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  1. i still have 1990 that i taped years ago when 7TWO had it i watch one every day at 4:30 (like the 00s rerun)
  2. Not me i'll be watching things like A Country Practice Heartbreak High and Grey's Anatomy (early seasons) sorry not sorry media!
  3. that makes no sense they must have at least 6 or seven months of episodes to play?
  4. She was in an episode of Blue Heelers in 1995 but other than that I don't think she's been heard of since Irene
  5. Different era i guess! if anything these days i'd be more worried about Martin being her friend than Lance Martin always looked sketchy!
  6. Sally was born in 1979 so to do that they'd have to retcon the whole timeline so she was born c 1983
  7. Celia's friend who she was gossiping to about Carly when Alf arrived to stop her talking
  8. 1988 wasn't that far back in the dark ages lol the very first episodes of A Country Practice (1981) and Neighbours (1985) both had underage girls asking to go on the pill so i think Roo had that option available to her in 88!
  9. Shane and Angel at first they were acting like they hated each other!
  10. Bloody hell sorry mate I forgot to give you the link
  11. That was my thoughts as well because at the time this was announced Neighbours was annoying viewers with Dee (is she isn’t she?) so I had assumed that Martha was going to be another Dee
  12. probably but they never got divorced so Alf never acted on the letter from Martha, the one hole i can think of is why did it (the letter) not resurface during the 1996 floods/earthquake the 1997 and 06 cyclones the landslide or the 2008 earth tremor? where the hell did he keep Martha's letter that it survived all those disasters?!
  13. Alf most likely thought Ailsa wouldn't understand, or would get jealous if she found out Martha had been in touch so said nothing that's my take anyway
  14. 1999? she was Cynthia in 1991 but i don't remember a 1999 role?
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