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  1. Does online streaming count as a brodacast? I believe that online streaming wasn't mentioned in 1996 contarcts as it was hardly a thing then. Would seven be able to get away if they uploaded 1996 to 7plus? What could happen to them?
  2. Ilike the fact that by 1995 Karen and Ailsa were on good terms and Ailsa even went to celebrate her birthday.
  3. No, he wasn't. Don't remember the details much, but there was an argument.
  4. When did Irene become "prim and proper"? Was it done deliberately or because it's just easier to dress all the characters fashionable? She used to have very specific language. She would say "me" instead of "my", would use double negative, would say "get it" instead of "understand" or "hang on" instead of "wait" whereas now she speaks grammatically correct or in other words like everybody else which is boring.
  5. I took a look at some film from 1988 where Lynne was starring and she blonde there too.
  6. I liked that someone mentioned that even in the 90s she was written at times as perfect. My mother noticed that and it drives her crazy. "That Pippa, such a perfect housewife, always does everything on time, does all the washing, ironing, makes most delicious food, bakes for the diner, and when the kids have problems, she always knows what to say to them, and is always full of wisdom". I can't disagree with that.
  7. I guess, you're right, I was just full of emotion. Nevertheless, she still is in my bad books at the moment.
  8. I'm afraid this business with Matt and Oscar ruined her again.
  9. I was thinking that he might get some Dodge like ending. Dodge had turned nice in the end and was really getting along with Fletcher family but then the truth came out and all was over. The only reason why Zac and Leah might not be so hard on him is because unlike with Dodge, nobody died this time.
  10. He's so cute that I don't care that he's nice now In fact it makes me love him even more
  11. This is the worst recast in the show's history but there's no point in complaining about as the damage is already done.
  12. Weren't you the one who thought that Morag was only brought back in 00s because of the Weakest Link popularity? Until then both Celia and Morag were forgotten characters. I still do believe that more people are familiar with Morag than with Celia and that's the reason she is invited back from time to time.
  13. We often hear people wanting Morag back, but rarely Celia, which is a shame, because she's just as good as Morag.
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