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  1. Just watched Skins, for my daily Jack O'Connell fix, and am about to watch Grey's.
  2. Rewatching Season 3 of One Tree Hill
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    Support Group

    I posted this at another forum... sorry about the typos in it and stuff Soo my school life basically sucks ass I dont have any friends my age AT ALL I have a few friends outside of school. They're 17, 18 and going on 20. Like theyre really awesome and everything but like... in school i have nobody and my bestiest friends ever ever ever i havent met yettt. in july and october we are but its so long and cause tehy live in england i'll only get to see them once orr twice a yearr but yeah. the problem with school is that people ignore me unless theyre making fun of me... and on thursday between exams i was for the first time in three eyars actually physically bullied and made fun of to my face... I was called all the names under the sun and the girl whacked me over the head so i called her a fcking cnt cause i was just so fed up with all the rumors, whisperes, laughing and then the making fun of to my face the side of my head was a bit blue and its still soree the problem is when i cald her a fcking cnt the counellor came by and gave out hell to me and told teh vice principal and i told her what ahppened and she was like oh sinead shes such a sweet girl now jade i really dont believe that now you know this blaming and name calling isnt tolerated here... and NOBODY believes me and im so fcking upset. im just not going to bne able to go back this september the thought of it makes me sick Im gonna move school after third year... i just finished second year... but its just so far away and i failed my business exam cause of it so imagine if it happens in my state exams next eyar. i dont think theres advice anyone can give, i just needed to get it out + Im really not confident. i'm shy, dont know how o act atround people because i know im being judged and i hate the way i look... my hair is disgusting and i just look a state I jsut ahte my life so much right now Sorry about typos, I'm using an odd keyboard :/
  4. Jayde


    It's a musical comedy drama that focuses on Glee Club which is a High School show choir. It sounds really cheesy and stereotypical but it really isn't! ^^ Beat me to it!
  5. Jayde


    Has anyone heard of the new show Glee? It's starting on Fox this Fall, and they released the Pilot two weeks ago. It's amazing!
  6. whyy its not like anyones gonna be snooping on ur comments KAT. Anyway wot the fook are you doin

  7. Wtf is it with woodlice in this house? its. so. irritating.

    ohh, that remix of the way we talk ;) sex sells and your sex celllssss xD

  8. Yeah but unlike you I aint on here evry day... and you havent ahd one in two months so... bleh to you.

  9. Pfft. Me not allowed read it Your exaggerating, Kat. Be back to edit this in a sec.... Back. Ooh yes, I advertised a fic earlier on, well, two. I think I'll post one soon. Stay tuned.
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    Support Group

    Okay, well yesterday we got back from Florida to find me school report. It wasn't... great. My Mom says it's grand but I can tell she thinks I'm a stupid loser. She looks down on me now. Kat and everyone are telling me it's fine but... well... look for yourself. Business Studies - Higher Level - C2 - 60% - Jade is a helpful co-operative student who is a pleasure to teach. (Bit of a disappointment considering I got an A1 at Christmas.) CSPE - No Level - B2 - 72% - Jade is a helpful co-operative student who is a pleasure to teach. (It was just based on a class test. He asked weird questions.) English - No Level - C1 - 65% - Jade has worked well this term. (I was a bit disappointed, I thought I did really well on my story. But in my essays she always underlines my big words with a red pen and a question mark, something that really frustrates me. She did it to Kat too ) Geography - Higher Level - *cough* E - 34% - Steady and accurate revision is required, she needs to learn material thoroughly. (I don't really like rocks but... I thought I had done alright.) History - Higher Level - B1 - 82% - She has worked well this term. (Really pleased with this. My best grade, excluding art.) Home Economics - Higher level - D1 - 51% - She has the potential to improve this grade. (duh, i know that. I don't get your stupid crap. I'm so dropping it. Then I'll have a normal timetable. *I take Art too like an extra class*.) Irish - Higher level - F - 21% - Grammar, Spelling, and Written Expression are weak. She must correct and learn from past mistakes. (You b*tch! It's your fault! She knows I have severe dyslexia and didn't do Irish in National! It was her fault she never bothered to help and gave me detention because I didn't understand the f*cking homework!) Italian - Higher level - B2 - 75% - She is an enthusiastic and interested student. (Thank you. And the only reason I lost marks was I missed my Aural cos I was sick. the Aural was 15%... Ohh! I must have got 90% on my written! WOOHOO! I think...) Mathematics - Higher Level - B3 - 72% - Jade is a helpful co-operative student who is a pleasure to teach. PE - She does not participate fully in class. (Hmm... yeah, about that... *blinks innocently*) RE - Jade is a helpful co-operative student who is a pleasure to teach. (Yup. Although I forget most of the stuff we learnt...) Science - No level - D3 - 44 - Steady and accurate revision is required, she needs to learn material thoroughly. Oh, sod it. After typing this up, it's not that bad. But... it's not great. I don't know why I'm in here. I just... It's my mom. That's all. She's like not talking to me. I think I did quite well for someone who missed a lot of Primary due to travel and a lot of secondary due to sickness AND has learning disabilities. And it's not my fault I don't understand Irish. Of course not.
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    Support Group

