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Bay Wars (by Miranda, Red Ranger 1, pembie and JosieTash) - comments

Red Ranger 1

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And we're off!I repeat Miranda's dedication to JosieTash and hope he's soon well enough to join in the fun.

Great start, liked all the little in jokes:The byplay between Xavier and the droids, Darth Palmer force choking General Heath for a laugh.Guess I'll have to take time out from my busy schedule to try and match you now...

Tutorial:To the right of the screen above the post you should see three boxes with several horizontal lines on them.Just highlight the bit you want to centre and click on the box where the lines are in the centre(as opposed to the ones where they're to the left or right).

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Thanks for combining my 3 favourite things in the world; Star Wars, Home and Away and PORN! :D

The Imperial General stunned the Princess with his blaster and she slumped into his arms.


Later, Xavier helped Dex3PO into an oil bath where he reclined, still talking. Meanwhile young Skywalker got to work on little AprilD2, cleaning the dust from all her orifices.

“She says- what? She says she has a special message for you, and if you remove her restraining bolt, she will play it.”

Xavier quickly did so.

A blonde female figure was beamed out of the droid’s holographic unit in front of them.


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Did you know, SOME people haven't seen Star Wars?

Thanks so much for telling the world :P:lol: Normally I would be annoyed but not today :wink:

Loving the start of this fic and I love the fact that Xavier is the in a lead role! So cool :)

Looking forward to the next part Red :D

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It wasn't ME who just told the world, was it? :P

Yes its about time Xavier starred, I've written far too many things about Romeo :blink:

:wink: As I said, I dont mind if they know, I am far too happy today to care :lol: and yes I love the fact that Xavier is starring :wub:

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