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  1. A 2005 Lithuanian version has been on the internet for many years but recently original Lithuanian version of the song has also resurfaced. There's also closing theme in the comments
  2. Does online streaming count as a brodacast? I believe that online streaming wasn't mentioned in 1996 contarcts as it was hardly a thing then. Would seven be able to get away if they uploaded 1996 to 7plus? What could happen to them?
  3. Why are you saying this now? The post was on July. Nobody's making unhelpful decisions now.
  4. Well I haven't called them yet and seeing these post I'm not going to.
  5. What is the number? Is it possible to call them from Europe. I wouldn't mind paying extra euro.
  6. Regarding the source where the information about return in November came up, another user wrote there a comment that she rang to 7 and they said that TEY are coming back at the end of the year. The date of the comment is 18th July so there might be truth in this. It's not a friend of a friend but a person on public facebook group claims that he rang to seven and got an answer about TEY coming back on November. It was a seven spokesperson that said that.
  7. The only reason I'd believe this is because now it would be ridiculously late to lie now considering that pretty much everyone saw the official answer to BTTB that TEY are not coming back.
  8. Could someone explain the concept of pay TV? If money is the problem, couldn't it be solved by showing the show on this sort of television?
  9. What about schock entertainment? Which company released 1985,1986 Neighbours?
  10. I did that thing with Netflix too. I also wrote to umbrella entertainment.
  11. What is the adress of Seven? I'll write a letter too.
  12. I remember that a couple of years ago five started repeat run of 2000 episodes and took it off after 2 or 3 weeks that is why I'm also a bit sceptical. Thank you for explaining about UK and Australia situation, it's really interesting to hear how television works in different parts of the world. Despite what I have said about five I would be fairly happy if we got the episodes with the main content uncensored.
  13. How come that seven can't show the episodes but five can? I wouldn't want it on five because there's a greater chance of the series being taken off, "home and away" bumpers and copyright date will be cut-off and there will be an announcer talking over end credits. The way the episodes were shown on 7TWO was perfect. An Australian DVD release would be fine. I was pleased with Neighbours release but they did stop after first half of 1986.
  14. Continuing your petition is one way. A new petition could be started with people agreeing to buy dvds or download by streaming. It might sort itself out if the ratings of Million Dolar Minute are significantly lower. Seven must know that they won't get higher if the early years are screened early in the morning.
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