Neighbours Spoilers – Is Nicolette forcing her way into Fay’s will?

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On next week’s Neighbours, Fay’s return to Erinsborough is set to cause big problems, as she wants to write Nicolette into her will. But has she been coerced into the decision?

These episodes air in Australia between Monday 22nd and Friday 26th February, and one month later in the UK from Monday 22nd March.

Fay (Zoe Bertram) returns to Ramsay Street at the end of this week, wanting to reunite with daughter Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) and son Aaron (Matt Wilson) and tick a few items off her bucket list before her advancing Huntington’s takes away her remaining faculties.

Chloe is set to find Fay’s bucket list proposal challenging – the thought of her mother facing her final months is a reminder of her own mortality, and that Huntington’s could eventually affect her the same way. She isn’t ready to say goodbye to her mum as it means accepting her own fate.

Talking to TV Week, April Rose Pengilly, who plays Chloe, said: “Chloe is really struggling. Not only is she watching her mother deteriorate, she’s seeing her own future play out in front of her, which is very confronting.”

When Fay makes a reappearance in this Friday’s episode, she’s surprised to find Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) is nowhere to be seen. She has no idea of the drama that has gone down between her daughter and her old carer in recent months, with their friendship ruptured by the revelation that Nicolette partially orchestrated Chloe’s discovery of Pierce (Don Hany) and Dipi (Sharon Johal) in bed together.

What’s more, with Fay kept in the dark, she mistakes the awkwardness between Chloe and Nicolette for romantic chemistry, making things between the pair even more weird.

While Chloe may be struggling to forgive Nicolette, for Fay her feelings for her old carer are still strong. Nicolette was a huge help during her last time on the street, and she wants to reconnect with her before it’s too late. She wants her back as her carer, and as Chloe doesn’t want to hurt her mum’s feelings, she has no choice but to agree. Will she be forced to reconcile with Nic for the sake of Fay?

Yet this awkwardness is just the start, as things get heated next week.

Nicolette is obviously deeply involved in the Brennan family, not only due to her history as Fay’s carer, but now thanks to her shared parenthood agreement with David (Takaya Honda) and Aaron. While the baby may be genetically Nicolette and David’s, the dads will be David and Aaron, making it Fay’s granddaughter.

To help secure her future, Fay makes a big decision – she wants to include Nicolette in her will. She has the best of intentions, but initially keeps the decision from her family so as to not ruffle feathers any more. Not telling Nicolette what’s going on, she asks her to set up a secret meeting with her and Toadie so they can discuss the matter.

Yet when Toadie overhears Nicolette agreeing to keep the meeting a secret, he jumps to the wrong conclusion. He thinks Nic has orchestrated the whole thing, and that being included in Fay’s will was her idea! Will this be a further blow to Nicolette’s shaky reputation?

Finn continues to haunt Susan

Also next week, Finn Kelly’s memory comes back to haunt Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne). Olivia Bell (Alyce Platt) is back in town, and is writing a follow-up to her best-seller ‘The Devil You Know: The Story of Finn Kelly‘. She wants Susan to recount her memories of Finn’s final moments, and although Karl (Alan Fletcher) is completely against the idea, Susan decides to go ahead with it.

“Karl worries that Susan’s mental health will suffer if she rehashes the terrifying time she spent dealing with Finn,” Alan Fletcher tells TV Week in the latest issue. “He worries that Susan will be manipulated into saying things that will harm her reputation.”

Susan hopes that the experience will be cathartic – by explaining everything to Olivia, she hopes to be able to move on from the horrific memories of what happened. But will it be that easy, or will Finn continue to haunt Susan for years to come?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 22nd February (Episode 8563)

Susan gives Jane the go ahead for Year 13, and Jane is optimistic that the trial will be a success.

Fay thinks the awkward dynamic between Chloe and Nicolette is romantic chemistry, not realising what has gone down between the pair.

The Year 13 initiative goes down well with Hendrix and Brent, with Hendrix keen to get involved with a cooking program and Brent focusing on textiles.

Tuesday 23rd February (Episode 8564)

Susan is having a hard time ignoring the opportunity Olivia has offered her to set the record straight.

Frustrated by Brent and Harlow growing closer, Hendrix suggests to Paul that they team up to taken Brent down.

Brent comes up with an idea to create blanket for homeless people out of Ned’s discarded advertising materials.

Wednesday 24th February (Episode 8565)

Harlow tells Paul about a genuine moment that she shared with Hendrix, causing Paul to reveal Hendrix’s proposal.

Roxy suggests that she and Kyle go into business, just as Karl offers Kyle the Tram back.

Karl thinks rehashing the past would be dangerous for Susan’s mental health.

Thursday 25th February (Episode 8566)

Yashvi is overly invested in the success of her parent’s reunion, with Ned telling her to let them work it out on their own.

Kyle is excited to return to the Tram, suggesting that he and Roxy take on the Tram together.

Susan decides to be involved with Olivia’s new book, despite Karl strongly urging her to change her mind.

Friday 26th February (Episode 8567)

Kyle struggles with Karl’s ultimatum – Kyle can lease the Tram providing Roxy isn’t involved.

Fay asks Nicolette to organise a secret meeting at Toadie’s office. Yet when Toadie hears about what Fay has requested, he’s disgusted that Nicolette would have helped organise the meeting.

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