UK Neighbours Spoilers – Nicolette’s pregnant, as her secret comes out

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Next week, Neighbours returns to UK screens, and there are two huge shocks in store for Nicolette, David and Aaron. As everyone reels from the truth about the lottery win, Nicolette throws another curveball – she’s pregnant!

Audrey is doing all she can to settle into live in Erinsborough, and forget about her and Nicolette’s stolen lottery winnings once and for all. Her donation is being put to good use in Sonya’s foundation, she and Toadie are getting closer and closer, and life is generally good.

She’s also going all out make a good impression on Karl and Susan. Next week, as the pair host a Christmas party, Audrey helps out in every way possible. She’s playing the host so well that she’s making Susan feel like a guest at her own party, and Susan is starting to get frustrated.

Jane later defends Audrey’s actions, claiming she’s just trying to impress Karl and Susan – “it is her first relationship after all,” explains Jane. “She probably doesn’t know when she’s going overboard.”

Wait, hold on a second? Her first relationship? That’s right, Jane tells Karl, “she’s never had a boyfriend.” Nicolette said so herself.

Yet that doesn’t fit with Nicolette’s rather stark warning about Audrey, and how over-invested she gets in her boyfriends. So why would Nicolette tell Karl such a thing?

When Nicolette later bumps into Audrey at Harold’s, she ends up telling Audrey that she’s really happy for her and Toadie. It seems like Nicolette is finally turning a corner, and maybe she’s finally ready to let Audrey be happy.

Yet it’s not long until Karl scuppers any chance of a happy ending.

Still very confused by Nicolette’s warning, he calls her out. Nicolette is forced to fess up – it’s true that Audrey has never had a boyfriend, and the claims that she gets over-invested were completely made up. Karl can’t see why Nicolette would lie about such a thing, but she claims she was just looking out for Toadie.

“It’s not fair that you spread rumours about people that aren’t true!” Karl exclaims, angrily. “Audrey’s a decent person, you can’t go and slander her behind her back. Now either you talk to her or I will.”

Nicolette eventually does exactly that, and confesses everything to Audrey.

She admits to her that she was trying to sabotage her and Toadie’s relationship. She did it because she saw them getting closer, and was scared the secret about the money would come out.

She lets Audrey know that she’s going to drop her sabotage attempts, and let her be happy. Worrying about the truth coming out is doing both of their heads in, and Nicolette thinks they both just need to forget what they did and move on.

And maybe they could, if it wasn’t for some added pressure from Toadie…

Toadie, now knowing that the $50,000 anonymous donation was from Audrey, proposes that they go public with it. Of course, he has no idea that it was the result of a stolen lottery ticket, simply thinking that Audrey was part of a winning lottery syndicate.

Audrey obviously doesn’t want to go public. She tells him she didn’t do it for the recognition, but he feels like her generosity should be validated. However, he also has another selfish reason – going public with a big donation often encourages other donors to open their cheque books!

Thankfully, she manages to convince him to keep it quiet. “You’ve got to be one of the most selfless people I’ve ever met,” he tells her.

In Harold’s, he later tells her he’s had a bit of a rethink on how they should spend the donation funds. He wants to focus more on youth outreach, linking disadvantaged kids up with role models. She thinks it’s a great idea, but is taken back when he proposes that she be one of them.

“Me? No no no, I’m hardly a decent role model.”

He tells her she needs to give herself more credit, and that her generosity is one of the things he really likes about her, but Audrey knows she’s just living a lie. As he showers her with complements, something snaps.

She tells him to stop, before telling him the truth in its entirity.

“I don’t deserve it. I’m not good, or humble, or generous. I’m none of those things. The money I donated was never mine. Nicolette and I, we stole it.”

With the truth out in the open, Toadie doesn’t react well.

He knows he can’t keep the donation, and uses Karl as a sounding board. Yet that only makes matters worse – with stealing being a major breach of the nurses’ code of conduct, Karl needs to inform Clive. Both face losing their jobs

Within hours, Nicolette is forced to tell David, Aaron, Chloe and Jane about what they did. She tries defending it, telling them that Audrey donated the money to the foundation, and that she spent her share on visiting her great grandmother in London for the last time.

“A trip to London does not cost $50,000,” points out Jane.

Ok, she may have splurged a little bit, but most of the money went on worthy causes.

Yet try as she might, she can’t win them over. David in particular is fuming, ignoring every attempt Nicolette makes to explain herself: “I’m pretty sure none of us have stolen from a dead man!”

She has no way out, and bursts into tears.

With the bombshell affecting David and Aaron’s future, the pair are at loggerheads. Aaron is somewhat sympathetic to Nicolette’s plight, and appreciates that it was a secret from her past – “it’s not like she stole the money yesterday” – but David is livid, and wonders what else she’s hiding.

“I really don’t think there’s anything else,” says Aaron. “Come on, we’ve trusted her to carry our own baby.”

“You did!” David corrects him, admitting out loud for the first time that he was steamrollered into the surrogate decision. The fact that Nicolette could be carrying their child, with them having no idea who she really is, is too much for him to handle.

“If that doesn’t freak you out, then I don’t know who you are either!”

So it’s fair to say they’re more than a little shocked when Nicolette hits them with another revelation. She’s pregnant!

Aaron is quietly overjoyed, but David is devastated, and lays the blame firmly at Aaron’s door. How will they get over this?

Neighbours returns Monday 4th January, at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5.

Here’s the full spoilers for the final week of Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 4th January (8508)

The Rebecchi family come together to clean up Harold’s after it’s trashed, leading Shane to ask about Dipi’s true feelings for Pierce.

Finally listening to Ned’s parallels between their relationship and her parents, Yashvi realises she was too hard on her father.

Hendrix manages to delete the CCTV footage of the complex for Jay, making him late for his first day of work.

Tuesday 5th January (8509)

Roxy spikes the punch at the Kennedy’s Christmas party to loosen Bea and Levi up.

Yashvi apologies to Shane over her treatment of him.

Sheila is determined to win Clive back at the Christmas party, but is unintentionally blocked by Jane.

Wednesday 6th January (8510)

Mortified by what they’ve done, Jane panics and hurries Clive out of the house, both agreeing that their night together was just a drunken mistake.

Nicolette comes clean with Audrey about her plans to undermine her.

Clive learns that Sheila is desperate to win him back.

Thursday 7th January (8511)

David is utterly appalled when Nicolette comes clean to everyone, leaving him to doubt their co-parenting plans.

Nicolette and Audrey are fired from the hospital.

A returning face is keen to land the job of designing Lassiter’s new uniform.

Friday 8th January (8512)

Toadie mentions to Amy that Paul has a soft spot for ambitious and beautiful women, giving her another idea to land the deal.

Paul thinks Hendrix is slacking off in his new role, piling more work on him.

Aaron and David are at odds about Nicolette’s surprise pregnancy announcement, ending in David blaming Aaron for getting them into this mess.

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