UK Neighbours Spoilers – Shane goes into hiding to overcome his drug problem

In these Neighbours spoilers set to air in the UK from Monday 7th September, Shane escapes Erinsborough to try to overcome his drug problem. Will he make it back before his wedding anniversary?

Dipi has been growing more concerned over Shane’s unpredictable behaviour in recent weeks.

Last week, she tracked him down using the Find My Phone app, and caught him in a dark alley in West Warratah.

Arriving at just the wrong time, she doesn’t actually see him buying drugs, and just sees him standing in a dazed state, staring into space. Understandably, the image of her husband having travelled all that way just to stand there transfixed fills her with worry.

After talking to Jane, she begins to suspect that maybe it’s depression, triggered by how hard he’s been working on his course. Yet she knows that if she asks Shane outright then he’ll just lie to her again.

After Shane almost hurt Roxy, things came to a head, and Dipi finally confronted him. When she was still unable to get a straight answer, she went to Dr Karl for help. He encouraged her to try and talk to Shane again, reassuring him that she’s there for him and offering to help reduce the burden his course is putting on him.

Shane knows he has to do something. He organises a pretend trip to visit Stonie and the family in Colac, claiming he’s going to relax and get away from it all.

Yet it soon becomes clear that he’s got other plans. He calls Stonie and tells him that he’s not actually coming, and is going to spend some time on his own. He’s going to try going cold turkey again.

A few days after he goes away, Dipi and Toadie have barely heard a word from him. It’s the day before his and Dipi’s 20th wedding anniversary and he’s dodging calls, only responding to Dipi’s texts every now and again, and she’s really worried about him.

He claims he’s just getting some downtime, but Dipi’s not convinced at all.

In reality, he’s headed to his home town of Bourke, New South Wales and is on a farm on his own, fighting off the effects of going cold turkey.

Sweating and shaking out of control, he definitely doesn’t look like he’s ready for a return to Erinsborough.

When Toadie gets a phonecall from Angie, who went to visit Stonie yet doesn’t mention a single thing about Shane, Toadie grows suspicious that his brother isn’t in Colac after all.

Meanwhile, Roxy and Kyle are bickering over Shane’s recent actions. Kyle is still confused about the way that Shane acted, and the truth eventually comes out – Shane is the friend that Roxy has been trying to protect.

With nobody else to turn to, Shane calls Roxy. He’s in tears and shaking due to the effects of weening himself off, and he just needs someone to talk to.

He’s regretting running away, and admits he’s unable to do this on his own. He’s worried he’s going to do something stupid, and asks Roxy to come help him… all the way in New South Wales!

Later, a desperate Toadie comes to ask Roxy if she knows anything. Knowing that Shane desperately needs help, and that she isn’t the answer his problems, she comes clean and tells Toadie everything.

As Shane leaves an increasingly desperate answering machine message for Roxy, begging her to come help him, Toadie comes around the corner.

Toadie is more than willing to listen, and becomes the helping hand Shane has needed all along.

Having already lived through Sonya’s addiction and seen withdrawal symptoms before, he’s well placed to help him through. He forces Shane to hand over the last of his stash, and bundles him in the car to drive him back to Erinsborough.

He convinces Shane that he needs to come clean to Dipi. Weening himself off the drugs is sensible, but only with the right support network – this isn’t something he’ll ever be able to do on his own.

Yet waiting in Erinsborough is a surprise that could scupper their plans.

Mackenzie and Richie have been busy planning a surprise party at Harold’s to celebrate Shane and Dipi’s 20th wedding anniversary. As the day progresses, numerous disasters get in the way and they end up scaling it back to a simple dinner for the pair, with Karl serenading them.

However, even these simple dinner plans are the last thing that Shane needs.

As he returns to Erinsborough, he and Toadie bump into Dipi in The Waterhole. Seeing how distressed and exhausted Shane is, Dipi suggests they head for a quiet coffee at Harold’s… all three totally oblivious to the preparations underway.

As they enter the coffee shop, they’re greeted by Dr Karl, who welcomes them to their anniversary party, and beckons in Mackenzie and Richie.

As if that wasn’t enough, Richie has just found a stash of drugs in Shane’s bag. His secret is out.

Will Shane be able to keep up appearances, or will everything come crashing down?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for this week in the UK:

Monday 7 September (8430)

Emmett’s aunt is identified as a suitable carer.

An anxious Chloe puts off having the Huntington’s Disease test for the baby.

Tuesday 8 September (8431)

Toadie is approached by Angela Lane, but Karl and Susan jump in to stop him from dating her.

Hendrix spots Nicolette catching up with her ex Alex, approaching her to find out what’s really going on with Nicolette’s love life.

David and Aaron struggle with having said goodbye to Emmett.

Wednesday 9 September (8432)

Hendrix confronts Nicolette about her feelings for Chloe.

With a tempting cash offer, Ned is tempted to send a patron a very racy photo.

The barriers between Jane and Nicolette starts to come down.

Thursday 10 September (8433)

Levi is feeling the pressure about his fake relationship with Bea, made all the more difficult with her still being in Switzerland.

When his exhibition costs escalate, Ned considers taking a nude photo for one of his subscribers in order to make his dreams a reality.

Toadie and Dipi are worried about Shane after he hasn’t been heard from in a few days, leaving Roxy to consider revealing everything.

Friday 11 September (8434)

Mackenzie plans a surprise evening for Shane and Dipi’s anniversary, unaware of everything that’s transpiring.

Shane is reluctant to come back home, eventually admitting out loud to Toadie that he is an addict.

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