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  1. I thought he got on okay with Celia and was far more strained with Morag he was also close to Barbara as he was seen helping her prepare for the wake and supporting her when Alan was in a coma
  2. it's called fiction look it up and if the show does recast the little respect i have for it for dealing with cat fishing recently will be gone
  3. Lou ended up choosing Nick (Which teenage Shane wasn’t too thrilled about!)
  4. What we call Free to Air in Australia
  5. it's not even complete they're missing the last 28 episodes
  6. Lynn mentioned going to see him when she returned for Pippa's birth but he hasn't been seen since he was with Tom and Pippa after Frank's accident
  7. hey! remember me? not seen you in a decade! good to have you back!

    1. nenehcherry2


      Enjoy it whilst it lasts as I'm closing my account down!

    2. Bobby Forever Missed

      Bobby Forever Missed

      hmmmm can't say i blame you!

  8. No I'm sorry i disagree with anyone who doesn't think Morag's death needs to be mentioned, Alf Roo John Marilyn all knew her and it's a matter of respect for Cornelia as well to lay her character to rest they better not be thinking of recasting Morag that's all i can say
  9. okay then i retract part of that statement, Can't see them doing that for Ben though
  10. i don't mean an in show mention per sae but not even a caption at the ends credits for Cornelia or Ben? THAT is disgusting form All Saints did that when Mark Preistley died why can't H&A do the same for Cornelia and Ben? because they weren't modern stars of the show who are all they care about
  11. They didn't do anything for Cornelia Frances last year either shows how much respect they have for deceased past actors
  12. there's an error in the Pat McGrath one it says she's his husband not his wife lol
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