    In fact, screw my previous post, and all the oethrs. It doesn't matter. There's no point. It's just stupid 13-year old drama. I can't believe I've wasted peoples time on them. You don't need friends in life. You don't have to be happy.
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    Support Group

    Thanks to the people who replied, I'm really sorry about posting in here about it. I know it's just your typical friends stuff and you get over it eventually. That's what I'm told, anyway, it doesn't feel like it though. rising-flame Thanks, I don't think I've been too brave, it doesn't really feel like I've done much, I doubt she's read it because after what I wrote she wouldn't be so 'Oh Jade hiii', I mean, maybe she felt sorry for me or something. She isn't a really nice person, no, but you should hear what everyone else says about her. (read below for the update). People worthy of being friends there are, but I still don't feel I can talk to them about it, they either stay silent or say 'No, I think Emma's really nice'. They all seem to have a girl crush on her. Cal Yeah, funny you should say that, she knows exactly how hard life can get. Emma to me in PE today "Oh my god, my toe is so sore." Such a traumatic experience, Em, I'm so sorry for you, your life must be a living hell because you banged your f*cking toe. Okay, I'm joking, basically last year her sisters best friend died and so did her granddad. Your probably reading this and thinking that's why she's behaving like it, but no. It's only me she's dissing and bitching about. No one else. This is a really small thing, but she scribbled my name off her pencil case and replaced it with someone else's. It just seemed so final. Sad thing is I still feel the urge to be friends with the group because I'm more noticed. I'm not an attention seeker, but I'd like these other people to get to know me (that being the real me) because I think we seem to have a lot in common and I think I'm missing out on a friendship with some of the others because of Emma. But like you say, come second or third year (Yep, I'm only a sad little first year. Lol) they'll hate each other. Even Emma hates Caoimhe already because she's "annoying". God, Civa just wants to be friends and Emma's pushing her away. No wonder she's just trying to hold on. I just realized me and her have so much in common. We'd be better friends if there wasn't the frizzy red head Emma. Actually, it seems Caoimhe tries to talk to me and remembers what happened between me and Em, it's like she told her not to talk to me. Sooo, today. Well, it's not like Emma's mean to me, she talks to me sometimes. And if I ignore her it looks mean of me to the other people around, so I talk. It feels better to just talk casually rather than to be friends. It's not like I could ever get the bus with her, sit beside her, or go out with her/them ever again but... talk. Talk is fine. I'm sometimes worried about saying too much though, how much can you talk to people who aren't your friends about? Will Emma's sore toe be the subject of all our future conversations? Maybe even mine. It's so black, and sore. But that's a) slightly gross and b) it doesn't even matter. Lol. Unless we're talking about sore toes. Eurgh, where was I? Yes,. today. I'm quite good friends with this girl, Kate and there's these other girls I'm kinda friendly with who are Kate's friends so that's a friend-of-a-friend thing. And there's Aimee and Ellen. Kate - Really nice person, always says sorry. I always say it's grand. It works well. Kate's Friends - Well, Grace is Emma's friend, so she doesn't really talk to me... Sarah used to talk to me but now she's gone off a bit, probably because I was a bit annoyed because I told her about Emma and she went and told her straight away. The others: I think Emma's really nice.... Aimee and Ellen - Best friends, the two of them. Amy = really nice but a bit of an airhead. Ellen = used to kinda bully me slightly, but she turned out okay. and there's Laura: Emma's REALLY nice. But otherwise Laura is grand. She hates her sister sooo much though. Can totally understand her, I hate mine too. Our Home Economics teacher went to design the set for Stars in Your Eyes tonight in our school, so we came with her to the canteen. I was with Kate and Laura, the subject went to Emma, Laura starts her Emma's really nice I love Emma thing... And when I go on about what she did to me she just looked skeptically and didn't believe a word. I couldn't stand it so I just told them I was going AWOL for a second. Eurgh. Anyway, I'm not looking for support, but replies to this massive post are welcome. And I really need tips on how to handle the last TWO WEEKS OF SCHOOL. And I have a few things to look forward to - Monday, School Trip. Looks crap, but it'll be fun on the bus. I have One Tree Hill on my Ipod and it's a three hour drive. A good excuse to watch it. - Thursday, We get off at 2:10, Maths and Science. Okay, I love both, but still, two classes off? Awesome. - Summer Exams. I know, nobody looks forward to exams, but our Timetable went up today, I have the Wednesday off (ie no exams) which means lie in day, and SE means Summer Holidays! Start on Friday the 23rd, finishes the next week. 1 and a half hour exams and an hour break between each, two a day unless you don't have a certain subject. - On the School tour we're going to a Planetarium in Armagh (http://www.armaghplanet.com/) and then Ice skating in Dundalk (http://www.dundalkicedome.com/) and the tutors are coming with us as well as our year head (who is the happiest person alive). Ms. McCraith skating
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    Support Group

