Home and Away Spoilers — Tori distraught as Nikau abducts Grace!

As Colby steps up his investigation into the diner robbery in this week’s Australian Home and Away episodes, he sets off a chain of events which lead to Tori Morgan facing every mother’s worst nightmare…

It’s been three weeks since a terrified Leah Patterson (Ada Nicodemou) interrupted an intruder robbing the Pier Diner, and there’s been little progress in the investigation so far.

Having been thrown to the ground as the hooded figure made his escape, Leah was only able to give the briefest of descriptions to the police, namely that the thief was tall, had dark hair and was wearing a black hoodie.

Taking the fingerprints of all recent diner employees for elimination purposes, Snr Constable Colby Thorne’s (Tim Franklin) suspicions were raised when Gemma Parata (Bree Peters) refused the voluntary process, slamming the door in his face.

This was enough for Colby to do some digging on the Paratas by contacting some colleagues in the city, and last week he learned of Ari’s (Rob Kipa-Williams) past record, as well as the police’s suspicions on his brother Tane (Ethan Browne)—who whilst often suspected in cases, has never been pinned down for anything.

When Colby casually mentioned the findings of his colleagues to best mate Dean (Patrick Thompson) in the middle of the diner, Dean told Colby he was barking up the wrong tree. Ari may have a criminal past, but he’s a changed man.

Colby wasn’t convinced, asking how Ari can go from living in a caravan to being able to afford a four-bedroom house with a pool for the entire family.

This week Colby continues to voice his suspicions to those who will listen, this time in the form of ex-lover Mackenzie Booth, who is currently the object of Ari’s affections.

Mackenzie wonders what his problem is, and asks whether it’s because he’s jealous of Ari, something which Colby denies.

In earshot of Gemma, Colby tells Mackenzie that Ari is dodgy, and it starts to become obvious that Colby’s case against Ari is very much becoming personal.

When Colby decides to pay a visit to the Parata house, he spots a hoodie which matches the description of the one worn by the intruder (i.e. it’s black).

That’s seemingly enough for Colby to later return with a search warrant, and a full team to execute it.

Nik has already been panicking about the family being blamed for the robbery, and he worries that this is going to end just like it has many times before, with the family being run out of town.

He voices his concern to Gemma, who tries to reassure him that they’ve nothing to worry about.

But that isn’t enough for Nik, and terrified that his family is about to be ripped apart again, he decides to make his own escape from Summer Bay.

Meanwhile, Tori (Penny McNamee) is driving along the road when she spots recent stroke victim John Palmer (Shane Withington) take a tumble whilst out with Marilyn (Emily Symons). She quickly pulls over to help out, leaving her car door open and her engine running.

Unfortunately, a desperate Nik then makes a split-second decision that could end up being the biggest mistake of his life, which has been teased in a recent promo.

Spotting Tori’s car at the side of the road, Nik sees it as the perfect opportunity to make a quick exit from Summer Bay.

Before anyone has chance to see him, Nik throws himself into the drivers seat and takes off. But little does he realise that Tori’s baby daughter Grace is in the back seat!

Tori runs after her car screaming for the unseen driver to stop, but her efforts prove fruitless as the car races into the distance.

As a distraught Tori reports her daughter’s kidnapping to the police, she admits that she didn’t see who took the car, but Colby already has an idea of who is responsible.

What will Nikau do when he realises he’s unwittingly abducted Tori’s baby?

The safe return of Grace won’t be the only thing that Tori has to worry about though, as when Jasmine (Sam Frost) hears of the incident, she decides to take matters into her own hands.

Having become worringly obsessed with Grace over the past few weeks following her own phantom pregnancy trauma—to the point where she’s started stealing some of Grace’s possessions, and posting on a parenting forum masquerading as Grace’s mother—Jasmine sees this as the perfect opportunity to question Tori’s ability to look after her baby.

Will Jasmine do the unthinkable and try to take Grace away from Tori completely?

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Here’s the full spoilers for this week in Australia:

Monday 29th June (Episode 7359)

Ryder and Evan share a deeply emotional moment.

Colby tightens his gaze on Ari.

Martha returns to Merimbula.

Tuesday 30th June (Episode 7360)

Mackenzie makes her biggest sacrifice for Ari.

Colby’s investigation turns personal.

Nikau’s lapse in judgement could change his life forever.

Marilyn and John refuse to accept reality.

Wednesday 1st July (Episode 7361)

Tori faces every mother’s worst nightmare.

Colby has two active investigations on his hands.

Nikau makes the biggest mistake of his life.

Thursday 2nd July (Episode 7362)

Tori struggles to forgive herself.

Jasmine takes matters into her own hands.

Gemma makes big family plans.

Colby’s investigations are thwarted.

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