UK Neighbours Spoilers – Shane explodes at Roxy as his drug habit worsens

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Tensions are running high on Ramsay Street this week as Shane explodes at Roxy, Fay’s presence in No. 24 brings out a new dynamic and Toadie’s personal tension gets the better of him in these Neighbours spoilers set to air in the UK from Monday 24th August.

On the Gear

The last few weeks have seen university student and bartender Shane Rebecchi (Nicholas Coughlan) battle with an amphetamine addiction. It’s been a long winding and torturous journey for the father of two, and it’s only getting worse.

This week, after promising his friend and colleague Roxy (Zima Anderson) that he would get clean if she promised not to tell his wife, Dipi (Sharon Johal), Shane continues to be irritable.

It’s hard for him to hide his mood swings, but it’s the tipping point for him when his boss Sheila (Colette Mann) organises a meeting at short notice to inform her staff they are switching to metal straws.

Believing the reason behind the meeting is ludicrous, Shane refuses to go, instead believing his time is better spent doing his university assignments. However, when he’s a no show, Sheila is furious and Roxy decides to follow it up with him.

When she arrives at his house, he pretends not to be home, in an attempt to avoid her. But later that day, when Roxy realises Shane isn’t around, she enters No. 30 and rummages through his bag. It’s here, in a zipper pocket, she learns the truth, just as Shane walks into the house…

He’s still on the drugs!

Roxy feels betrayed, and confronts him about his usage. She’s worried his habit will turn into a full-blown addiction if he doesn’t get help now.

It’s clear that all she wants is to help him, but Shane isn’t having a bar of it. He turns on her, spitting venom her way, stating that if doctors can prescribe it, what’s the issue with him taking it?

She’s taken aback by his blasé attitude, but when he accuses her of being in love with him and wanting to tear his family apart, the reality of his drug use becomes clear. As he screams across the room that Roxy is pathetic, it becomes obvious Shane is within a drug-induced psychosis.

She’s saddened and shocked by her friend’s demise into the pits of an addiction. As she runs out in tears it’s obvious that she is fearful that he still hasn’t hit rock bottom…

Mummy Dearest

Fay Brennan (Zoe Bertram) is back in Erinsborough for the foreseeable future, and things aren’t looking good.

It’s been a rough trot for the Brennan family in the last few years, and with the arrival of the terminally ill matriarch Fay, it doesn’t look like it’s going to ease up anytime soon.

Upon her return to the street, it becomes obvious how dire Fay’s situation is when she struggles to wave and say hello to step-grandson Hendrix (Benny Turland). It’s clear she doesn’t want to be a burden on her children, but she also understands how sick she has gotten over the months.

However, that doesn’t stop her forgetting basic things. When left alone with Fay, Hendrix finds himself in a sticky situation when she is struck down with a sudden headache and asks him for an aspirin.

Just in the nick of time, live-in nurse Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) enters and warns him against giving her the pill – she may choke if she tried to swallow it.

It’s a wake up call for not only Hendrix, but also for Chloe. She agreed to Fay moving back to Erinsborough to spend time with her, and that’s exactly what she’s going to do.

Touching the Toad

Toadie Rebecchi’s (Ryan Moloney) only been back a matter of hours, and he’s already been caught red-handed.

Having dropped the kids off at Harold’s, Toadie returns home to No. 30 having returned from Sky (Stephanie McIntosh) and Lana’s (Bridget Neval) wedding.

However it soon becomes obvious that the father of two is hiding something, when, on a mysterious phone call to his beloved “Jelly Belly”, Harold Bishop (Ian Smith) reveals the pair got up to mischief.

Later that day, Toadie is walked in on by his older brother Shane, in the bathroom, in the middle of what looks to be a bit of “me-time” for the Ramsay Street resident…

You should’ve locked it, that’s what I would’ve done if I was going to be, you know!” Shane exclaims as scurries away from the bathroom, embarrassed at walking in on his brother.

Although Toadie protests that what his brother saw wasn’t what it looked like, Shane puts it in no uncertain terms.

It looked like you were wrestling with an anaconda, mate.

What excuse does Toadie have for this one?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for this week in the UK:

Monday 24 August (Episode 8420)

Paul has no intention of making things easy for new employee Jenna.

To help relieve Chloe’s stress, Pierce is eager to make her live-in nurse plan a reality.

Aaron and David worry that although Jenna is determined to turn things around, one slip up could seriously upset Emmett.

Tuesday 25 August (Episode 8421)

Ned has a bold and risque business idea which will see make a good profit from his photography.

Nicolette moves into No. 24 and finds out that Chloe is pregnant, accepting now that’s she unattainable.

Seeing Roxy and Shane together, Dipi’s insecurity starts to bubble up.

Wednesday 26 August (Episode 8422)

Dipi is hurt when Shane goes to Roxy for meditation advice, still oblivious about his addiction.

Ned receives a strange request for his photography.

Yashvi scopes out if Levi is interested in Bea, and the answer isn’t one Bea wants to hear.

Thursday 27 August (Episode 8423)

Mortified that Levi isn’t into her, Bea is embarrassed by all her flirting.

Roxy points out to Mackenzie that there isn’t anything stopping her from speaking up about Lassiters refusal to be eco-friendly.

Shane’s back to taking drugs and avoiding Roxy.

Friday 28 August (Episode 8424)

Emmett is excited that his mum is holding down her job but soon finds out she’s back to her old ways.

Fay arrives from Adelaide and everyone is confronted by the deterioration of her health.

After snapping at Roxy, Shane worries that he’s lost his only support.

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