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Aaron.... Since your smart and all ( ) What is the name of Carrie's first album?

Gonna buy it...

Some Hearts. :D

Yay. Someone else watched it other than me. :P

Yeah, fergie's was great too! I love the song she sang. It's slow and no upbeat but she still pulls it off!!

And yeah, Josh i am interested. :)

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OK, what can I tell you about myself...

My name's Toby, I live in Western Victoria with my parents. I have a brother working as a chef in Vancouver, and a sister living in Melbourne. I'm 18 and I completed by VCE last year, and I'm deferring a course at the University of Ballarat until 2009. I work as a shop assistant at Video Ezy, where my archival knowledge of movies occasionally come in handy. My favourite subjects at school were English and Media Studies, although the one I did best at overall was Maths. My dream is to be a screenwriter.

I have an addictive personality, although my only vices are Coca-Cola, TV and occasional impulse buying (if you can call it that when I may take up to 20 minutes making a decision after the impulse). My favourite shows are HAA and Neighbours, Lost, 24, Prison Break, Friends, Heroes, Star Trek TNG and DS9. As a result of my addictive personality, though, I can get hooked on any TV show after only a couple of episodes.

My favourite singers include Neil Finn, Kelly Clarkson, Westlife, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Christina Aguilera. My favourite movies are the Star Wars series, Star Trek 2, 6 and 8, Die Hard, Speed, The Terminator trilogy, the X-Men trilogy and the Scream trilogy. My favourite actors are Harrison Ford and Kevin Spacey.

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Is anyone interested in talking to an 18 year old, Australian TV-addicted sci-fi geek with no social life beyond (ironically) this website?

I'm almost 25 yrs old and my life consists of work and relaxing.. So yeah. Hellos for all online atm. I'm officially bored atm!

Carmelle. 20 years old. Currently avoiding my essays and revision which will result in drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee the night before the deadline and several nights of cramming. I just can't seem to focus on work and am really bored. I'm a movie geek and proud. :D

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