Quinn Jackson to Return to Summer Bay!

We can reveal a former guest character, and relative of two existing characters, is set to make a return to Summer Bay after two decades…

In news sure to excite long-term Home and Away fans, Back to the Bay can exclusively confirm from our own sources that Quinn Jackson—the illegitimate American daughter of Alf Stewart—will be returning to Summer Bay after 22 years.

Originally played by actress and singer Danielle Spencer for a three-week tenure back in 1995, we understand that Danielle declined the offer of another guest stint.

As a result the role has been recast, with actress Lara Cox stepping into her shoes.

Perhaps best known for her two year stint on Heartbreak High in the late 90s, Lara has had two guest roles on Home and Away before now—as Bianca Zeboat in 1999, and in 2007 as Nurse Marie Cashman, who was attacked by the hospital stalker.

Quinn was last seen during the closing weeks of 1995, when she came to town from Kansas, USA in order to track down her long-lost biological father. The result of a fling Alf had with an American lady, Mary Jackson, during the Vietnam war, Quinn was quick to find herself on the wrong side of Alf when he mistook her for a journalist sent to dig up dirt on a development he was involved in.

Whilst this initial hurdle was overcome when Alf realised the truth, Quinn was secretly harbouring bitter feelings towards the man she believed abandoned her mother. Whilst happy to keep up a pretence of playing happy families with Alf, she was determined to make him pay—and purposely leaked documents that she knew would destroy all public support for Alf’s development.

It was only after this betrayal that Quinn learnt that Alf was genuine, he had never known Mary was pregnant, and would have done the right thing by both her and Quinn if he had known.

But by this point the damage had been done, and a devastated Quinn could only attempt to apologise to Alf, who understandably didn’t want to hear it.

As Alf later realised he should give Quinn a second chance, she was already boarding a seaplane bound for the city with the intention of returning to America. Rushing down to the wharf just in time to see her plane take off, Alf has never seen his daughter again…. until now!

What exactly will bring Quinn back to Summer Bay after all this time? We’ll find out when Quinn’s return airs in November, a guest stint which we expect to last for approximately 4-6 weeks.

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Fun Facts

Quinn was last mentioned in 2005 at Alf’s 60th birthday, with then-Script Producer, Dan Bennett, confirming in his recent interview with us that there were no discussions at the time to bring Quinn back.

Quinn’s return will mark the first time that Roo has met her half-sister, and the first time that Alf will be seen on-screen with his two daughters together.

The current Associate Story Producer, Fiona Kelly was employed at Home and Away as a Script Assistant when Quinn’s storyline was developed, plotted and written.

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