Oz Preview – Poisoned!

Episodes 66686671
Monday 29th May to Thursday 1st June 2017 on Seven

Brody Morgan’s (Jackson Heywood) battle with drugs takes a dangerous turn for his family this week, when his sister Tori (Penny McNamee) ends up collapsing after being poisoned.

After Brody’s dealer Zannis (Caleb Alloway) posed as Mason to collect Brody from Scarlett’s house, Zannis has been clear that Brody owes him a favour.

With Zannis now on the run after Justin’s tip-off led the police to witness him dealing drugs, Zannis decides that the time has come to call in the favour. But with Brody desperate to steer clear of the drug scene, he refuses to tow the line, which angers Zannis.

To show that he means business, Zannis then breaks into the Morgan house and poisons a jug of drinking water.

Meanwhile, Tori and Nate’s relationship issues are continuing after Nate (Kyle Pryor) turned down a job offer in the city in order to stay with Tori in Summer Bay, something that he didn’t think to talk over with Tori first.

Tori is frustrated he’s not communicating with her” Penny told TV Week. “But he can’t understand why she’s so upset at him after he made such a grand gesture. You can see both sides of their story.

After a talk with John, Nate decides it’s finally time to call it quits with Tori, and calls around to the house with the view of breaking things off with her. Sensing that things are about to get heavy, Tori pours out a glass of water for herself and takes a swig.

But before Nate can get to the matter in hand, Tori becomes queasy and finds herself struggling to breath. Suddenly, she collapses on the floor.

They never get to finish the conversation, because Tori is suddenly thrown into a life-or-death situation,” Penny continued. “But the emergency might shake Nate up a bit and make him realise how valuable their relationship is.

After Nate fills Brody in on what happened, Brody suspects Zannis’ involvement and races back to the house, only to find Zannis standing in his kitchen. Brody grabs him by the neck and warns him to stay away from his family, but with Zannis’ position on the matter now made clear, he suggests that Brody go along with his plan or his family may suffer the consequences…

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