Neighbours Spoilers – Dipi and Pierce kiss as they both look for comfort

In the latest Neighbours spoilers for Australia, Ned’s life may be in danger as he’s torn between painting his stalker’s portrait and revealing the truth, while Dipi and Pierce make a big mistake as they give into temptation.

The Neighbours storylines below will air in Australia from Monday 21st September, and in the UK three weeks later from Monday 12th October.

Dipi and Pierce make a huge mistake

Dipi has had a pretty horrific few weeks after discovering that husband Shane has been hiding his ever-worsening drug habit.

The news has had repercussions for the whole family, with daughter Yashvi embroiled in the scandal as she investigates the drug ring that’s been terrorising Erinsborough. While Shane has been trying to sort himself out, his early return from rehab makes Dipi doubt if he’s really serious about getting clean.

She’s recently found an unlikely friend in Pierce, who has been the only person she’s felt comfortable opening up to. He was there to comfort her a couple of weeks ago when she broke down in the kitchen of Harold’s, and they’ve continued supporting each other since.

Next week, Dipi hosts a cooking class as a way to distract herself from what’s going on around her. Chloe and Pierce, keen to get some fun back in their life as they try and move on from their pregnancy dramas, go along.

However, Shane ends up interrupting the class, causing Dipi’s stress levels to raise even higher. Pierce, feeling sorry for her after all she’s already been through, lashes out at Shane. Is he starting to grow a little too close to Dipi?

Of course, Pierce’s relationship isn’t without its own problems. In the past few weeks he’s found out about Nicolette’s feelings for Chloe, faced worries over the Huntington’s Disease test results, and most recently has had to deal with Chloe’s pregnancy coming to an abrupt end. He’s lost, and it’s beginning to show.

As the two end up alone together once again, they open up to each other about their respective relationship problems, and grow closer than ever before.

What starts as a friendly chat suddenly turns into more, and, as their emotions get the better of them, they share a kiss.

Sharon Johal, who plays Dipi, spoke to TV Week about their moment of passion: “The more Dipi gets to know Pierce, the more apparent it becomes that he has all the qualities that are lacking with Shane“, she admits.

Yet despite there clearly being something between them, they both quickly realise the kiss was a mistake – they both love their partners; neither of them want to lose what they’ve got.

They feel so guilty, and both agree to keep it a secret.

Dipi brushes it off as a regrettable accident that should never have happened“, continues Sharon.

While Dipi may be sure that it was a mistake, is Pierce having doubts? Speaking to TV Week, Tim Robards says: “However hard he tries to fight it, something is eating at him deep on the inside. Like an itch he can’t scratch.

With their lives falling apart around them will they be able to stop it from happening again?

Ned’s in over his head

Oh, Ned! What started off as a way to earn a little extra cash on the side has turned into a huge nightmare, as his Fandangle venture has welcomed his stalker back into his life.

Fans of the show will know that last year, Scarlett (Christie Whelan Browne) stalked Ned and eventually stabbed him on Halloween. Ned knows exactly what she’s capable of, and was beyond shocked when she revealed herself as his Fandangle admirer. This week, Scarlett puts Ned in yet another uncomfortable position.

This time around, Scarlett is threatening to reveal his secret X-rated side-gig if he doesn’t paint her portrait as a gift for her new fiancé.

Not only does Ned feel guilty about hiding it all from Yashvi, his PTSD is giving him flashbacks,” Ben told TV Week, of the situation.

He finally gives in, and the two meet for the painting. As Ned paints, Scarlett questions whether he’s truly invested in it, and the thought of him not doing his best makes her see red.

This was the one thing she asked of him and he can’t even commit to that,” Christie explained to TV Week.

As Ned struggles to cope, it’s obvious that Scarlett’s games may only be just beginning…

Later in the week, the whole thing comes to a head. It all gets too much and Ned is forced to admit the truth to Yashvi, revealing his secret nude Fandangle escapades in full. Where will this leave their relationship?

Meanwhile, Roxy and Bea decide to put a stop to everything. They take things into their own hands, and confront Scarlett at her home… will it end in disaster?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 21 September (Episode 8455)

Levi is furious at Sheila for meddling with his medical assessment.

Fay urges Chloe to open up about how she is feeling, with Fay eventually deciding to return to Adelaide.

Tuesday 22 September (Episode 8456)

Pierce and Chloe decide to use Dipi’s cooking class as a bonding session to help fix their marriage.

Susan is annoyed when she learns that Karl and Jane haven’t actually donated their bulk buys to charity. Instead, they’ve bargained with Nicolette to stash them in The Doug Out.

Shane interrupts Dipi’s cooking class, wearing Dipi’s patience thin and causing Pierce to lash out at Shane when he notices Dipi is about to breakdown.

Wednesday 23 September (Episode 8457)

With tensions rising in both the Rebecchi and Greyson marriages, Dipi and Pierce end up seeking refuge at Lassiter’s for the night.

Ned begins painting his crazed fan’s portrait while she toys with taunting him about his relationship with Yasvhi.

Tempted to tun to drugs, Toadie supports Shane through the night.

Thursday 24 September (Episode 8458)

Just when things seem to be on the right track for Chloe and Pierce figuring their problems out, Chloe decides to visit Fay in Adelaide sans Pierce.

Ned is forced to come clean to Yashvi about Fandangle.

Shane is surprised at how forgiving Dipi is about everything, unaware that she’s filled with guilt about the night before.

Friday 25 September (Episode 8459)

Roxy and Bea decide to take action and confront Ned’s crazy stalker at her home.

The future of Ned and Yashvi’s relationship becomes uncertain in the face of his confession.

Mackenzie gives Rose some subtle hints about where she can find James’s hidden assets.

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