Neighbours Spoilers – Shane realises Dipi is the one, but she wants a divorce!

On next week’s Neighbours in Australia, a freak accident causes Shane to realise his true feelings for his wife. Yet he’s too late, as her near-death experience makes Dipi decide it’s time to move on.

These episodes air in Australia from Monday 15th February, and one month later in the UK from Monday 15th March. 

After Kyle’s (Chris Milligan) recent mushroom poisoning scandal, which left the ‘Best Dish of Erinsborough Competition’ judge ill, and left Bea with life-threatening toxic poisoning, The 82 tram looks set for new management.

While Karl (Alan Fletcher) – who owns the tram itself – pushes Kyle to consider a rebrand to give it a fresh lease of life, the pair are out of luck when Paul (Stefan Dennis) – who owns the land the tram sits on – decides to enforce a morals clause in the contract and ejects Kyle from the tram completely.

Kyle is devastated, and Roxy and Levi decide they need to give it one final sendoff to honour Gary’s legacy before their time running the restaurant is up.

With the place now empty, Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) jumps on the chance to use it for her new fashion venture. She had already been planning to open up a boutique within Lassiters, and now has an even better venue. With everything going so well with new boyfriend Shane (Nicholas Coghlan), Amy decides to ask him to help out with the new business.

Yet Shane’s head is all over the place. He’s still reeling from the news that Dipi (Sharon Johal) wants him back, and even though he’s enjoying all the time he’s spending with Amy and loving how much fun they have together, he still has Dipi on his mind.

Sure, she cheated on him and left him heartbroken when he was already at his lowest point – but they did have decades of happy memories together before her affair with Pierce. So when Amy suggests they partner up on the new business, he gets scared.

It reminds him of his and Dipi’s collaboration on Harold’s Cafe, and he doesn’t want history to repeat itself. Yet as he’s clearly got strong feelings for Amy, he doesn’t want to mess things up – he feels that they could be truly happy together!

Talking to TV Week, Nicholas Coghlan says: “He’s not too keen to jump into another situation that closely mimics the one he had with Dipi and Harold’s Cafe. But he feels deeply for Amy and he can see them living a wonderful life together.”

Meanwhile, Amy is super excited to be starting her new venture. Within hours of Kyle’s sad departure from The 82, she sets about making the place her own. Yet disaster is just around the corner. In the process of moving everything around, she shifts a gas canister, accidentally unscrewing the valve a little as she does so. Gas slowly starts to fill the tram.

Dipi has negotiated to buy all of the remaining alcohol from Kyle’s defunct business, and soon pops over to collect her purchase. As she and Amy talk, the tram continues to fill with toxic fumes, and it’s not long before the pair pass out.

Thankfully, Shane is on his way over. He’s decided to commit to the business plans with Amy, and is ready to tell her and start their celebrations. Yet when he gets to his exciting new business premises, he’s stunned to find his ex wife and new girlfriend passed out on the floor! He springs into action to save them… but is forced to choose between pulling Dipi or Amy out of the gas-filled tram first.

In this desperate moment, he realises that Dipi is the one he truly loves, and he chooses to focus his attention on getting her to safety before Amy. He’s got over 20 years of history with her, and the thought of losing her for good terrifies him. Now that she’s announced that she wants him back, the two could rebuild their troubled marriage and reunite their family… if Shane can save her in time!

Yet he may already be too late. Dipi’s time in hospital gives her the opportunity to re-evaluate her life, and she realises that she needs to let Shane go. She’s spending too much time mourning their relationship, and needs to move on and rebuild her life.

As Shane prepares to reveal his feelings, he’s stunned when his estranged wife throws a huge curveball – she wants a divorce!

A reunion for Chloe and Nicolette?

Dipi and Shane aren’t the only pair looking likely to reconcile in the coming weeks.

Fay’s arrival in town may spell a reunion for Chloe and Nicolette. The pair have been at odds with each other since the truth came out about Nicolette’s role in Chloe and Pierce’s breakup, and newly divorced Chloe is struggling to forgive her old friend.

Next week, Fay (Zoe Betram) arrives back in town, and both Chloe and Aaron are delighted to have her back. The only problem is, Fay is upset when her old carer Nicolette isn’t there to greet her. As Chloe looks through an album of old photos, she wells up as she realises she may not have much time left with her mum.

Not wanting to upset her mum in her final days, Chloe is forced to re-think her grudge against Nic and finally consider a reconciliation before it’s too late.

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 15th February (Episode 8558)

Ned offers Brent a workspace at The Hive to work on his creative pursuits.

With Hendrix and Brent’s engagement lacking at school Jane suggests to Susan a Year 13 as a more targeted approach to their needs.

Nicolette suggests that the real reason Chloe is refusing to engage with Fay’s bucket list is because she’s not ready to face her mother’s mortality.

Tuesday 16th February (Episode 8559)

Karl pushes Kyle to consider a rebrand for the Tram and to change the expensive ingredient list, but Kyle is reluctant to tarnish Gary’s legacy.

Olivia Bell is back in town, wanted to write a new version of The Devil You Know.

Wednesday 17th February (Episode 8560)

Kyle and Roxy are devastated that Paul is enforcing a morals clause in Kyle’s lease to eject him from the Tram.

David is considering teaming up with Olivia to renew his professional reputation.

Shane is thrown when Amy asks him to come on board with her new venture at the Tram.

Thursday 18th February (Episode 8561)

After the accident at the Tram, Shane is confused by the thought of losing Dipi and struggles with the feelings it has stirred up in him.

Kyle struggles to move on from the Tram, so Roxy and Levi work together to give the Tram the send-off it deserves.

Unaware of Shane’s feelings, Dipi returns from hospital resigned to let him go, poised to make a life-altering decision.

Friday 19th February (Episode 8562)

Fay arrives in Erinsborough, shocking Chloe and Aaron with her disappointment in Nicolette not there to greet her.

Shane is prepared to tell Dipi how he feels but is thrown when he learns she’s looking into divorce.

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