Neighbours Spoilers – Has Dipi Rebecchi joined Tinder?

On next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Shane thinks he’s spotted Dipi setting up a Tinder profile. Thinking that his ex wife has moved on, will he finally admit his feelings for Amy Greenwood?

After Shane’s drug addiction caused him to push his family away, Dipi fell out of love with her husband of 20 years. She quickly fell into the arms of Pierce Greyson, and their short-lived affair spelled the end of her marriage, and that of Chloe and Pierce.

Dipi and Shane played happy families over Christmas, and now Dipi’s feelings are back

Now, firmly on the road to recovery, the old enthusiastic Shane is starting to come back. He’s sober, drug free, and helping out in the community. Amy Greenwood’s arrival has spurred his recovery on, as he’s been distracted helping her out with her new uniform designs, and now organising the lip sync battle. With her infectious personality, Amy has brought Shane’s creative, positive character traits back to the surface.

The only problem is, Dipi has now started to fall back in love with her estranged husband. Having her whole family back together for Christmas reminded her of all the good times they shared together. Seeing the old happy Shane again has made her consider reconciliation.

Shane’s kiss with Amy has left him torn between his wife and his new love interest

Yet her timing couldn’t be worse. Shane and Amy recently shared a kiss, and the sparks between them are continuing to fly. Even though Shane doesn’t feel ready to start a new relationship, he’s more than happy to enjoy flirting with Amy and wants to make the most of their time together.

Dipi held back her emotions when Shane confessed to her that he and Amy had kissed. Inside she was hurting, but she knows that she was the one who asked for some time apart. She has no right to be upset, and wants to let Shane be free to see where things go with his new love interest.

She knows the timing isn’t right, and that she’ll just end up looking jealous if she reveals the truth so soon after the kiss.

Next week, Shane and Amy’s friendship continues to grow as they plan the Lip Sync battle. They work their way around Lassiters, coaxing the residents of Ramsay Street into taking part, and all Dipi can do is watch on.

Toadie is trying out Tinder… but is Dipi also tempted by online dating?

Meanwhile, Toadie is venturing into the world of online dating for the first time. He’s set himself up a Tinder profile, and there’s a sweet moment when the Rebecchis help him take some better selfies to up his game. After his failed attempts with Dee, Angela Lane and Audrey, he needs the best chance possible.

Yet the simple act of selfie-taking ends up causing heartbreak when it gives Shane the wrong impression about Dipi’s own dating habits.

As Dipi snaps an innocent selfie, Shane jumps to the wrong conclusion and thinks she’s started dating

Dipi is busy prepping her entry to Erinsborough’s Best Dish, a culinary competition which is set to see Lassiters, Harold’s and The 82 battle it out for a big prize. She snaps an innocent selfie of herself for the entry form, just as Shane walks in. With Toadie’s selfies fresh in his mind, he jumps to the wrong conclusion and assumes Dipi has set up an online dating profile of her own.

Assuming his estranged wife has started dating, he goes straight to Amy for advice. She tells him it’s time to focus on himself… and maybe he should invite her on a date! She confesses that she can’t stop thinking about their kiss, and wants to explore things further.

Dipi meets with the Erinsborough council representative… but Shane thinks she’s on a date

Shane tells her he’s love to, but he isn’t ready to move on yet.

Yet not long after, another awkward misunderstanding causes him to change his mind. He heads back to Harold’s just in time to see Dipi sitting down with a man in a suit – the council judge. Obviously, he assumes it’s her hot date.

Believing his wife has moved on, Shane decides to go for it with Amy

Thinking that his wife has well and truly moved on, he decides it’s time for him to as well. Heading back to The Hive, he invites Amy to share a glass of champagne with him. Finally giving in to temptation, It’s not long before the pair are ripping each other’s clothes off right in the middle of the co-working space!

Meanwhile, finding a new man is the last thing on Dipi’s mind. The meeting with the council judge went really well, and the first thing she wants to do is tell Shane…

Dipi can’t stop thinking about Shane, so she’s in for a huge shock when she finds out what he’s up to

As she heads to The Hive to seek him out, the estranged husband and wife are on a collision course for disaster!

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 1st February (8528)

At the next blackjack game, Hendrix ends up betting and losing something that he doesn’t even own to begin with.

Sheila announces that Des has offered to stay in town to look after her, secretly plotting for him to spend more time with Jane so she can win Clive back.

Tuesday 2nd February (8529)

Nicolette’s money woes worsen when she learns Ricardo is suing her for the money she stole.

Toadie takes the plunge and signs up for Tinder, but it’s more brutal than he expected.

Hendrix is convinced he’s a dead man after losing No. 24 to Kane.

Wednesday 3rd February (8530)

Nicolette discovers the dangers Hendrix is in with Kane, giving him 24 hours to come clean.

Amy and Shane’s chemistry is proving undeniable, and with the impression that Dipi is starting to date, gives into his growing feelings.

Thursday 4th February (8531)

After walking in on Shane and Amy, Dipi comes to the conclusion that Shane is happy and gives him her blessing.

Kyle focuses on his entry for Best Dish of Erinsborough with Roxy as his assistant chef, but when she forgets to buy mushrooms, the key ingredient, she picks some growing outside the tram.

Bea secretly assembles the billy cart for Levi but his reaction isn’t what she was hoping for.

Friday 5th February (8532)

Kyle and Roxy are both unaware of the deadly surprise waiting in the mushroom gravy.

Des and Jane meet up with former resident Melanie Pearson, who is her usual talkative self and doesn’t hold back her opinions about Jane’s romance with Clive.

When Clive accompanies Sheila to the Tram to keep an eye on her, Sheila feels a reunion is on the cards.

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