Neighbours Spoilers – Nicolette discovers Brent is hiding a weapon

On next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Nicolette Stone struggles to bond with her new roommate Brent Colefax. That is, until the discovery of a weapon brings them together against a mutual foe. Meanwhile, a rivalry bubbles between Brent and one of his new neighbours.

These episodes air in the UK from Monday 1st March.

It’s only been a few weeks since Brent Colefax moved back to Ramsay Street, but it seems that his ability to rub people up the wrong way is in full force.

After being offered a place to live at No. 32, on the proviso that he play his part and complete house chores, Brent hasn’t been happier. He has a roof over his head, he’s getting on well with Aaron and David, and his life finally has some kind of structure. Unfortunately for him, his housemate Nicolette isn’t so thrilled to be sharing the house with a teenager.

She’s found the house – the bathroom, in particular – a mess on more than one occasion and it’s starting to grind her gears. He leaves his clothes all over the floor, towels everywhere, and can’t even bring himself to put the shampoo and soap back on the shelf. If he wants to live in a shared house, he needs to get his act together.

The bathroom is a pigsty.

The pair exchange words, and it’s not long before there’s another tense encounter. Bent startles her in the middle of the night as she finds him sneaking around the house in the dark, seemingly checking the doors and making sure that they’re locked.

Brent frightens Nicolette in the middle of the night.

He brushes it off, stating that he’s simply gone to look at the moon, but his weird behaviour is cause for concern.

The next morning, Nicolette finds herself getting angry again, as Brent locks himself in the bathroom for over half an hour. Having a baby pressing on her bladder makes everything that little bit more urgent, and she forces him to cut his grooming short so she can pee.

Yet when he opens the door she’s stunned to find the place a mess again – he clearly hasn’t listened to anything she said the previous day – and he isn’t in a hurry to clean it up. Making a smart remark about how he doesn’t want to be responsible for a pregnant bladder accident, he hurries out, leaving Nic to clean up his mess.

Nicolette blasts Brent for his messiness.

However, it seems he hasn’t covered his tracks well enough.

Nicolette finds a cutthroat.

Reluctantly, Nicolette begins picking up Brent’s clothes off the floor and comes across a cutthroat razor on the floor. Naturally, she’s beside herself. In her mind, she’s let this juvenile delinquent into her house – agreeing purely to spite Paul – and now he’s putting people’s lives in danger!

At the Lassiters complex, Nicolette confronts him, demanding to know why he has a blade.

Nicolette confronts Brent about the blade.

In the heat of the moment, Brent reveals all to Nicolette.

While on the streets, he was bashed and was fearful of his life. He acquired the cutthroat as a means to protect himself. The fear was the reason for his late night escapade to check whether the doors were locked – and he found the back door unlocked and the windows open.

For Nicolette, the encounter gives her a chance to see the young teen in a whole new light. She’s seeing the vulnerable side that he refuses to show and it’s comforting. After hearing his story, she agrees to hand Brent back the cutthroat.

Nicolette decides to give Brent back the cutthroat.

Unfortunately for the pair, Paul happened to look out of the window at the wrong time and see the exchange. To him, it’s Nicolette handing a weapon to a teenager – not a good look!

Paul spies Nicolette handing Brent back the blade.

Ignorant to the circumstances, Paul sees this as an opportunity he could use to his advantage. It’s a chance to rid Nicolette and Brent from his life completely.

It’s a notion not entertained by David and Aaron once they hear the full story of what happened.

Fuelled by anger against Paul, Nicolette makes Brent an interesting proposition.

The enemy of one’s enemy is their friend after all…

Meanwhile, Brent is confronted with a suggestion from Jane – she believes he should go back to school. She’s found reason to believe that he could get the marks he needs to set himself up should he apply himself fully, but he’s not having a bar of it.

Jane has a suggestion for Brent.

However, after discussing the worrying thought that David and Aaron may want him gone after he’s caught with the cutthroat razor, he finds an unlikely confidante and support in Harlow.

The pair have a checkered history, but that doesn’t stop them from hitting it off. Brent has finally found someone of a similar age who he could see as a friend and who would support him.

Hendrix sees Harlow and Brent talking.

With Harlow caught up in her own relationship drama though, it’s not long before Hendrix, who’s always had a problem with Brent, interferes and tells him to back off.

But the next time they talk, Harlow is the one who pushes Brent the final inch towards going back to school. He’s made a decision – he’s heading back to the classroom to repeat Year 12.

He thanks her while in the Waterhole, and as the pair chat, Hendrix walks in. He’s clearly irked to see Harlow and Brent chatting, and Brent decides to make the most of the opportunity to rob Hendrix up the wrong way. As Brent goes to leave, he muscles up to Hendrix and taunts him, telling him that Harlow is a “really cool chick who lives next door”, so “who nows what’s going to happen” between them.

“Oh, and there’s nothing you can do about.

Ramsay Street Snippet!

As if Roxy Willis hasn’t found herself in enough trouble recently, this week takes things to a whole new level.

With the tram having been shut down due to the investigation surrounding the deadly gravy fiasco, Kyle’s distraught.

Roxy believes she has a way to fix it – and that’s to talk to the council worker in charge of the investigation.

Unfortunately for Roxy, a button pop and a slip of the tongue could turn out to make matters a whole lot worse…

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 1st March (8548)

Toadie reveals that he doesn’t support Amy and Shane as a couple.

Yashvi and Ned have dinner with Amy and Shane, deciding to keep it a secret from Dipi.

Levi is furious with Kyle, Roxy and Bea for keeping the secret about Bea’s poisoning from him.

Tuesday 2nd March (8549)

Sheila ends up in the middle of an argument between Kyle and Levi.

Shane agrees to write Amy a bush ballad, but it doesn’t go down as well as either of them had planned.

Kyle is hurt that Levi has reported him to the council.

Wednesday 3rd March (8550)

Nicolette take Jane’s advice and decides to be more sympathetic to the trauma that Brent has gone through.

Paul observes what looks like a shady exchange between Nicolette and Brent, believing he has the ammunition he needs to take Nicolette down.

Amy plants the idea that Dipi could be rekindling things with Pierce in Sydney.

Thursday 4th March (8551)

Paul is confident that’s finally exposed Nicolette’s true colours, but Brent reveals the truth.

Hendrix calls out Harlow’s hypocrisy for forgiving Brent but not him.

Nicolette and Brent vow to stick together, united by their shared dislike of Paul.

Friday 5th March (8552)

Harlow gives Brent the final supportive nudge to return to school.

Hendrix confronts Harlow and demands she stay away from Brent.

Roxy gives the Health Officer the wrong impression when trying to resolve things at The Tram.

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