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Erm i only know of Fergie performing, but i guess i'll see who else performs when i watch!

^ Aw lol

Yeah, I'm ok thanks, just really tired

My sister was up in the middle of the night being sick, so I didnt get much sleep

Aaron, what dvd's you watching? Anything remotely exciting?

Sister's eh? :P

Well might watch Season 7 of That's 70 Show as i still haven't seen them all. :P Plus, i recently got Saved By The Bell Seasons 1 & 2 so watched a few of them earlier. And of course there's One Tree Hill, but i don't have many of Season 3 left (only up to Season 3) so i may save them seeing as Season 4 isn't out until April. <_<

Also, might watch an ep of Lost only up to Season 1 :P (i know i seem to be a few series behind everyone else :lol:).

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I love Delta

Yadda. Yes I do.

and omfggggg. My friend might be coming to stay with me during work experienceeeee. I cant wait!!! :D

I've only met her once

Lol. I love her too. :D

That reminds me, she hasn't come to the uk yet i don't think. :unsure:

lol. How have you only met her once?

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