Home and Away Spoilers — What’s wrong with Justin?

This week on Home and Away in Australia, after feeling under the weather over the past week or so, Justin Morgan collapses at work, leading to a life-changing diagnosis…

There’s been some concern for Justin Morgan (James Stewart) in recent Australian episodes. The warning signs first came the week before last, when Justin complained of having a headache.

Later in the day, Justin also started having aches in his back. Both he and girlfriend Leah (Ada Nicodemou) laughed it off as getting old and sitting at the computer for too long, as she went to get him some painkillers.

Long-term viewers will know that having a headache on the show is not something to be taken lightly – after all, when the same happened with Gina Palmer over a number of days back in 2013, she then dropped dead at the wheel of her car!

The painkillers seemed to work for Justin, and he and Leah set off to see Justin’s daughter Ava in the city for a few days.

On Justin’s return, Tori (Penny McNamee) asked if Justin had suffered any headaches whilst away, but he said he’d been fine and just put his headaches down to stress—once he was away from the bay and work etc. he was feeling much better.

Although he then struggled to get up from the chair, with further pain in his back, he put it down to being stiff from the long drive, and both Tori and Leah again laughed it off as Justin becoming an old man.

However it’s since become obvious that Justin is displaying further worrying symptoms.

On catching up with employee Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), he forgot about a rush job that had come into the garage and had to be reminded which car it was.

Later in the day Justin had clearly forgotten that he was supposed to be minding baby Grace, with Tori having to text him to hurry him up. Confused when Tori quickly handed over Grace, Justin’s question of “Am I babysitting today?” was met with a reply of “Very funny” as Tori rushed off to work.

Justin was later seen to be a million miles away when Leah spoke to him in the diner, and that evening he came in to place an order for some food, forgetting he’d already placed the same order over the phone an hour ago.

At first, when Justin began behaving a little differently, Leah didn’t make too much of it,” Ada told New Idea this week. “But lately she had become a bit more worried about him. He seems to have been so overworked and stressed, and simply wasn’t his usual self.

This week, Justin’s mystery ailments cause his life to be put in danger.

As teased in a recent promo which you can watch above, Justin is working at the garage when he suddenly gets a pain in his back, before he falls backwards onto the floor, knocking over a container of Hydrofluoric Acid in the process.

Alf (Ray Meagher) is shocked to find an unconscious Justin some time later, by which point he has suffered chemical burns.

Justin is rushed to hospital, and after going through some tests to try and work out exactly what is going on, Justin and Leah wait for a diagnosis.

But when Tori finally delivers the results, it certainly isn’t what they expected.

The news comes as a huge shock to both of them,” Ada added.

It’s already been a horrid year for the Morgan household, following Leah’s kidnapping and the death of brother Mason, not to mention the death of Grace’s father Robbo also, so will this shock result push Justin over the edge?

We do know in coming weeks that Justin’s daughter Ava (Alice Roberts) will be heading to Summer Bay for another visit, with Justin and Ava set to partake in another game of footy outside the surf club—as per pictures taken on the Home and Away tour earlier this year. The bandage covering Justin’s burns is still visible on his arm.

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Further scenes were also filmed which appeared to show Ava and Leah having a heart to heart near the diner – could they be discussing Justin’s latest news?

UPDATED – For the latest on this storyline, read our new article “There’s a new doctor in town”, as Dr Christian Green arrives and Justin reconsiders surgery.

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, after Amber (Madeleine Jevic) dropped the huge bombshell on Dean (Patrick O’Connor) that he was a father, the time comes this week for Dean to meet his son, Jai.

Faced with the sudden responsibility of becoming a father—even though Amber keeps the truth from Jai about Dean’s identity for now—Dean is nervous about stepping up to the role. But even he’s surprised as he becomes immediately besotted with the youngster.

Dean freaked out when Amber dropped her truth bomb,” Patrick told New Idea. “It was so not-on-his-radar that he could have a child, but he absolutely loves Jai instantly. We definitely see a new side to Dean with this storyline.”

Although Dean’s girlfriend Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) has been supportive of Dean through this latest development, she can’t help but wonder where she stands now that Dean has a child with another woman.

Will their relationship survive this?

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s episodes in Australia:

Monday 24th August (Episode 7397)

Nikau and Bella are separated.

Is Dean ready for the ultimate responsibility?

Roo comes face-to-face with her past.

Tuesday 25th August (Episode 7398)

Ryder shares a shock revelation with Owen.

Justin is in a dire position.

John reaches a milestone.

Wednesday 26th August (Episode 7399)

Angelo delves into Colby’s past.

Will Alf get to Justin in the nick of time?

Thursday 27th August (Episode 7400)

Justin’s future hangs in the balance.

Colby builds a cunning plan.

Angelo closes in on Bella.

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