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  1. the rating changed to PG during the 93 reruns, back in the day the show was G until Martha went poll dancing in 2006
  2. No, this is well after the classic era to me
  3. Sally was very against it when he started dating Pippa, as i recall Steven didn't really offer an opinion
  4. Bobby and Greg did get married quick but that could have been to give Sam a bit more security
  5. it was all a dream that Alf was having
  6. I consider him original but others might not it’s subjective
  7. The whole "it did me no harm therefore it's fine" nonsense is like the logic of a 4 year old. The inability to see past the end of one's nose to realize that maybe not everyone in the world has the exact same life, circumstances, surroundings, as you seems to escape some people. Actually you did and i really don't appreciate it
  8. I didn't ask you for an opinion on how my mother raised me thanks! obviously you think you were raised better than us because you could do whatever you wanted with no consequences! such a millennial attitude!
  9. @Old H&A Fan even in the mid-late 00s and early 10s during my teens i was still getting told off for talking back did it do me any harm? no it made me into a respectful adult i'm fully with you here Karen was out of control
  10. i've given up on the 90s eps returning to be honest as it's been three years and nothing
  11. Think he did Bobby's funeral as well?
  12. -Yes Tom's was a church funeral Alf gave the eulogy and we had flashbacks
  13. Summer Bay House if you can (though the tour would go there wouldn't it?)
  14. Because in 1989 nobody knew they were alive I guess remember Miles said the dad fell into alcoholism at some point in the mid 80s after Sally’s Mum walked out and took Sally with her
  15. I don't think anyone knew about Ross Keating did they? or at least Molloy somehow didn't
  16. Not in 2011 no Australia was still getting both analogue and digital TV until 2013
  17. Neighbours has been on 10Peach for 9 years whereas H&A has always been on 7 even when ratings are poor
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