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  1. That's not how you worded it though you worded it like Alf has forgotten about Ailsa which he most likely hasn't as an example my mother has been dead for 2 years and just because i've gotten on with life doesn't mean i've forgotten her or don't think of her from time to time same with Alf thinking about Ailsa
  2. To be fair Ailsa has been dead 19 years how long would you like Alf to dwell on her death? Life does go on
  3. Sophie! You were halfway there! You should have just left!!!! Laura do the right thing glad Carly is helping Pippa who is that at the end?
  4. Oh dear Pippa you’ve been rumbled! Liked the scene with Steven and Sally Lucinda and Shane?
  5. Laura do the right thing and help Morag Al is a jerk poor Sophie!
  6. It’s Laura!!! Debra you aren’t the principal it’s not your place to tell Megan what to wear Oh dear Alf has given up can Morag save the day? “I’m not one to gossip” Yeah right Celia
  7. Was that the year Melody got high on drugs and caused an explosion at the school formal?
  8. Oh is that Roo on the machine? Bobby is going to adopt Isn’t she? Debra no that won’t end well
  9. Laura Bonnetti? Ahhh Al needs to be in jail and not Alf!
  10. Hehehehe Debra is a bitch here! Poor Bobby will Adam get the job?
  11. Morag get some restraint! First Michael then Fisher (again!) Marilyn should leave Ben as should Carly loved the flashback with Alf and Martha Sr
  12. Poor Alf and Adam Cynthia really is vindictive isn't she? Bobby is using uni as an excuse to avoid Morag lol oooooh is Steven's aunt Donna Bishop from 1995? ohhhh Fisher is going to tell Bobby wow poor Don!
  13. All caught up! Michael and Celia is an......odd choice but he seems to prefer Morag - Ben is a fruitcake here Matt and Barbara? Ew oooh is Fisher going to step up and take the blame for Shane? Sandra’s back! Emma is bad news!
  14. Also Roo mentioned that she was Celia’s only niece in Episode 7......methinks Rebecca was only added so that Fisher could ask for Lance to sign the Santa Never Stops In Summer Bay single (probably also to add more drama to the Bobby/Fisher reveal in 1989)
  15. Martin and Lance are nothing like the Braxtons......... i don’t remember them kidnapping/killing anyone or pushing drugs (save for that time they were going to sell dope at the dance but Bobby and Frank caught them making it and made them smoke it! )
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