UK Neighbours Spoilers – Nicolette declares her love to Chloe

In the latest Neighbours spoilers for the UK, Nicolette finally tells Chloe that she has feelings for her. Meanwhile, the youth council competition turns nasty, as Hendrix puts a plan into action that could destroy Harlow and Mackenzie’s friendship forever.

These storylines air in the UK between Monday 21st and Friday 25th September.

Chloe is avoiding Pierce and her work responsibilities as her hospital appointment draws near, needing an escape from thinking about the rest results that will potentially determine whether they keep their baby.

Instead opting for a little bit of rest and relaxation, she and Nicolette head to the swimming pool as they work their way through the un-environmentally-friendly chocolates that need to be disposed of after Mackenzie and Harlow’s eco campaign.

As they chat, Chloe tries to garner some gossip on Nicolette’s love life, asking her if she’s got any dates planned with Alex. But Nicolette tells her that her love life is in fact non-existent.

Chloe tells Nicolette that she’s a catch and that she needs to get back onto the dating scene – if she needs any help with online dating, Chloe is a pro!

She tells Nicolette that she hopes that Chloe isn’t holding back on her account. The remark catches Nicolette by surprise, thinking that maybe Chloe suspects her feelings and knows the real reason she’s been avoiding dating anyone else… but Chloe tells her that she hopes she isn’t worried about bringing someone back to the house, and that she’s more than welcome to.

As Chloe snatches Nicolette’s phone, she tells her that she’s going to write her profile and get her onto the online dating scene, much to Nicolette’s dismay.

At that moment, they’re interrupted by Pierce, who’s annoyed to find Chloe hiding away relaxing, especially as she’s been ignoring his calls.

As they wait for their appointment at the hospital, she reveals to him that using up the Lassiters products in secret have her the chance for some alone time. It’s given her a world where she could pretend everything else didn’t exist, including the results of whether their baby has high markers for Huntington’s.

Thankfully, it’s great news – the baby has low HD markers, and they’re having a boy!

Both Pierce and Chloe are over the moon and excitedly share the news with Nicolette when they get back to Ramsay Street. Yet as Chloe invites Nicolette to celebrate with them over a glass of champagne, she looks around to find Nicolette has already gone. She’s struggling with having to hide her feelings yet again.

Consoling in Jane, Nicolette tells her how over the moon the couple are that they’re having the baby, and how difficult it is for her to watch on. “I’m happy for them, I am. But just seeing them together breaks me. I can’t do it any more.

She finally bites the bullet and makes the move she knows she needs to make. She heads back to Number 32, and blurts out that she’s looking for a new job.

The commute to work, it’s killing me

All 5 minutes of it?

As Chloe tries to get the truth out of her – “it’s not Pierce, is it?” – and convince her to stay – “Most nurses are boring and mean and smell of nail polish remover! I don’t want to lose you!” – Nicolette can’t keep the truth hidden any more.

You don’t understand. I’m in love with you!

Chloe is obviously taken aback, and doesn’t understand how Nicolette went from asking her out months ago, to suddenly declaring her love.

Not wanting any kind of misunderstanding, she assures her that she’s in love with Pierce, and that that isn’t going to change. It’s what Nicolette already knew, but it still leaves her crushed.

Chloe sympathises, but she has to think about Fay as well. She doesn’t know how her mother will cope finding out that Nicolette’s gone, considering how much she had grown to rely on her.

Will she manage to convince Nicolette to stay, despite her feelings?

A stolen speech!

Elsewhere on Ramsay Street, it’s time for Mackenzie and Harlow to deliver their speeches for the Erinsborough Youth Council position.

Mackenzie ends up enlisting the help of Rose, Toadie’s new secretary, to help her improve a slightly rough-around-the-edges speech. Rose knocks it out of the park and the two end up with the perfect speech, one which is bound to win her the vote.

However, Hendrix has other ideas. He’s discovered the real reason that Rose is in town – her husband is one of Toadie’s clients, and she’s snooping for info on their divorce – and puts this to his advantage.

He blackmails Rose, telling her he’ll keep her secret about the spying in exchange for Mackenzie’s youth council speech. Rose knows she has no choice, and hands over the USB stick containing the speech they’ve just spent hours perfecting.

Harlow is taken aback when Hendrix tells her he’s written her a speech. At first, she politely declines his offer – after all, he’s hardly top of the class in English – but after she reads it she realises it’s actually pretty good! Knowing she’s been struggling to write her own, his helpful gesture is just what she needs.

He also convinces her that she should go first, knowing that by delivering her speech before Mackenzie’s, the competition won’t stand a chance.

Not sure if she should be using it when she didn’t write it herself, she turns to Paul, who tells her to go for it. It’s a great speech, so what has she got to lose?

As Harlow delivers it remotely, Mackenzie watches on her iPad. Just a few words into the speech, she starts mouthing along to it.

It all clicks into place – her speech has been stolen, and she knows exactly who’s behind it!

Devastated, she thinks all is lost. However, Richie convinces her that there’s only one thing she can do, just go in there without a speech and speak from the heart.

Without any papers to read off, she ends up giving a heartfelt, passionate plea for why she should be the next Erinsborough Youth Council Representative. Her speech is even better than the planned one. It looks like Hendrix’s plan has backfired!

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours episodes in the UK:

Monday 21st September

Dipi’s feelings towards Roxy soften when she learns it was Roxy’s idea for the karaoke night.

Rose and Toadie bond over a love of pranks, but when he’s out of the office, she takes a mysterious phone call.

After sending a video to one of his subscribers, Ned is horrified when they say they know he’s in Erinsborough.

Tuesday 22nd September

The Hive launch is a success, but Ned is preoccupied with trying to convince his subscriber he was only passing through Erinsborough.

Levi buddies up with Dax to try and infiltrate the ring, leaving Yashvi to continue their secret investigation.

Wednesday 23rd September

Chloe and Pierce receive favourable results from the baby’s Huntingon’s disease test.

River names Yashvi as his attacker, leaving Dax to suspend her from duty.

After receiving an awkward response from Nicolette after sharing her good news, Chloe pushes Nicolette to reveal what is going on.

Thursday 24th September

Rose shows interest in a specific case Toadie is working on, offering to assist him, but he politely declines.

Nicolette insists she needs to move out after her declaration of love, but Chloe asks her to stay until they find a replacement nurse.

Harlow and Mackenzie are campaigning peacefully, but Paul, Hendrix and Richie have other ideas.

Friday 25th September

Hendrix catches Rose snooping in Toadie’s office, making a deal with her to keep his silence.

Yashvi goes to the school to try and flush out the dealer, but it soon goes horribly wrong.

Hendrix sends Mackenzie’s speech to Harlow, passing it off as his own work.

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