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Don Fisher vs Alf Stewart?

Guest Homeandawayfan.

Don Fisher vs Alf Stewart? Who is the most iconic?  

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Hm, the word 'iconic' to me in relation to characters from Home and Away indicates that they are so linked to the show that anyone, even those who don't watch, would recognise and link them to it. So Alf Stewart, would probably be more iconic because he's still there. Plus Alf is great and quite an individual - he has his own sayings, own way of talking. He was fantastic and had a much greater purpose when married to Ailsa, owned his stores and had lots of close mates (Fisher, Pippa, Michael/Tom and so on)...

Which do I like most? Fisher. I just think unfortunately the writers have neglected Alf as a character over the past years and he has lost a lot of the layers that made him so fantastic. Of course he's still iconic and legendary, but as a character, the writers have let him down by neglecting to develop him Imo. Whereas Fisher left at a time where he, Alf, Irene etc were actually still prominent, so they haven't really had the opportunity to mess him up.

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Both of them are such good characters. It's like picking which brother is better than the other. You like both of them equally. I know it's a weird analogy, but the two are legends of the show.

Alf is the only remaining original character of the show, and Don was iconic in his 15 years on the show. It was a pity he had an forgettable 2007 guest stint. Maybe since it's the 25th anniversary of the show next year, we'll see him make a return, but Norman Coburn who played Don is 76.

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Fisher had a chatchphrase as well "you will get detention" lol. He took that word to famous levels. Flamin Galah is Alf's catchphrase. Don And Alf were the same age as well. I am glad that Alf is still around even if he is more a glorified extra nowadays. Flathead got many storylines and Marilyn was his first major relationship storyline.

I know Roo and Celia did not appear in episode 1 but did a few episodes later so could they be classed as originals or do you class originals as having appeared in episode 1?

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