UK Neighbours Spoilers – Nicolette gets a sleazy proposition to pay off her lottery debt

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Next week on Neighbours in the UK, Nicolette meets up with Ricardo, the son of the lottery winner and the rightful heir to the winnings. She plans to tell him she’s going to repay him, but he has some ideas of his own of how they can settle their debt…

These episodes air in the UK from Monday 11th January.

Nicolette has been through the roughest of rough patches in recent months. She arrived in Erinsborough mid last year hoping to repair her relationship with her mother Jane, and although she’s mostly managed to succeed there, pretty much everything else in her life has fallen apart.

The arrival of Audrey caused everything to go south. Audrey revealed that the two of them had previously been working as nurses in London, caring for an old man whose family didn’t want anything to do with him. Around the time of his death, he won the lottery, and the pair pocketed the winning ticket and split his $100,000 winnings for themselves.

While this was going on, David and Aaron were going through the early stages of surrogacy. David was planning to fly to Canada to make a sperm deposit, before they began the process of finding a surrogate in Australia. Yet minutes before David was due to leave to catch his plane, Nicolette stunned him and Aaron with an offer – she could be their baby’s mother, and they could form a co-parenting relationship!

Within weeks, Audrey blurted out their lottery secret to Toadie, resulting in them both losing their jobs at the hospital. It didn’t take long for all of Erinsborough to find out the truth, and now Nicolette has been left jobless, penniless, and with David hating her.

What else could go wrong?

Well, next week, Ricardo, the son of the man who she and Audrey stole from, gets in contact with her. He wants to meet, to discuss how she’s planning on paying back the money she stole. Oh dear.

Nicolette plan on telling him she’s going to pay back every penny she stole, but knows he’s going to ask her how she intends to do it. If she tells him she’s jobless, he’s hardly going to believe her.

She has no chance of getting another job as a nurse as she’s on the cusp of getting struck off. On top of that, there aren’t exactly many jobs available locally. Thankfully, despite everything that’s happened, Chloe and Aaron are still supportive of her, and Chloe comes up with an idea for how she can get a job locally.

It’s an odd idea, and hardly Nicolette’s first choice, but Harold’s is hiring. Tail between her legs, Nic heads to Harold’s and asks Dipi if there’s any chance of a job.

Dipi is completely against it. She initially uses the excuse that she needs someone with experience, and that Nicolette simply isn’t qualified. But when she keeps pushing, Dipi is forced to tell Nicolette that she needs to trust the people working for her, and she certainly doesn’t trust her.

She knows all about the stolen lottery win, and that’s on top of Pierce’s concerns about Nicolette, which he certainly didn’t keep to himself.

The attempted job interview comes to an abrupt end after they both wind each other up the wrong way. Nicolette can’t hold her tongue when Dipi brings up trust – “it’s a bit rich, you talking about being trustworthy!” – and Dipi quickly orders her out of the building.

With the meeting with Ricardo just hours away, Aaron and Chloe step up to help her. They both head to Harold’s, putting their feelings for Dipi aside for the sake of their friend. Their plan is to try to talk Dipi into giving Nicolette the job, and initially she refuses to even engage with them. But when Aaron reveals that Nicolette is pregnant with his and David’s child, a surprised Dipi begins to soften.

Aaron expresses that with Nicolette losing her job, and everything else that’s going on, they’re all a little on edge. Next, it’s Chloe’s turn. Having to look into the eyes of the woman who stole her husband, she pleads with her. Nicolette deserves for people to give her a second chance, and Chloe reminds Dipi that she might well know how that feels.

It works, and Nicolette is officially the newest employee of Harold’s Café.

Dipi’s opinion even seems to genuinely shift. She apologises to Nicolette for the way she treated her, accepting that they’ve both done things they’re not proud of and that she shouldn’t have based her opinion on what Pierce said about her.

Shortly after, Ricardo arrives, and they don’t get off to the friendliest of starts.

“Ah, you must be the woman who stole money off my dead father.”

“Oh, and you must be the son who never visited his dead father.”

Starting over, they grab a table and Nicolette begins by apologising for what she did. She gives him a breakdown of how much she plans on paying him after each payday, but living off a waitress’s wages means it’s going to take her a long time to pay back $50,000, and Ricardo isn’t happy.

When Nicolette tells him she wants to have the debt paid off, “whatever it takes”, Ricardo’s eyes light up.

It turns out the guy is a sleaze, and comes up with a very shady proposition for how she can pay him back quicker.

He’s in Melbourne a lot for business, and finds it sad being in a hotel room with nothing but room service for company. If Nicolette is willing to keep the slezebag’s bed warm whenever he calls her, they’re square!

She’s desperate to be debt free. Plus, if she can tell the magistrate that she’s come to an agreement with Ricardo for the repayment of the debt, it could mean the difference between prison and a community sentence.

Will she have no choice but to go through with his sordid plan?

Here’s the full spoilers for the final week of Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 11th January (8513)

Dipi starts organising a Christmas celebration for the whole family, including Kirsha.

Paul finds Amy’s determination an appealing trait.

After causing an accident at work, Hendrix is on the job hunt again.

Tuesday 12th January (8514)

Jay and Hendrix get in on a game of blackjack with a former Erinsborough nemesis.

Jane’s connection with Clive is growing fast.

Wednesday 13th January (8515)

Aaron is upset that David hasn’t moved on from his disappointment with Nicolette and is now avoiding spending time at home.

Unable to deny their chemistry, Jane and Clive decide to give their relationship a go in secret so they don’t hurt Sheila.

The rightful owner of the lottery ticket calls Nicolette wanting to meet.

Thursday 14th January (8516)

Roxy hasn’t heard anything from Kyle after her latest sexy video and begins to fear that he’s reconnecting with Georgia.

Jane questions whether exploring things with Clive is the right thing to do. Thankfully, a discussion with Roxy reminds her not to sabotage something good out of paranoia.

Chloe guilts Dipi into hiring Nicolette after initially refusing to.

Friday 15th January (8517)

Ricardo makes Nicolette a shocking proposal, choosing to hide it from Chloe and Aaron.

Amy is awarded the contract for designing Lassiter’s new uniforms. However, after receiving a mysterious message, she confesses to Shane that she’s in trouble.

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