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    Spending time with my family and friends - they're wonderful and I love them to death. <br /><br />Home and Away - it's my favourite TV show of all time. I absolutely love it. It's also the reason I found Back to the Bay, so it'll always hold special memories for me. <br /><br />Australia - the people, the culture, the diversity, the incredible places, that wonderful spread known as vegemite....I love it all! I can talk about the country all day, which is probably why you shouldn't get me started on it! It's an amazing place that I hope to live in in the future. <br /><br />Animals - I've always had a big passion for them. If it's to do with animals, I'm interested! <br /><br />Writing, reading, music, singing, sport, TV/Films, photography - these are all big hobbies of mine and I'm not going to write a paragraph on each of them because I may very well run over the page!

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  1. Hello everyone, I'm just back to say hellooo...some of you might remember me but probably quite a few who won't, as there seems to be thousands of newbies since I was around here, which is great to see! I'm bttb-rox, or Lauren, and I was last on here in 2009 serving as a Mod. I left the forum as I was so busy at the time with other projects and felt it would be best to leave while the going was good! So much has changed...the biggest change is that I'm now married (less than 2 months ago) and I now live in Cornwall (used to be Essex)! Those of you who knew me back in the day knew that my aim was to move to Aus. Well, while me and my lovely husband John would both love to visit one day, we are very happy living in Cornwall and I've found my home here in the beautiful South West, so things turned out very differently but happily different . I'm now self-employed & in the early stages of setting up my own business as an IT tutor, delivering computer lessons in the local area. I did study hairdressing at college in the end & worked in a salon for a while but moved to Cornwall and found it difficult to secure work in the trade here, so decided to take this route, which I'm very excited and passionate about. And next week my brother moves to Cornwall as he has found work here & has seen how well things have gone here for me, so I'm over the moon to have him on his way to Kernow ;). Home&Away wise, I'm not really keeping up with the show anymore sadly as it's gone downhill in the last couple of yrs and nearly all my favourites are now gone, but I do dip in and out of episodes as I probably always will and like to keep up to date with how the show's doing and the cast. I don't think I'll ever be able to separate myself fully . So anyway, it's great to see the forum thriving and I hope all my old forum buddies are keeping really well! It is a 'hello and goodbye' so I won't be sticking around but I may well stick my head in to see how things are going, as there are still a few I remember from all those years ago now xxx
  2. Hey thanks I really liked your script too. All the entries were really good, I had no idea the competition would be so tough! I hope you win it next year, you're very deserving! =]

  3. Hi, I'm Lauren. Congratulations on winning the script comp! Your entry was excellent. Well done! :)

  4. Hey congratz on the scriptwriting comp!! :) Loved your fic, you're a really good writer! :D

  5. lol yeah, less then a month till I can learn to drive. :P

    I've always wondered what it would be like to get homeschooled, it sounds pretty fun though! I've just had two tests on the worst subjects today, and there's another one on Monday so I'm real happy it's the weekends! lol I really need a break from school!

    just wondering, do you have msn?

  6. Yeah, going by your date of birth you're just over a month older than me. Oh well, I don't mind! lol I'm actually taught at home and I love it! I have been to school but I'm being educated at home now. I get on really well with it. It's obviously quite different to being in a school environment but it works for me :). How are you getting on?

  7. haha yeah there is MAJOR sporting rivalry! and the list goes on. :D

    lol that's really cool! it's pretty awesome meeting someone on here around my age. :) how's school treating ya?

  8. I've heard of the sporting rivalry betwen Aus and NZ...hopefully that's all it is! Yeah, I'm in Year 10 - same age as you :D x

  9. yeah, same! :) that's really awesome coz most people over here in NZ despise Australia.

    anyways so are you still at school??

  10. Hi Mira! Thanks for leaving me a comment :D. Great to meet someone who also loves Australia! Feel free to call me Lauren x

  11. hey

    hope you don't mind me posting on here so yeah. :) hehe I love Australia too. maybe I shouldn't get you started but Australia is amaazing. :D

  12. Lighthouse Family - Wish Everyone should have the privilege of listening to this song. It's goosebump material, people!
  13. June issue of Australia & New Zealand magazine, a pair of silver hoop earrings from New Look and a pack of Milky Buttons.
  14. I really like Claudia. I loved her initial enthusiam for nailing down the farm hand job. You could tell as soon as she saw Martha that she wasn't going to back down. "Morning!"
  15. Yet another glorious day yesterday and it looks set to be another warm and sunny one today .
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