Neighbours Spoilers – Kirsha’s back, as Amy lands Lassiters in trouble

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In next week’s Neighbours in Australia, returnee Amy Greenwood lands Lassiters in hot water with her uniform design. Meanwhile, Kirsha is back in town. Could a reunited Rebecchi clan be enough to bring Dipi and Shane back together?

These episodes air in Australia from Monday 21st to Thursday 24th December. This year, there will be no episodes of Neighbours in Australia on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day.

Amy Greenwood has recently returned to Erinsborough after a 20-year absence. She’s spent the past couple of decades working as an air hostess, but has been forced to change careers after her airline went out of business.

She returned to bid for the Lassiters uniform tender, and eventually manages to win Paul and Terese over with her designs. Yet there’s one small problem which she’s neglected to tell anyone – she doesn’t own the copyright to the designs she’s pitched.

Oh dear.

She confesses the truth to Shane, and, shamed by her bad decisions, plans to flee town and forget about her new career attempt. However, Shane manages to talk her into staying and coming up with her own original designs. All she needs to do is convince Lassiters to use the new designs rather than the ones she originally pitched.

There’s just one problem – Terese has already planned a photoshoot with the original prototypes, i.e. Amy’s stolen designs! Now needing to delay things, Amy is forced to sabotage the photoshoot.

Sadly, her plan doesn’t go smoothly. Chloe, sensing something weird is going on, starts digging into Amy’s past. She’s shocked by what she finds, and the revelation could jeopardise Amy’s new life in Erinsborough.

Also next week, the whole Rebecchi family are reunited for Christmas. Will having all of their kids in one place encourage Shane and Dipi to reconcile?

Dipi has organised for Kirsha to come back to Melbourne for the festive period, meaning she has all three of her kids in Erinsborough for the first time. Although she and Shane have had a pretty terrible year, their children are still the most important thing to them, and they put their differences aside for the sake of celebrating Christmas together.

All five of them adorned in matching jumpers, they really get into the Christmas spirit. With everyone in good moods, it’s obvious that Yashvi, Kirsha and Jay want their parents to get back together.

With Jay and Kirsha both back in town, it’s the first time all of Shane and Dipi’s kids have been in Erinsborough at the same time

Kirsha, back in town for the first time since her parents’ marriage issues began, tries her hardest to encourage them to patch things up.

She pushes Dipi to make more effort, and manages to get her mum to reflect on the good times she and Shane shared over their 20 years of marriage. Dipi is hating herself for what she’s done to her family, and is starting to struggle with the lack of warmth from Shane. She knows she deserves it, but is finally starting to feel remorse.

The Neighbours Summer promo teased a connection between Amy and Shane, as they shared stolen glances

However, Shane’s lack of forgiveness for her affair isn’t the only thing she has to contend with. The arrival of Amy Greenwood throws another spanner in the works, as it’s clear that Shane and Amy are getting on like a house on fire.

Whether Shane is just rebounding or whether he and Amy share an actual connection remains to be seen. But either way, there’s definitely chemistry between them, and Shane isn’t afraid to show it.

Dipi knows she doesn’t have any right to say anything, as it’s her own actions which have pushed Shane towards another woman. Will she manage to win him round before he finds love elsewhere?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 21st December (Episode 8520)

Nicolette is working herself ragged to win back David’s favour but she’s having zero luck.

Kyle returns from Germany, devastated over Bossy’s death.

Hendrix’s luck runs out during a blackjack game at No. 24, losing all his money.

Tuesday 22nd December (Episode 8521)

Kyle accidentally leads Roxy to believe he’s bought her an amazing Christmas present at duty free, leaving him to race out to buy the perfect gift.

Aaron confronts David over his lack of support for Nicolette and their baby.

Sheila’s devastated to learn that Clive and Jane are together.

Wednesday 23rd December (Episode 8522)

Amy tries to sabotage Lassiters photo shoot leading Chloe to dig into her history and uncover a big secret.

Nicolette turns down Ricardo’s offer, but she’s blindsided by a much worse counter offer.

David finds Nicolette passed out and gets her to hospital and it’s the wake-up call he needs to finally confront his issues.

Thursday 24th December (Episode 8523)

Terese is fuming when she learns the truth about Amy, leaving Chloe feeling guilty for pushing Terese to use the original uniform designs.

Kane sends Hendrix a frightening message, making it very clear he isn’t messing around and wants his money.

Kirsha is home for Christmas and she’s on a mission to get her parents back together.

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