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Hey people!

This day couldn't get any worse for me... I have my an assignment to hand in later on today and my printer isn't working, and that's just one thing that has gone wrong so far. :angry:

Ok...now to the matter...

Is anyone else having any difficulties signing into msn or accessing their hotmail accounts? Or even visiting the msn website? :unsure:

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Hello! How's everyone? :D

I've been having a really lazy Sunday. Yesterday was completely manic, so i've been chilling out today! Dancing on Ice is on a bit later, so i'll be enjoying that and before that starts, i'm going to have some toast and some salad because I feel a bit peckish :D.

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Hello... anyone up for a bit of a chat? :D

^^ Unlike you, bttb-rox! I've been having a really busy/hectic Sunday :lol: I was meant to go swimming with some girls from my class and we decided to walk and we got completely lost! And a fight broke out as well. Turned pretty nasty, but I stayed on the sidelines. I wasn't really comfortable with them at first tbh, but then it 'flowed' a little better between us, until the fight :P

And now I am really tired and I just want to go to bed and watch One Tree Hill...

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^ Lol, all thoughts of weekends being relaxing flew out of the window yesterday, but today has been nice and un-busy!

Oh, you guys got lost! Poor things! Sorry to hear about the fight. The best thing to do in that situation is to stay out of it, if you can. That way, you can go home and not feel guilty for saying things you shouldn't have said!

I'm off now to have some dinner and watch Dancing on Ice :D. Oh, Wild at Heart is on later aswell...that's my Sunday evening sorted! :lol: Have a nice evening, everyone...bye! xxx

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Last night did sooo not go my way

I pulled an allnighter for the first time in my 15 years becuase I wanted to watch the sun rising. and the bloody sun decided NOT to rise. On the night I actually decide to stay up!


I fell asleep at 6:30am.

And woke up at 8 and now I cant get back to sleep.

And I'm like dead now.

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