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  1. Hello everyone, I'm just back to say hellooo...some of you might remember me but probably quite a few who won't, as there seems to be thousands of newbies since I was around here, which is great to see! I'm bttb-rox, or Lauren, and I was last on here in 2009 serving as a Mod. I left the forum as I was so busy at the time with other projects and felt it would be best to leave while the going was good! So much has changed...the biggest change is that I'm now married (less than 2 months ago) and I now live in Cornwall (used to be Essex)! Those of you who knew me back in the day knew that my aim was to move to Aus. Well, while me and my lovely husband John would both love to visit one day, we are very happy living in Cornwall and I've found my home here in the beautiful South West, so things turned out very differently but happily different . I'm now self-employed & in the early stages of setting up my own business as an IT tutor, delivering computer lessons in the local area. I did study hairdressing at college in the end & worked in a salon for a while but moved to Cornwall and found it difficult to secure work in the trade here, so decided to take this route, which I'm very excited and passionate about. And next week my brother moves to Cornwall as he has found work here & has seen how well things have gone here for me, so I'm over the moon to have him on his way to Kernow ;). Home&Away wise, I'm not really keeping up with the show anymore sadly as it's gone downhill in the last couple of yrs and nearly all my favourites are now gone, but I do dip in and out of episodes as I probably always will and like to keep up to date with how the show's doing and the cast. I don't think I'll ever be able to separate myself fully . So anyway, it's great to see the forum thriving and I hope all my old forum buddies are keeping really well! It is a 'hello and goodbye' so I won't be sticking around but I may well stick my head in to see how things are going, as there are still a few I remember from all those years ago now xxx
  2. Hi, I'm Lauren. Congratulations on winning the script comp! Your entry was excellent. Well done! :)

  3. Yeah, going by your date of birth you're just over a month older than me. Oh well, I don't mind! lol I'm actually taught at home and I love it! I have been to school but I'm being educated at home now. I get on really well with it. It's obviously quite different to being in a school environment but it works for me :). How are you getting on?

  4. I've heard of the sporting rivalry betwen Aus and NZ...hopefully that's all it is! Yeah, I'm in Year 10 - same age as you :D x

  5. Hi Mira! Thanks for leaving me a comment :D. Great to meet someone who also loves Australia! Feel free to call me Lauren x

