When does Home and Away finish for Christmas?

Home and Away will be off UK screens for 6 weeks over the Christmas period, as the show takes its usual winter break.

The final episode of the year will air on Friday 22nd November, with the show currently scheduled to return to Channel 5 on Monday 6th January 2020.

Channel 5 always takes a break over Christmas so that the UK episodes don’t catch up with the Australian broadcasts.

UK episodes of Home and Away are currently just over 7 weeks behind the Australian episodes. However, with the show also due to take a break in Australia, usually from mid-December until mid-January, the UK break is necessary to ensure we don’t get too close.

Here’s a sneak look at what’s coming up in the final UK episodes of the year:

New doctor Alex Neilson grows closer to Willow in the final few weeks of the year

Monday 11th November
Willow clears the awkwardness with Alex. A distraught Jasmine is faced with more torment. Martha and Alf’s family unit becomes rocky.

Tuesday 12th November
Colby is burning out but is determined to help a distressed Jasmine. Martha and Alf leave on a romantic road trip. Mackenzie starts to doubt her relationship with Colby. Robbo is held hostage.

Wednesday 13th November
Bella is defensive when Mackenzie and Colby’s relationship starts to break down. Leah explains why she shut down her blog. The Astonis are at a loss on how to help Ben’s depression.

Thursday 14th November
Marilyn feels lost and needs a new purpose in life. How will Ben shake the black dog of depression? Justin learns how awful things were for Ava at home. Robbo makes a shocking discovery.

Friday 15th November
Thanks to Alex, Mason gets a second chance. Robbo’s need for justice for his family gets complicated. Ben’s mental health struggles reach breaking point.

Monday 18th November
Colby pushes Robbo to the limit in his quest for answers. Mackenzie struggles with her uncertainty about Colby. Alex diagnoses Ben, and Maggie fears he no longer trusts her.

Tuesday 19th November
An overworked Colby struggles to save his relationship with Mackenzie. Is Dean’s past the key to helping Ben’s future? Bella wants revenge on Mackenzie.

Wednesday 20th November
Willow and Dean struggle to make a vengeful Bella see sense. Justin intervenes when Ava is caught between her parents separation. Alex helps a nervous Mason on his first day at the hospital.

Thursday 21st November
Justin and Leah take Ava camping with an ulterior motif. Blake offers Ryder an opportunity but he’s faced with a moral dilemma. Robbo uses his prisoner for leverage.

Friday 22nd November
Robbo comes face to face with his family’s killer. Jasmine puts her fears for Robbo aside when Tori goes into labour. Ryder refuses to help Blake, but Blake has a more sinister plan.