UK Neighbours Spoilers – Dipi & Amy go to war

On next week’s Neighbours in the UK, as the Erinsborough community comes together for the fundraising lip-sync battle, tensions between love rivals Dipi Rebecchi and Amy Greenwood threaten to bubble over.

These episodes air in the UK from Monday 15th February.

Fiery Rebecchi matriarch Dipi has been through a tumultuous time the last few months. With her husband’s drug addiction, her sordid affair with Pierce and subsequent marriage breakdown, as well as her troublesome son Jay in town, Dipi is struggling to cope.

On top of all this, last week she discovered that her husband’s new squeeze, Amy, gave Jay some advice about how to live his life. With that out in the open, Dipi ordered her to stay out of her family’s business.

The gloves well and truly come off after Dipi orders Amy to stay away from her family.

Amy had the best of intentions – she thought she was doing what was in Jay’s best interest. After all, he probably did need some words of wisdom. However, she soon realises she probably overstepped her mark and makes the mature decision to apologise. With an encouraging look from Shane, Dipi accepts the apology.

The next day brings with it a new challenge – the lip sync battle to raise funds for the Sonya Rebecchi Foundation. As last minutes changes are being made, Dipi makes the suggestion to place the auction after the first lip sync. That way, the bidders would be more likely to dig a little deeper into their pockets.

Amy dismisses the idea but is left off kilter when Toadie agrees with Dipi. As a symbol of her support of the foundation, Dipi offers up the diamond necklace that Pierce gave her during their turbulent fling. Toadie is unsure of whether he can accept it, but Dipi insists that the money should go towards the Foundation.

Dipi offers up the necklace Pierce gave her as an item for auction at the fundraiser.

Soon after, Harlow and Ned open the event to the jubilation of all those involved. Tension is thrown to the wayside as the residents of Erinsborough come together.

First up to battle is Mackenzie and David.

Mackenzie and David kick the event off!

Both deliver a performance of “Queen of My Dreams” that RuPaul would be only too happy to declare “Shantay, you stay!” at. Even on the sidelines cheering David on is the glitzed up Vera Punt.

However, when the auction kicks off, the vibe of the event is marred as Amy chooses to introduce the necklace first. Having engaged in a jibe war with Dipi all day, Amy delivers her nastiest blow yet.

Amy admires Dipi’s diamond necklace as she introduces it.

Buy it for your best friend, buy it for your mum or buy it for your secret lover,” she says straight down the line, to the audience of the televised event. There’s shock among the entire viewership.

Amy’s televised comments towards Dipi leave her shattered.

As tension builds, a very much juxtaposed loved-up performance from Paul and Terese of “Wherever You Are” takes place.

Paul and Terese lip-sync together, with Paul later revealing he paid Ned off to make it happen!

Immediately after, the pair are served with a cease-and-desist notice from Hawke Airlines. Shocked, the management couple learn that the airline believes there is just cause to investigate a claim that Lassiters stole the design of their uniform. No one is more disheartened by this than Amy, but she sees red – she thinks she knows exactly who reported this!

One more lip-sync – a butchering rendition of “Don’t It Make You Feel Good” by Toadie and Karl – brings the event to its final performance. No sooner does the penny drop for both Amy and Dipi, than it is announced that they are the final pair to lip sync… and to Katrina & the Waves’ “Walking on Sunshine” no less.

Amy and Dipi prepare to lip-sync for their lives…

As the song begins, it’s an immediate fight between the pair as they struggle to pull the limelight from the other.

…but the performance soon becomes toxic.

Despite it starting off fairly tame, Amy can’t hold it in and accuses Dipi of making the call to the airline regarding the new uniform. Dipi is perplexed, knowing nothing of what she is talking about. However, the damage is done – Amy knocks Dipi off stage.

The gauntlet is thrown down and the women go head-to-head – in full view of their friends and family.

Meanwhile, the advice that Amy gave Jay has been playing on his mind and he’s come to the decision to move back to Sydney. It takes a bit of convincing to win his parents over on the idea, but when he does, he breaks the news to his close friend and crush, Mackenzie.

Jay reveals his news – he’s moving back to Sydney.

Taken aback by the news, Mackenzie begins acting odd around him and it’s not long before Jay calls her out on her behaviour. She admits that she doesn’t want him to move back to Sydney – because she “like likes” him too!

It’s completely out of left field for Jay who believed that his feelings were one sided. The revelation leaves him with much food for thought. However, news soon breaks that he’ll be going back within the next 24 hours and he struggles to make a decision.

On one hand, he wants to get his life back on track, but on the other, he truly does like Mackenzie and wishes to pursue something with her.

Mackenzie is heartbroken. 

The pair have a heart to heart and weigh up their options. With Jay finishing high school and Mackenzie starting university, the timing isn’t perfect. They both need to focus on their studies, and he needs to get himself together. With this, the pair make a decision – they will pursue something digitally but will avoid making any rash sacrifices.

Jay and Mackenzie solemnly contemplate what their future will look like.

There’s a moment where they ponder a kiss but decide against it.

Being smart sucks,” Mackenzie sombrely states. As they say their final goodbye, Mackenzie worries that long distance relationships don’t work. However, with a plan for a weekly FaceTime, and a promise that Jay will return to Erinsborough, a mutual moment of happiness seals their plan for the immediate future.

With an undercurrent of uncertainty for them both, the question remains will the couple be able to last the distance?

Listen Out For!

Stefan Dennis’ hit single was released in 1989 and made the Top 20 in both the UK and Ireland.

Those viewers with knowledge of the cast’s musical endeavours will hear Stefan Dennis’ “Don’t It Make You Feel Good” during the lip-sync battle. There’s even a throwaway comment from Paul about not knowing who originally sang it.

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 15th February (8538)

Amy continually interrupts important Rebecchi family moments leading to Mackenzie to dig up dirt by calling Hawke Airlines.

Shane and Amy manage to find time together to celebrate the arrival of the new uniforms.

Shaken after the kidnapping, Harlow is unsure about what to do about Hendrix.

Tuesday 16th February (8539)

Hendrix is devastated about his breakup with Harlow, announcing that he’s decided to repeat Year 12.

Jay’s feelings for Mackenzie are growing and he’s surprised to find that she might have feelings for him too.

Dipi and Amy continue to provoke each other, with everything culminating at the lip sync battle.

Wednesday 17th February (8540)

To thank Ned for his help, Toadie gifts him the mushroom pies from the Tram, unaware of the deadly ingredients.

Dipi decides to go to Sydney with Jay for a few days, hoping she’ll be more comfortable with Shane’s new relationship when she returns.

Jay is thrown by the news he’s leaving for Sydney, particularly given his feelings for Mackenzie.

Thursday 18th February (8541)

At their baby’s first ultrasound, Aaron and David decide to forgive Nicolette and give her another chance.

Chloe wants nothing to do with Nicolette, thinking that maybe Pierce was right about her being untrustworthy.

Bea has eaten the pie full of deadly mushrooms and is unaware of the danger that she’s now in.

Friday 19th February (8542)

Chloe reads Ricardo’s new string of harassing messages to Nicolette and finally begins to see things from her point of view.

Roxy and Kyle learn about what’s happened to Bea, rushing to the hospital with the intention of coming clean.

Bea clings to life as her organs start to shut down.

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