  6. Lighthouse Family - Wish Everyone should have the privilege of listening to this song. It's goosebump material, people!
  7. June issue of Australia & New Zealand magazine, a pair of silver hoop earrings from New Look and a pack of Milky Buttons.
  8. I really like Claudia. I loved her initial enthusiam for nailing down the farm hand job. You could tell as soon as she saw Martha that she wasn't going to back down. "Morning!"
  9. Yet another glorious day yesterday and it looks set to be another warm and sunny one today .
  10. We've had beautiful weather all week in the south east. The weekend was also very pleasant but it's definitely gotten warmer during the week. It's been reaching the early 20s every day, which has been fantastic. It's great to see people getting into the spirit by playing sports or firing up their barbeque and having friends around. I know it's a well known fact that us Brits moan about the weather all the time but you realize just how grey it is when you get weather like we've had this week! I hope everyone else is enjoying the hot weather as much as I am .
  11. It's snowing again! I was told it wasn't going to settle but it is, er, settling...
  12. It's freezing but the majority of the snow and ice has gone, which is good. The risk of falling over and doing serious injury was very high yesterday. The fact that I saw more ambulances than I had seen in months probably had something to do with that. The weather in Chelmsford yesterday was ridiculous as well. It was so cold and wet that I gave up caring in the end because I felt so out of it. There's a severe flood warning in place for the River Chelmer and I can quite believe it - I was practically swimming over the bridge in the town centre. Very dangerous indeed.
  13. It snowed here (south east England) for most of yesterday . It's incredibly thick outside, though it's stopped falling for the time being.
  14. Thick snow here and the forecasts are saying there's more heavy fall on the way today. I adore the snow but it's dangerous stuff, so I hope everyone takes care out and about and on the roads if there's snow where you are .
  15. I'm sorry to hear some of you are struggling with the heatwave . I can't imagine what some of those temperatures must feel like, but I'm thinking of you all!
  16. Monica Bragato - I'll Be Loving You
  17. That song is 'Comfort You' by Eskimo Joe .
  18. Oh, I really like that idea. In a dream world that would be the kind of job I'd like to see her put her talents to use in. I don't think by having a job like that everything would have to revolve around it. Look at Rachel. She's a doctor, we see her working at the hospital often and yet I don't think many would say we see her do nothing but work at the hospital. If that balance could be recreated with Belle, I think we could see some fascinating stories unfold.
  19. I'd be interested to learn more about Belle's background too. Those years that we didn't see shape a person's life so much and have a big impact on how they view themselves, view the world and treat others. That's why I always appreciate the snippets we get on a character's background. They help create a more rounded picture of them and their life, I feel. Amanda and Belle - they were great, weren't they?! To see them go from, as Zetti put it, "mortal enemies" to this less explosive and more accepting of each other's faults sort of relationship was a lovely transistion to see. I know some found the concept of Belle forgiving Amanda for the Drew debarcle, and a whole load of other stuff (!), far-fetched, but to have them at each other's throats for ever wasn't really going to achieve anything at the end of the day. A state of stalemate wouldn't have been healthy and would likely have fueled their hostile behaviour even more. I can't recall whether it's ever been discussed on the show, but I definitely remember the rumour regarding Belle's sister. Wasn't her name supposed to be Emma? I'm sure it was something like that. It's a shame we've never seen her if she does exist. I can imagine sparks flying between her and Belle if she ever did arrive, especially if she was quite a bit younger than her. Belle always strikes me as the type who values her own space, so the arrival of a little sister would probably seem like an invasion of mass proportions! I'm just thinking about what I'd like to see for Belle in the new season and while I found all of the storylines she was involved in last year enjoyable, I'd love to see some of the 'old' Belle return. I completely understand and appreciate that she had a huge year and that she'll need time to deal with it, which will no doubt see her in a highly emotional state for some time again this year etc., but I really hope that there are some calmer and less hectic times ahead of her. I don't expect to see her laughing and joking every five seconds, but to see some of that vibrant and happy personality creeping back in would be good to see. I think her getting into photography again as a hobby would be an excellent way of doing that. Before Murray came along and the development site became her main focus, she really wanted to 'find' herself again and I don't feel she got the chance to do that properly. While the development site saga gave her a chance to really get involved and use her energies, I don't believe she achieved as much on a personal level as she would've had she have continued photography. But then it could be argued that her turning down the chance to help would've been out of character. Either way I would love to see some 'down time' for her. She had a horrible year. Whether or not she was to blame for some of it, in terms of the actions she took, she had a horrible year and I feel she deserves a level of sympathy.
  20. He is indeed a Bay legend, one that is tragically underused I'm still very sorry to say. Why he is given so little 'proper' screentime and material is totally and utterly beyond me. He's got excellent storyline potential, Ray is absolutely perfect in the part (No one else could be Alf. No one), viewers around the world adore him and there are so many more euphemisms that we're yet to hear, get hysterical over and plonk in the Quotes threads! Simply put, he's an institution. He's the Bay's stalwart and, to be quite honest, who couldn't like Alf?! He's genuine, reliable, unintentionally hilarious and he has a heart of gold. I could go on. But while we know that he's a kind and worldly wise man, to an outsider he portrays this grumpy, sometimes bordering on sullen, exterior - and I love that. It means in some ways you never quite know what's coming next with him. Is he going to chuck those mongrels out of the Surf Club or is he simply going to give them a clip around the ear? Is he going to accept that the washing machine has blown up or is he going to go completely bananas? You know, it's that sort of thing that really makes me warm to Alf . I don't feel like I talk about him a lot, but I think he's absolutely great and without him the show would feel emptier for me. So are there any other Alf fans out there who would like to talk about this flamin' legend?
  21. Meck ft. Leo Sayer - Thunder In My Heart
  22. 'Poseidon' was the last film I saw and everytime I see it I realize again why it's one of my top 10 films.
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