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  1. Shane and Angel at first they were acting like they hated each other!
  2. Bloody hell sorry mate I forgot to give you the link
  3. That was my thoughts as well because at the time this was announced Neighbours was annoying viewers with Dee (is she isn’t she?) so I had assumed that Martha was going to be another Dee
  4. probably but they never got divorced so Alf never acted on the letter from Martha, the one hole i can think of is why did it (the letter) not resurface during the 1996 floods/earthquake the 1997 and 06 cyclones the landslide or the 2008 earth tremor? where the hell did he keep Martha's letter that it survived all those disasters?!
  5. Alf most likely thought Ailsa wouldn't understand, or would get jealous if she found out Martha had been in touch so said nothing that's my take anyway
  6. 1999? she was Cynthia in 1991 but i don't remember a 1999 role?
  7. No but again he was married to Ailsa by that stage this seems to be what everyone here is overlooking Alf wasn’t going to just divorce Ailsa for Martha who told him she couldn’t deal with marriage and being a mother (which is why he never told Roo back then either)
  8. That’s correct but he only found out years later by which point he was married to Ailsa, I mean was he supposed to divorce Ailsa and go back to someone who didn’t want to know? And she said not to find her in the letter she sent him
  9. Thing is though without Michael or Haydn there's no point in having Cynthia return Michael has been dead 23 years and god knows where Haydn is in 2019/20 even if they were to explore the route of having Haydn back the only people he'd know now are Alf Maz and maybe Irene? so it'd be stretching suspension of disbelief a bit IMHO
  10. So when it was announced that Martha Stewart Snr was returning I really wanted nothing to do with this story, but over the last few weeks I got curious because she isa played by Belinda Giblin who I loved in Heartbreak High and in the early years as Cynthia Ross, I know i was one of the main members here to cry retcon at the time but on watching the Martha story in context i feel it's not a retcon because of two factors: 1. Martha was presumed dead after an investigation and no body being found as both Alf and Colby clearly stated and 2 Everyone is saying Alf is a bigamist because he married Ailsa in 1988 Untrue the law in Australia says that if your spouse is presumed dead you are able to remarry and your previous marriage becomes annulled if your first spouse is presumed dead, so Alf's marriage to Ailsa was perfectly legal Everyone is also complaining that Ailsa was never mentioned during the initial stages of the 2018 story, again false she was mentioned by both Alf and Roo on seperate occasions and realistically i seriously doubt Alf would have/will mention(ed) Ailsa to Martha so as not to hurt her, and personally i think it's great to see the big guy finally get a dramatic story but this is just my opinion
  11. Pantomime is a UK thing and H&A wasn't on there until 1989 so no Ray most likely wanted a break thought i read somewhere that some of the cast didn't think H&A would last six months I'm Australian and wasn't born til 1992 so i never saw anyone in panto lol
  12. I know what you mean, at least with The Bill podcast they cater to fans of all eras
  13. You'd be lucky then they seem to be focusing on recent cast members
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