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Who can beliéve it's now four years since the pilot aired on 7

Guest j.laur5

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It only feels like 2 minutes since the first episode of Sons and daughters and H&A started on 7two.

I think its still Early Years until the end of 1994.

I feel the Early years end in August 1993 when

Bobby dies

But well done to 7 for getting this far but I have a feeling in the pit of my stomach that the early years may end sooner rather than later

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I actually don't see why it can't carry on going if ratings stay strong: Admittedly, it gets to the point where The Early Years is something of a misnomer or artifact title but until it reaches the point where they've caught up with current episodes... (I seem to remember the BBC started repeating Grange Hill from the start and they actually kept on going, I think until the point where the current show was at when the repeats started, although obviously that was fewer episodes.)

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It'll never happen because of the ridiculous scale and the fact that it's Seven, but just for example - a normal dual layer DVD will take around 4 hours of video, which would equate to roughly 2 weeks of episodes per disc.

That would mean 589 DVD's for all episodes from 1988-2013. Even if you did each release as a box of 6 like the early Neighbours releases, that would still be just under 100 releases.

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