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It was almost a tradition now that Aden would be the one who would hook the new addition to her bracelet on, deciding where it went. She rarely argued with him, trusting that he had his reasons for where he would place it.

For some reason I always remembered it as Aden always having to be the one who put it on(like here), but she would always insist on finding the right place. I really am confusing myself with all these fics.

I liked this chapter. The beginning with Aden and Belle was really good. I like that you can still see that what he did is still effecting him, yet he's still trying to put it behind them. The way Belle kept trying to reassure him, and make him feel better was sweet.

I'm glad Amanda made an appearance. Not sure which part you thought might be OOC, but I have to agree with it about the Amanda and Justin scene. I like that she basically told him to shut up. It was funny. But the Amanda from the show would have probably done it (shutting him up) by being her witty self. She wouldn't have stood for his flirting(like here), and she would have put him in his place has well. But she would have done it with some brilliant sarcastic one-liners. Infact she would have probably got a kick out of it. Amanda used to always be up for a good verbal sparring match. I don't see her acting this uptight, or threatening to call her husband on him, or even being too disgusted. She most likely would have enjoyed the chance to throw around some creative insults at him, and shutting him up in the process. It would have been more her style.

I really liked the chapter. Hope Amanda sticks around. And her and Belle get to have a nice talk. I miss their scenes. I'm glad Aden isn't suffering too much with everything. Although the fact that he went and took out his frustrations on a punching bag makes me happy, because it could mean that this storyline isn't over just yet.

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Argh, I feel so bad for saying this, but I don't think so. Not unless the miracle muse comes to me in the next few hours :( I'm so sorry for keeping you guys waiting. I promise you that it will be up ASAP. I will try with all my might to do it by tonight, but the likelihood of that happening is pretty slim. Perhaps tomorrow?

Thank you so much for asking though. It's the right motivation I need to keep me going :D I'm just sorry I can't update soon.


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Just caught up on the last couple of chapters and they were fantastic!

I loved the talk with Aden and Belle and I'm so glad everything's out in the open...even if it is all still a bit iffy...

And, oh my gosh, my heart was breaking for Aden when he found out his nightmares, he was just so devastated :(

Can't wait for that muse to kick in, but wrongturntaken was right...your chapters are worth the wait :D

Oh...and Justin makes me laugh, even if he is a bit of a tool :P

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