    ^^ Yeah, I know I should tell her how I feel, problem is I tried but I couldn't come up with any words once we were face to face and it came out all wrong, I just couldn't explain it, and she kept going 'Jade, I never said that, I wouldn't ever' and then she has Louise with her - so, it doesn't work. I just end up messing it up even more.
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    Support Group

    Uhh, okay. This might sound... a bit stupid. Feel free to ignore this post, because it's not nearly as important as any other issues, and I kind of feel selfish posting it in here... On Thursday last week, we got off a class early. I was walking out of school behind my friends, who were sort of walking away from me, and when I caught up we got out to the place where the coaches parked. Only one was there, so we go up and ask the driver if the Portmarnock Coach is coming. He said it wasn't coming till half three, but it was five to three then. I sighed because I thought we'd have to wait all that time. We walk down the road and the main girl in the group said we should get the 102, so she and the two others cross the road. I follow and almost get hit by a bloody car, only to see the double decker was coming around the corner. They thought they were too good for the double decker, apparently ("I'm not getting that manky old bus, it's always packed and I'm not sitting beside some stranger who probably has bad breath!" was what she said.) so they went on to get the 102. I tried to follow them and the main girl in the group goes to me "No, Jade, you get Paddy's Bus. We don't want you to come with us." I mean, is it stupid to have been really, and still be, upset about it? Anyway, Friday, nothing much happened, except she kept going at me "What the hell Jade why did you make up that lie I never said that!!!! I swear I'd never say tha!!!" and on and on and on. I told her not to swear on anything valuable, for her sake. That seemed to **** her off anyway. On Monday before class in maths (Ms. Walsh is always late), I turned around to her and was like "Look, I accept I might have heard things wrong." I only said that to break the ice between us, really. She said that she didn't appreciate my joke the other day. I was like, err, okay, if you don't want to accept my apology, then fine, and I was like I know what you said. And then everyone around us started saying "She never did... Emma would never say something like that... You may say it but no one believes you Jade..." the last comment hurt me. Anyway, the rest of the day - lets just say I was upset and you could definitely notice it. Aaaaanyway, I didn't go in on Tuesady because i was too upset to face them all. I left her a MSN message while she was offline and I hope she reads/read it. She should know what I have to say to her. i no ur offline wile im ritin tis so it makes it easier to say. I'm not going to try anymore. I know what you said. and i'm sticking to the truth, i'm not letting you get into my head and change my mind. I dont know what happened to you, emma, but you changed. you started being a bitch towards me. I dont know what i did. but i've been trying to stay friends with you for months now because i had the desire to be accepted. i dont have any friends now but i dont care. no friends is better than being treated like crap by someone who claims to be your friend the incident at the bus really hurt me and i don't think i could stand it happening again. when i come in tomorrow i cant face you so i expect you to just leave me alone for once, i cant take your what the hell is wrong jade and your a liar jade. you can turn others against me, infact you already have. there wasnt any point, everyone thought i was a fat liar bitch long before this happened between us. i no you hate me emma. the feeling however is not mutual. I don't hate you - but I think if I stayed friends with you and you did that to me again i would. it helped to get this off my chest. but if you continue to say mean stuff like that i'll take it to ms campbell, i'm not standing for it anymore. i no you have veryone on your side. you told louise and civa to stick to your story, i heard you. you convinced everyone in the class i was wrong. you basically ruined any chance I had of ever fitting in. tbh, i'm better off without them tho. bye. what happened to you? Sorry about this, I'm just so upset about it.
