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  1. Hello, how are you. Yes it is really me. Di x 

    1. JosieTash


      Hi, how's it going? I've emailed you every so oft over the last few years, but I can imagine that you've had lots of issues [health etc] to deal with.


      I'm very glad you sent me this message !!!!


      Soulies, MArk


    2. Di


      Can you send me your email addy. I can't send you a pm on here, as you can't receive any. Here is my digrundy1972@yahoo.com   Look forwards form hearing from you soon.

      Soulies Di 

  2. well tis been very undisided,here in Chermside today.. mother nature does not know what to do. slight rain at times an very sunny..
  3. Lol, esp love that you got a shot of the much younger "Stewart" family hehe.. Tis a nice size, too... Ta
  4. Many thanks, for everyone who helps write this pembie, JT, Red Ranger 1.. you are all awesome very, very funny fan fic.. I read, this mostly just before I get into bed.
  5. Love it Mark is sooo gonna be doing some laughing, I was going to email it to his sis. Changed my mind, as its funny So don't want Mark to hamper his recovery by doing a pulled wound site etc. SO sweet of you guys,to do something this awesome for Mark..
  6. Another update, Mark is still fighting for his life, he had another set back abt 24hrs ago OZ time.. :(
  7. Just a quick update, Mark is still very, very poorly. in ICU/CCU He had to have emergency op last night... so its going to be some time before. he'll be back I'm afraid...
  8. Yes, I'm afraid it is, just sending you a pm now
  9. Hye, I not long since got a email from, Marks sister. I sorry to say Mark is very, very unwell in ICU.
  10. I hopes you got to read, the third chapter... RIP my love, thanks for been my great friend.. You with you two boys aka her (dogs) Di x x Huh? Sounds ominous Di, what do you mean? belgshep , aka Sue, sadly passed away yesterday. x x x
  11. I hopes you got to read, the third chapter... RIP my love, thanks for been my great friend.. You with you two boys aka her (dogs) Di x x
  12. RIP. Sue xx

    Thank you for been my good friend..

    Di xx

  13. Happy 7th Birthday backtothebay. Congratulations!!! Thanks to all those whom have kept BTTB going,all these years. I have been comming on here since late 2004. BTTB forum has gave me loads, an loads of fun an happness over the years. I have made some awesome friends along the way. Thank you x x PS l nice colourful set of balloons you got there...
  14. Wow, awesome news. Many thanks to those involved, taking time out of their life, to do these difficult and painstaking searches with very little to go on as to where the locations are.
  15. Motley Crue feat. Chester Bennington - Home Sweet Home
  16. PJ'S an odd think an warm bed socks. To cold to find the matching one lol..
  17. loads of cold soft drinks, so thirsty singing!!
  18. Didn't like Sainsburys tuna fish cakes at teatime. So now havin a tin of chicken curry and need to be eaten by Thursday pitta breads. With Cous Cous
  19. That sounds very, very yummy. Evan at this time of the morning. I'm drinking a sm latte
  20. Yay Brendan is back Love that guy, he is legend. The actor who plays his, is awesome. He does it extremely well.
  21. Detective Robert Robertson, is a great addition to the Bay. He's a awesome dresser IMO He's does not take any bull, he gets answers. I love how different he is to any other cop they have had. You just don;t know what gonna come out his mouth next. I hope he's in the Bay for a good while...
  22. I love Tracie Sammut aka Ruby Leeds. She is so cooooool. I hope she is in the bay for a good while.
  23. sea salt an cracked black pepper wedges, topped with loads of cheses an red onoin and red sauce. Followed by a choc milkshake Edited.. its a couple of hours since dinner. Now eating Raspberry ripple icecream and a slice of the fruit cake i made last night..
  24. home made by me, fruit cake an a cuppa
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