Oz Preview – Love Triangle?

Episodes 66926695
Monday 10th to Thursday 13th July 2017 on Seven

Things look set to become rather awkward between Tori (Penny McNamee), Ash (George Mason) and Kat (Pia Miller) next week, as Ash turns to Tori for support following his heartbreaking split with Kat, not realising that she has the hots for him!

Ash and Kat’s relationship had been rocky for a while, with tension over Ash’s decision to take guardianship of his baby niece Luc, and Kat not really getting much choice in the matter. When Ash recently announced his intention to adopt Luc, it ended up being the last straw, and the couple realised they needed to go their separate ways.

Meanwhile, over the past few weeks, Tori has become aware of her growing feelings towards Ash as she looked after baby Luc’s medical needs, and confided to Leah (Ada Nicodemou) that she had been fantasising about him. Whilst she made it clear that she’d never act on her crush, Tori wasn’t banking on Ash and Kat splitting up only a week later…

“Tori has seen a different side to Ash—he’s paternal and sweet towards Luc” Penny McNamee explained to TV Week. “She’s also been hurt by Nate and wants to find someone who’s loving and caring, so she sees Ash as a potential suitor. But at this stage, it’s just a crush.”

When she spots Kat leaving the diner after an awkward conversation with her ex, Tori heads over to Ash to check he’s alright. The two have a long talk and begin to connect as they talk of Luc and their failed relationships. When Tori suggests Ash take some time out to spend time with his mates, he surprises her by inviting her to lunch at his place.

“She’s trying to keep her feet in the ground and not get too excited” Penny continued. “But at the same time, it would be hard for any girl to turn down an offer of lunch with a guy you have a crush on!

As they dine and polish off a bottle of red, Ash pays Tori a compliment by describing her as the perfect package, and for a moment a spark is ignited between them… before Tori quickly makes an excuse and leaves.

“Tori feels safe in Ash’s company because she doesn’t believe he has feelings for her—he’s still in love with Kat” said Penny. “So when there’s a heated moment between them, it catches her off-guard because perhaps her feelings are replicated. It terrifies her.”

Tori finds herself caught in the middle the next day, when Kat opens up to her about the split with Ash and admits she’s still in love with him. Feeling guilty, Tori heads over to Ash’s place to try and clear the air, where he apologises and insists he just sees her as a friend. Tori finds herself having to agree with him to hide her disappointment.

Pia Miller George Mason

But when Kat then arrives for a date with Ash, with the couple apparently keen to give things another shot, Tori’s left feeling hurt—where does she go from here, and could there be hope yet for Kat and Ash?

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