  15. ^^ That sounds really good, Pengzilla! I like soppy fics, no matter what pairing. And although I'm not a JM fan, I always enjoy JM (soppy or not) fics.
  16. I love this Av. Did you use a texture on it? It looks nice and grainy.
  17. ^^ That sounds good! I'll be reading
  18. I've just been looking through your thread... Your artwork is amazing, truly stunning. Would you mind if I used one? I'll credit and all the rest, of course.
  19. Well, I'm glad there's someone who will read a fic involving Aden/Belle. If I decide to go through with it, I should have the first Chapter up by Friday... It may not be so good though. Like I said, I'm more used to Scripts.
  20. This looks good! I hope you decide to post it. I've written numerous Stories - mostly in Script format, though, as I'd love to go into TV and film Production after School - but I haven't attempted an actual HAA Fic yet. I've had one in my head, well two, but I'm not so sure about them. Well, would anyone read them if I decided to post? Title: Day After Today Type of Story: Medium/Long Fic. Main Characters: Sam, Jack, Martha - No triangles, just a slightly less annoying version of the JM storyline. Rating: T Spoilers?: I don't know, depends what has aired in the UK by the time I've written up to , that's if I have the heart to go through with it. Warnings: VD, L. Not too much SC. AU. Summary: Sam only ever wanted one thing - freedom. And now she finally has it, she can't control herself. Her old life keeps coming back to her just when she's started a new one with Rory, her twin daughters Anna and Louisa, and her husband Jack. But when she finds out Jack was having an affair with his Ex-Wife, Anna and Rory witnessing the whole thing, her world spirals out of control. After a messy annulment, Jack continues to see Martha, and Sam gets sucked into a nasty deal, leaving her life shattered. When Jack petitions for custody of Anna and Louisa, and Rory decides he'd rather live with Jack, what will Sam be left with? Is it worth living on? and there was another one - little more light-hearted, but still has a Storyline Title: Wish You Were Type of Story: Medium to long Main Characters: Aden, Belle, Matilda, Geoff, Lucas Rating: T Spoilers?: I don't know yet. Warnings: VD L SC. Pairings: Aden/Belle, Geoff/Matilda, Matilda/Lucas also. Geoff crushing on Belle a little. Won't say who will be endgame though. Summary: We find ourselves at the beginning of year twelve. Belle, Aden, Geoff, Lucas and Matilda all can't wait to get their HSC over with. They don't think much is going to happen between the space of a) learning the material and b) doing the exams. The main goal is simply to pass, right? But in unlikely moments and events, life passes them by, and while Mattie, Geoff and Lucas are fretting over Tests, School and nasty Examiners, Aden and Belle are getting up to something much more... 'fun'.
  21. Anyone willing to write a Jack/Sam Fic? I'm in desperate need of one
  22. Hello... anyone up for a bit of a chat? ^^ Unlike you, bttb-rox! I've been having a really busy/hectic Sunday I was meant to go swimming with some girls from my class and we decided to walk and we got completely lost! And a fight broke out as well. Turned pretty nasty, but I stayed on the sidelines. I wasn't really comfortable with them at first tbh, but then it 'flowed' a little better between us, until the fight And now I am really tired and I just want to go to bed and watch One Tree Hill...
  23. For some un-known reason, it's quite nice here...
  24. I had Rice with a variety of little sea foods mixed up in it, and then some apples and grapes in a bowl for dessert and feeling a tiny bit better after that junk/chocolate-free day (except for a tiny snack bar in my lunchbox)
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