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  1. there's an error in the Pat McGrath one it says she's his husband not his wife lol
  2. Yeah but if you believe them when they say it’s coming back then prepare to be disappointed they said the same thing in 02 then started trotting out contract issues as an excuse as to why it couldn’t - it obviously started again in 2009 proving these issues obviously aren’t as big as made out
  3. At the time they were desperate to make sure H&A wasn't axed after one year like Neighbours was so they'd try anything
  4. 40 episodes they were there so people would tune into the next episode to see the resolution to the cliffhanger
  5. Episode #623 (September 1990) Alf's Cousin Jennifer arrives to stay
  6. Because of copyright we can’t give out eps sorry about that
  7. Not seen it but certainly heard of it glad that a show is representing people like me though, a shame Neighbours and H&A pick and choose the minorities they want to represent (no offence to the LBGT Community of course)
  8. Neighbours is guilty of ignoring disability too they had Lori Lee (Jack Scully’s girlfriend) become paralysed in about 2002 after she fell into a pool she was in a wheelchair for a short time but got better miraculously same for Stephen Gotlieb in 1993ish and Toadie a few years ago Glen Donnelly was told he’d never walk again after falling from the roof of Lassiters in 1991 but a month or so later he was gone why are Neighbours and H&A so against having characters who aren’t perfect? As someone who is in a wheelchair I find this attitude from TPTB for both shows extremely offensive disabled people are not freaks we are people too and deserve representation in media so that we can feel we aren’t alone and I have to say it Political Correctness is not for some but not others and I feel both sets of TPTB need to be not forced but reminded that the disabled and mentally ill watch the programmes too and these conditions are for life
  9. That's not how you worded it though you worded it like Alf has forgotten about Ailsa which he most likely hasn't as an example my mother has been dead for 2 years and just because i've gotten on with life doesn't mean i've forgotten her or don't think of her from time to time same with Alf thinking about Ailsa
  10. To be fair Ailsa has been dead 19 years how long would you like Alf to dwell on her death? Life does go on
  11. Sophie! You were halfway there! You should have just left!!!! Laura do the right thing glad Carly is helping Pippa who is that at the end?
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