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  1. Just watched Skins, for my daily Jack O'Connell fix, and am about to watch Grey's.
  2. Rewatching Season 3 of One Tree Hill
  3. Hey hope you don't mind me posting lol.

    Just passing by so I decided to say hi. :) Lol I love One Tree Hill too!! Definitely one of my favourite TV shows.

    Oh and I read your comment from that support forum and hope you're doing ok, school life really sucks sometimes. :(

    Mira x

  4. Jayde

    Support Group

    I posted this at another forum... sorry about the typos in it and stuff Soo my school life basically sucks ass I dont have any friends my age AT ALL I have a few friends outside of school. They're 17, 18 and going on 20. Like theyre really awesome and everything but like... in school i have nobody and my bestiest friends ever ever ever i havent met yettt. in july and october we are but its so long and cause tehy live in england i'll only get to see them once orr twice a yearr but yeah. the problem with school is that people ignore me unless theyre making fun of me... and on thursday between exams i was for the first time in three eyars actually physically bullied and made fun of to my face... I was called all the names under the sun and the girl whacked me over the head so i called her a fcking cnt cause i was just so fed up with all the rumors, whisperes, laughing and then the making fun of to my face the side of my head was a bit blue and its still soree the problem is when i cald her a fcking cnt the counellor came by and gave out hell to me and told teh vice principal and i told her what ahppened and she was like oh sinead shes such a sweet girl now jade i really dont believe that now you know this blaming and name calling isnt tolerated here... and NOBODY believes me and im so fcking upset. im just not going to bne able to go back this september the thought of it makes me sick Im gonna move school after third year... i just finished second year... but its just so far away and i failed my business exam cause of it so imagine if it happens in my state exams next eyar. i dont think theres advice anyone can give, i just needed to get it out + Im really not confident. i'm shy, dont know how o act atround people because i know im being judged and i hate the way i look... my hair is disgusting and i just look a state I jsut ahte my life so much right now Sorry about typos, I'm using an odd keyboard :/
  5. Jayde


    It's a musical comedy drama that focuses on Glee Club which is a High School show choir. It sounds really cheesy and stereotypical but it really isn't! ^^ Beat me to it!
  6. Jayde


    Has anyone heard of the new show Glee? It's starting on Fox this Fall, and they released the Pilot two weeks ago. It's amazing!
  7. whyy its not like anyones gonna be snooping on ur comments KAT. Anyway wot the fook are you doin

  8. You shouldnt be writingthat on a public forum JADE.

  9. Wtf is it with woodlice in this house? its. so. irritating.

    ohh, that remix of the way we talk ;) sex sells and your sex celllssss xD

  10. Lise

    Happy Birthday Jayde! I LOVE your av. I miss Tam.

  11. Yeah but unlike you I aint on here evry day... and you havent ahd one in two months so... bleh to you.

  12. lol saddo you havent had a comment in over a year. sadder even, i remember typing that last comment a sif it were yesterday :P

  13. Pfft. Me not allowed read it Your exaggerating, Kat. Be back to edit this in a sec.... Back. Ooh yes, I advertised a fic earlier on, well, two. I think I'll post one soon. Stay tuned.
  14. Jayde

    Support Group

    Okay, well yesterday we got back from Florida to find me school report. It wasn't... great. My Mom says it's grand but I can tell she thinks I'm a stupid loser. She looks down on me now. Kat and everyone are telling me it's fine but... well... look for yourself. Business Studies - Higher Level - C2 - 60% - Jade is a helpful co-operative student who is a pleasure to teach. (Bit of a disappointment considering I got an A1 at Christmas.) CSPE - No Level - B2 - 72% - Jade is a helpful co-operative student who is a pleasure to teach. (It was just based on a class test. He asked weird questions.) English - No Level - C1 - 65% - Jade has worked well this term. (I was a bit disappointed, I thought I did really well on my story. But in my essays she always underlines my big words with a red pen and a question mark, something that really frustrates me. She did it to Kat too ) Geography - Higher Level - *cough* E - 34% - Steady and accurate revision is required, she needs to learn material thoroughly. (I don't really like rocks but... I thought I had done alright.) History - Higher Level - B1 - 82% - She has worked well this term. (Really pleased with this. My best grade, excluding art.) Home Economics - Higher level - D1 - 51% - She has the potential to improve this grade. (duh, i know that. I don't get your stupid crap. I'm so dropping it. Then I'll have a normal timetable. *I take Art too like an extra class*.) Irish - Higher level - F - 21% - Grammar, Spelling, and Written Expression are weak. She must correct and learn from past mistakes. (You b*tch! It's your fault! She knows I have severe dyslexia and didn't do Irish in National! It was her fault she never bothered to help and gave me detention because I didn't understand the f*cking homework!) Italian - Higher level - B2 - 75% - She is an enthusiastic and interested student. (Thank you. And the only reason I lost marks was I missed my Aural cos I was sick. the Aural was 15%... Ohh! I must have got 90% on my written! WOOHOO! I think...) Mathematics - Higher Level - B3 - 72% - Jade is a helpful co-operative student who is a pleasure to teach. PE - She does not participate fully in class. (Hmm... yeah, about that... *blinks innocently*) RE - Jade is a helpful co-operative student who is a pleasure to teach. (Yup. Although I forget most of the stuff we learnt...) Science - No level - D3 - 44 - Steady and accurate revision is required, she needs to learn material thoroughly. Oh, sod it. After typing this up, it's not that bad. But... it's not great. I don't know why I'm in here. I just... It's my mom. That's all. She's like not talking to me. I think I did quite well for someone who missed a lot of Primary due to travel and a lot of secondary due to sickness AND has learning disabilities. And it's not my fault I don't understand Irish. Of course not.
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