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  1. Maybe like a Beethoven like movie?
  2. There’s so many I want to return but the ones I can come up with now that would make me quite happy if they returned are Sid Walker (probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone seeing as I’ve had the same profile picture of him for the almost 7 years I’ve been a member here ) Martha, i really liked the strong bond between her and Alf Rick, we already have so many of the Stewart family on the show now that it would be fitting to have Rick return and meet his new relatives (or at least new for him) Brax, I just miss all the action that came along with a Braxton on the show Sally, I also really wanna know if her daughter ever got well Miles, I really grew found of this character, he really fitted in on the show Donald Fisher, I really want them to bring the actor back before he gets to old or dies Colleen and the same as with Norman, I hope they don’t die without having gotten invited back to the show at least once again
  3. It would have been cool if she returned to show, now a young woman in her mid 20s. She would have probably gotten along well with the other young casts like Colby and Mackenzie
  4. Just saw Tai Hara on a episode of Madam Secretary (Season 5 Episode 16) Nice to see that he’s doing good in USA I hope he will get even bigger roles like for example Chris Hemsworth did
  5. It’s fake, the linked article is from when she was returning for Roo and Harvey’s wedding in 2012
  6. I’m shocked that they haven’t mentioned Morag being dead yet, are they just gonna ignore it and never mention her again on the show? That would be really disrespectful towards Cornelia and all the good and hard work she put into her character over the almost 30 years she was on and off from the show...
  7. Wonder if they will try doing a pregnancy storyline with her again
  8. Legally Blonde 2, looking forward to the third movie
  9. I only started watching in late 2001 but I know that they recast her in her final year and then when she came back as a ghost (or illusion) it was the original actress, kinda weird to be honest They should show flashbacks from when she and Alf where children, as Alf is reminiscing about Morag
  10. Lol, story of all the bullies turned nice characters I wanted to rip of Andy’s eyes when he first appeared because he annoyed me so much but I ended up liking him a lot How would that work seeing as she lives with her father Nick Dutton?
  11. Maybe the season finale this year will end with Alf getting a shocking call about Morag being dead and then the next episode opens with Morags funeral
  12. I hear that Jake Ryan signed a 3 year contract earlier this year, is that true?
  13. They would become the ultimate hate couple then
  14. It seems like they are building up for him and Tori to get in a relationship, wonder if he will keep being on the show til next year
  15. The show is better now than it has been in years so I don’t know what you are talking about
  16. While he was on his manhunt for Robbo he sure did remind me of Brax, I feel that his character development from the last year has been ruined.
  17. After 3 years he finally turned into Brax 2.0, I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner to be honest.
  18. I’m starting to think he’s maybe out of the show now, I mean what else can happen now when he’s going to jail? Unless he pulls a Angelo and suddenly are free off all charges
  19. I’m guessing he’s suppose to be in his mid 20s to like Jack was
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