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  1. Dodge, they never found his body while not a regular he's the only one i can think of
  2. Henry left for New Zealand in late 1989 Bronwyn followed him in early 1990 after he set up the new house and made sure his DJ job was secure
  3. Toby has never been back, he Sky Melanie and Joe moved to country Australia in 1992 (Toby was living with Dorothy Burke in 1991-93) Mel and Joe divorced in 1993 and in 2003 Sky ran away to Erinsborough because she was having trouble relating to Joe and wanted to be with Harold
  4. Joe married Melanie Pearson in 1991 and they both left to be near Mrs Mangel in England who was undergoing heart surgery
  5. No we never saw Charlene or Scott again after they left in 1988 and 89 respectively
  6. Pippa received one in a 1996/97 episode that's what Sally Keating is referencing
  7. Margaret Lynch now lives in Melbourne and still keeps in contact with Sophie Lois Crawford Moved in with her mother Meryl Knight in Whyhope has mellowed in middle age
  8. Found out today that Darius Perkins passed away on Wednesday from cancer Darius played Gary Samuels in late 1988
  9. The Anniversary was arranged by Dodge as a way to get in good with the Fletchers, i think it was in the 370s?
  10. The modelling shoot was AFTER Lynn left
  11. Carly came back after it came out that her dad and Samantha tricked welfare into thinking Sam was Carly and that she didn't care if the Fletchers threw her out
  12. Bobby moved into Carly's old room after Carly left to do her modelling shoot despite Tom banning her after she had Lynn go on TV saying she didn't want to go home, Carly then told Celia about Alan's aneurism to stop Celia going with her to the shoot as chaperone Tom threatened to hit Carly and was then paid a visit by welfare - Bobby came in after the visit and Tom told her she could have the room
  13. I saw it last week she went to the city to convince Brett to own up to being the father but he pretty much laughed in her face fast forward about a week's worth of episodes later he turns up in Summer Bay having just learnt the mumps have made him sterile and he's demanding Roo hand over the baby once it's born As for not liking Bobby i think he saw her as the town dero but it was never said on screen so....
  14. i feel like Debra Lawrence should have been given a bigger interview given she played the matriarch of Summer Bay for 8 years
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