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  1. MarMar

    Support Group

    LOL. I was just worried and scared of being pushed back to square one.
  2. More than ok! I've had a very good day - got something confirmed which doesn't really make a difference, but proves I'm not a hypochondriac. You ok?
  3. I am very good! Any plans for the night?
  4. MarMar

    Support Group

    I'm back from the psychologist, and happy to announce that I'm not schizophrenic, I'm not imagining things and that I am now diagnosed. Finally.
  5. MarMar

    Support Group

    I find it weird that it's now, when I'm feeling better than I've done in years (no depression in sight) that I've actually made an appointment. And it's not for something I ever thought would concern me either. Funny how life turns out.
  6. MarMar

    Support Group

    Thank you. I'm just so worried... I might post again Monday night. If things go well
  7. MarMar

    Support Group

    I'm going to my first ever psych. appointment on Monday, and I'm really scared.
  8. Hei jeg lurte på om det gikk ann å få tillgang til norske episoder?

    Hvis det ikke går er det greit ;D

  9. MarMar

    Support Group

    I came out to a uni friend yesterday. Something along the lines of "since you asked - I've got AS. I'm not in the closet, but not out either, so for the sake of my privacy (although I'm not actively hiding it) I'd like for this not to be spread around " She was like "whoahhhh! You seem so outgoing!!one1!omg1!!" to which I replied, politely, that I at school because that's how "you should be", indicating, but not mentioning the exhaustion after a day at school where I have to socialize and stuff. Also explained why it's harder for women (adults in general) to get a diagnosis, etc. She also apologized for calling the professor autistic and hope she didn't offend me. I told her the truth - that I can see many symptoms in him as well, so I figured he is autistic. I think it went well! The only thing now is that I'm anxious about going to lecture tomorrow and knowing that she'll be there. I kinda obsess about how to talk face-to-face about it.
  10. MarMar

    Support Group

    I think Emmasi summed it all up - It' gonna be great!
  11. MarMar

    Support Group

    Thanks for the support. I've actually managed to book an appointment for Tuesday morning, so... fingers crossed.
  12. MarMar

    Support Group

    Thanks. The only reason I'm considering going to the doctor's office today after uni to book an appointment is that I don't have /time/ to be in a dark room whenever I'm in pain. I don't like to take pills, but it's better than failing my classes.
  13. MarMar

    Support Group

    I need a pep-talk. I was diagnosed with migraine when I was 12 or so, but we (my mom and I) opted against medicine as it wasn't all that often and we thought it was better for me to just stay home and sleep it off. I have been migraine-free for a few years, albeit not aura-free, so I guess you can say that I've been having pain-free migraines. But lately I've been having more pain that usual, with light sensitivity and all that jazz. I'm also fairly active; 4 courses at uni instead of one, lectures 5 days a week, the paper and flying back and from to Copenhagen to be with my husband whenever I can. So... Something has to be done. I found a pill based on NSAIDs when we were on England last summer which helps both with normal headaches as well as migraines. I brought one packet with me back, and later ordered one from a UK online-pharmacy. I ordered 3 new packs last weekend as the pain has increased, I'm back at uni and I can't have any days off. It was stopped in customs yesterday and there's no new update. I'm not afraid I won't get the pills - I'm not sure if I'm really allowed to import them, even though they are over-the-counter-drugs. I mean, one packet went through without any problems, but three might be pushing my luck. Now, I had to stay home today due to pain and slept most of the day away. I got up around noon and made my 4pm lecture, although I feeling kinda icky. I'm thinking I should just pull myself together and book a doctor's appointment tomorrow. The problem is that I'm very afraid of doctors and am scared I'll be laughed at...
  14. Who says we haven't...?
  15. I can't even remember when I was last in here...
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