Five cut H&A… again!

Five has made even more edits to the UK airing of Home and Away. At least 6 scenes were cut from last night’s episode, with possibly more to come.

Summer Ratings

The summer has begun in Australia, which means 2004’s official Ratings Period is over. Find out how Summerland, and Home and Away’s replacement, got on.

Season Finale 2004

TV WEEK has revealed some cryptic clues as to the goings on in this year’s Season Finale week – which climaxes in the Finale on Friday 26th November.

TV WEEK Spoilers

Prepare for a bumper week, next week in Australia’s number one soap-opera, Home & Away. From long-lost children, to matters of the heart and a sad farewell, it’s all happening in Summer Bay this week. Not only do we farewell one of the Bay’s favourite residents, but a mystery death is set to rock the … Continue reading TV WEEK Spoilers

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