error of her ways.

You’re the toughest person I know,” Nicolette says, cooing over the woman she is in love with. In her head she sees this as a win. However no sooner does the thought cross her mind than Chloe sets it alight.

Even though Nicolette helped her see reason, this does not change anything between them. Nicolette still betrayed her, and it is going to take a lot for her to move on from that.

After a few days, Aaron and Chloe welcome their mother back to Ramsay Street. However, it’s clear from the get go that this experience will not end pleasantly.

Meanwhile, another unpleasant experience is set to kick off soon as Ned receives a booking for a workspace at the Hive that is cause for concern. So much so that he runs straight to Bea, questioning whether he should talk to Karl and Susan. Shocked, she believes it is the best thing to do.

With the knowledge Ned passes on, all Susan can do is question why – why now? Ned hands her the phone number of the person in question and they swiftly prepare a meeting at Harold’s.

Olivia was desperate for Susan’s help, and refuses to let her step back from her book project.

There, Susan meets with none other than Karl’s ex and author of The Devil You Know, Olivia Bell.

Susan gives Olivia a spray about her mistreatment of her loved ones.

Not holding back, Susan berates her for her actions last year – what she did tarnished reputations of many people, not just hers.

Olivia cops it sweet. Deep down, she knows what she did was wrong and that is why she is back in town. To right her wrongs… perhaps even write them.

Olivia has a proposition for Susan…

She has a proposition for Susan. She wishes to write a new copy of the book, from Susan’s perspective. This would not only give a true insight into the ongoings of Finn’s amnesia, but would allow her to come out of it looking like the loving and honest woman she is.

…but Susan doesn’t want to hear another word about it.

Not wanting a bar of any scheme Olivia may have, Susan declines the offer.

Later, Susan downloads to Bea about Olivia’s shock offer. Bea points out that the weirdest thing about her proposition is that the book has been a success in Australia. To go back and rewrite it would completely take away from Olivia’s credibility.

It is then Susan calls Elly to do some digging and comes across a missing piece of the puzzle.

With Bea in tow, Susan confronts Olivia – they know that Finn’s mother Claudia is suing her publisher and that her book cannot be published internationally. Stumped, Olivia has nothing to say but to remind Susan it would be a time for her to speak her truth.

But Susan is done.

Goodbye. And don’t you ever think about contacting me or my family again.

However, it’s obvious that Olivia isn’t finished trying just yet.

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 15th March (8558)

Ned offers Brent a workspace at The Hive to work on his creative pursuits.

With Hendrix and Brent’s engagement lacking at school Jane suggests to Susan a Year 13 as a more targeted approach to their needs.

Nicolette suggests that the real reason Chloe is refusing to engage with Fay’s bucket list is because she’s not ready to face her mother’s mortality. 

Tuesday 16th March (8559)

Karl pushes Kyle to consider a rebrand for the Tram and to change the expensive ingredient list, but Kyle is reluctant to tarnish Gary’s legacy.

Olivia Bell is back in town, wanted to write a new version of The Devil You Know.

Wednesday 17th March (8560)

Kyle and Roxy are devastated that Paul is enforcing a morals clause in Kyle’s lease to eject him from the Tram.

David is considering teaming up with Olivia to renew his professional reputation.

Shane is thrown when Amy asks him to come on board with her new venture at the Tram.

Thursday 18th March (8561)

After the accident at the Tram, Shane is confused by the thought of losing Dipi and struggles with the feelings it has stirred up in him.

Kyle struggles to move on from the Tram, so Roxy and Levi work together to give the Tram the send-off it deserves.

Unaware of Shane’s feelings, Dipi returns from hospital resigned to let him go, poised to make a life-altering decision.

Friday 19th March (8562)

Fay arrives in Erinsborough, shocking Chloe and Aaron with her disappointment in Nicolette not there to greet her.

Shane is prepared to tell Dipi how he feels but is thrown when he learns she’s looking into divorce.

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