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  1. Happy Birthday Jen!

  2. Happy Birthday for tomorrow, Jen! x

  3. I have absolutely LOVED reading this!!! I think the premise was fantastic, with writing Drew in the first person and a set time frame for his visit. I love how you portrayed his emotions and reactions to everyone in the bay and everything going on. Nothing seemed too OTT and seemed fitting for a more mature Drew. The ending was brilliant! I loved the way you had a final meeting between Drew, Belle and Aden. It felt like the story came to a proper close. I really enjoyed your writing all the way through as well! Thanks for supplying us with this wonderful story!
  4. Story Title: Escaping Reality Type of story: Hoping for it to be medium but it might end up being longer. Main Characters: Aden centric, Belle. Other characters featuring (Not sure how much yet): Irene/Drew/Lucas/Cassie/Mattie/Ric, other characters come in later on. BTTB rating: A Genre: Angst/Romance/Drama Does story include spoilers: No Any warnings: Focuses on abuse and mental illness. Probably sexual content too. Summary: Aden (and all other teens above) are 17 and in their final year of school. He was abused by his grandfather (as in the show). However, his grandfather is still alive and moved out a few years ealier. But when Aden is 14; an awful accident occurs meaning that he is left to live alone with the old man. Stan's strict ruling of Aden and the events of the past have caused Aden to outlet any anger when he isn't at home. The only safe method of expression around his grandfather is literature, Aden takes his comfort in books and writing. But one day, Aden's world gets turned upside down again when his grandfather is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Will Aden finally have to deal with his past? Due date: Probably end of May, early June. What do you think?
  5. As if you could write anything other than amazing! Which btw it was!!!!!!! It was so sweet and adorable and cute, and i loved Mattie wanting to steal her! And Ric's slight fright that Mattie might want a baby too. Added an element of humour that made the whole scene feel so realistic. I love the way Aden is with them both! So adorable! Fantastic and AWWWWy chapter!!!!!! Can't wait for another update! But TOTALLY understand the business!
  6. I think that was possibly the SWEETEST chapter you have ever written!!!!! Aden was so adorable with her!!!!!!!!! And then choosing the name! Not onlyl did you have me wearing the cheesiest grin and a constant 'awwwww' coming out of my mouth, i was practically melting off my chair at just how adorable and cute it was! I LOVE her name! And the way they chose the order and everything about it! It was so sweet how Belle suggested his mum's name, i love how you did that whole bit! So brilliant!!!!!!! Can't wait for more! Seriously LOVED that chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. This was fantastic! I loved Belle and Drew's reaction to each other. It was interesting that you didn't have more of a confrontation between Aden and Drew but i think it worked really well and showed how much they'd grown. But i did like that Drew questioned her after Aden had left, made it seem realistic. Can't wait for more!
  8. Sorry i haven't commented before now, i haven't had the chance to read this and concentrate on it properly til now. The first thing i have to say is YAY! ADEN WAS RIGHT! IT'S A GIRL! Secondly: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the sweetest giving birth ever! Loved the description of the baby as perfect! I think the chapter was the perfect length as well. Thirdly: Just WOW to the whole chapter! Fourthly: LMAO at some of the things Belle and Aden were saying to each other during her labour! Soooo funny!!!!! AMAZING CHAPTER!!!! Can't wait for more! Hope you can update soon!
  9. I LOVE this idea! The whole concept of Drew coming back is brilliant and i love how you're writing in first person. Very different to a lot of fanfics i've read. I can't wat to see where you're going to take this! Hope you can update soon!
  10. Wow, that was brilliant! I loved the beginning, the way you wrote that was just incredible! And quite eery as well. That was just the cutest line, gave me a huge grin! I can't believe the baby's finally coming! You've handled all of this so well! I absolutely love this fic Taniya! Can't wait to see what happens once the baby's here! Hope you can update soon!
  11. WOW!!!!! That was absolutely incredible, i actually had a single tear roll down my cheek once i finished reading that. That's the line that made me start tearing up. It was so amazing, this scene should so be in the show! I actually don't think they could do it better or even as well as you've just dealt with it. Everything the characters said made complete sense. I loved that Aden was determined not to apologise but they were both obviously really hurting. Brilliant! :D
  12. I think that farewell was amazingly written! You could just tell what each one of them was feeling so well, you captured their emotions excellently! I LOVED IT! The start was hilarious with Aden painting her toe nails, i literally laughed properly out loud! Hope you can update soon! It's always worth the wait, i love it!
  13. I loved all the different combinations of the characters in this chapter! And i really like where all the plots are headed. Update soon!
  14. I proper LOL at the spider!!!!!!!!!! It was hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved every bit of that chapter! Was so sweet!!!!!!!! Can't wait for the next update!!!!!!
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