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    The Crüxshadows, books, painting, sending warnings, reading, draawing, nerding, fake hair, goth, sub cultures, found photos, found items, banning members, post secret, grammar, dictionaries, lingustics.

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  1. More than ok! I've had a very good day - got something confirmed which doesn't really make a difference, but proves I'm not a hypochondriac. You ok?
  2. I am very good! Any plans for the night?
  3. Hei jeg lurte på om det gikk ann å få tillgang til norske episoder?

    Hvis det ikke går er det greit ;D

  4. I can't even remember when I was last in here...
  5. Have you tried uploading it to a site like Photobucket.com or imageshack.us? I've found, in the past, that th board doesn't always like it when you try to upload directly from your computer.
  6. No, they do not, and neither does the moderators, contributors or librarians.
  7. As far as I know - no, you have to tick the box.
  8. I'm not unsure about anything, but for the last week or so the board has been very, very slow. I'm on a 10MB line and have no problem with any other sites I'm on... and it takes 30 or so seconds to load each page. Anyone else having problems?
  9. Yeah... Taking it easy is good once in a while
  10. We bought tickets online for "Ensemble, c'est tout", starting in 45 minutes. Any plans for the night?
  11. Around for a little while longer. Going to the movies soon.
  12. Very good for the both of us, but seeing him once a month will be hard. We'll survive it, though, we've been through hard times before.
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