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  1. Just watched Skins, for my daily Jack O'Connell fix, and am about to watch Grey's.
  2. Rewatching Season 3 of One Tree Hill
  3. Jayde


    It's a musical comedy drama that focuses on Glee Club which is a High School show choir. It sounds really cheesy and stereotypical but it really isn't! ^^ Beat me to it!
  4. Jayde


    Has anyone heard of the new show Glee? It's starting on Fox this Fall, and they released the Pilot two weeks ago. It's amazing!
  5. whyy its not like anyones gonna be snooping on ur comments KAT. Anyway wot the fook are you doin

  6. Wtf is it with woodlice in this house? its. so. irritating.

    ohh, that remix of the way we talk ;) sex sells and your sex celllssss xD

  7. Yeah but unlike you I aint on here evry day... and you havent ahd one in two months so... bleh to you.

  8. Pfft. Me not allowed read it Your exaggerating, Kat. Be back to edit this in a sec.... Back. Ooh yes, I advertised a fic earlier on, well, two. I think I'll post one soon. Stay tuned.
  9. ^^ That sounds really good, Pengzilla! I like soppy fics, no matter what pairing. And although I'm not a JM fan, I always enjoy JM (soppy or not) fics.
  10. I love this Av. Did you use a texture on it? It looks nice and grainy.
  11. ^^ That sounds good! I'll be reading
  12. I've just been looking through your thread... Your artwork is amazing, truly stunning. Would you mind if I used one? I'll credit and all the rest, of course.
  13. Well, I'm glad there's someone who will read a fic involving Aden/Belle. If I decide to go through with it, I should have the first Chapter up by Friday... It may not be so good though. Like I said, I'm more used to Scripts.
  14. This looks good! I hope you decide to post it. I've written numerous Stories - mostly in Script format, though, as I'd love to go into TV and film Production after School - but I haven't attempted an actual HAA Fic yet. I've had one in my head, well two, but I'm not so sure about them. Well, would anyone read them if I decided to post? Title: Day After Today Type of Story: Medium/Long Fic. Main Characters: Sam, Jack, Martha - No triangles, just a slightly less annoying version of the JM storyline. Rating: T Spoilers?: I don't know, depends what has aired in the UK by the time I've written up to , that's if I have the heart to go through with it. Warnings: VD, L. Not too much SC. AU. Summary: Sam only ever wanted one thing - freedom. And now she finally has it, she can't control herself. Her old life keeps coming back to her just when she's started a new one with Rory, her twin daughters Anna and Louisa, and her husband Jack. But when she finds out Jack was having an affair with his Ex-Wife, Anna and Rory witnessing the whole thing, her world spirals out of control. After a messy annulment, Jack continues to see Martha, and Sam gets sucked into a nasty deal, leaving her life shattered. When Jack petitions for custody of Anna and Louisa, and Rory decides he'd rather live with Jack, what will Sam be left with? Is it worth living on? and there was another one - little more light-hearted, but still has a Storyline Title: Wish You Were Type of Story: Medium to long Main Characters: Aden, Belle, Matilda, Geoff, Lucas Rating: T Spoilers?: I don't know yet. Warnings: VD L SC. Pairings: Aden/Belle, Geoff/Matilda, Matilda/Lucas also. Geoff crushing on Belle a little. Won't say who will be endgame though. Summary: We find ourselves at the beginning of year twelve. Belle, Aden, Geoff, Lucas and Matilda all can't wait to get their HSC over with. They don't think much is going to happen between the space of a) learning the material and b) doing the exams. The main goal is simply to pass, right? But in unlikely moments and events, life passes them by, and while Mattie, Geoff and Lucas are fretting over Tests, School and nasty Examiners, Aden and Belle are getting up to something much more... 'fun'.
  15. Anyone willing to write a Jack/Sam Fic? I'm in desperate need of one
  16. Hello... anyone up for a bit of a chat? ^^ Unlike you, bttb-rox! I've been having a really busy/hectic Sunday I was meant to go swimming with some girls from my class and we decided to walk and we got completely lost! And a fight broke out as well. Turned pretty nasty, but I stayed on the sidelines. I wasn't really comfortable with them at first tbh, but then it 'flowed' a little better between us, until the fight And now I am really tired and I just want to go to bed and watch One Tree Hill...
  17. For some un-known reason, it's quite nice here...
  18. I had Rice with a variety of little sea foods mixed up in it, and then some apples and grapes in a bowl for dessert and feeling a tiny bit better after that junk/chocolate-free day (except for a tiny snack bar in my lunchbox)
  19. Proof Reading Form Title of Story: Not so sure yet Type of Story: It should be medium/long, I have the plot in mind but it's still developing, I have the basic idea though. The Story's rating: Probably just T/T+ Main Characters: It's a JM Fic, but it includes lots of others, so don't worry. I'd say it has a bit of everybody. Does it contain spoilers: No major spoilers, little pinpricks maybe... What type of proof reader would you like: I'd like a combination, someone who could help me with SPAG etc. but also someone who'll help me with ideas and improve my writing and edit the chapters a little. basically I write the general gist of it and the PR can butcher it how they like! Sounds really fun to me!
  20. Two comments. Yay! :P

  21. Häagen-Dazs That sucks that you can't have Ben and Jerry's. A day doesn't go by where I don't have at least one bowel, which I know isn't very good for me, but when Kat especially buys Cookie Dough from Spar with her Tips you can't say no
  22. ^^ Ohh My favorite! Craving -- Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough (The biggest comfort for any 13 year old girl!) Having -- Coffee (The best substitute for Cookie Dough a 13 year old girl could find in her house!)
  23. Wow, these are great! I especially love the third, sixth, and eighth, the cropping is spot on!
  24. Cloudy, coldish. It'll be lashing later, I'm sure of it
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