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  1. Hey,

    Areyou still writing Call It In The Air, cos its really good,

    i understand though if you've got writr's block or something, take you time, as long as your still continuing it =) xx

  2. a paper, a top up of the oyster card and a really minging cup of tea.
  3. Ah Drew will get the hump when he finds out! (Not that I care mind, never been a big Drew fan) great update by the way, I didn't think you'd be bringing Amanda and Drew back into it but it's really excelletn you have. Makes it a bit more interesting! xxx
  4. Ah I am so sorry I take it all back! That was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe they're getting married. This all seems a bit toooooo perfect? Am I reading too much into it? xxxxx
  5. Hope it intrigues ya'll! xoxo You can't do that! I repeat you can not do that. it's cruel. I bet that bit isn't even in the first chapter is it? hmmm? hmmm? I demand this fic to begin! (or you know, i can wait, whatever.... ) xxxxx
  6. Thanks for all your comments guys! I'm really gonna miss this one - it's my baby. The new fic is called 'Call It In The Air' and the first chapter is out on the forum now! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  7. ah I want Aden to come round my house and give me a round the world trip and a car.... That was awesome! Seriously you have a really nice flow in your writing style it really grips me into it. My 3 favourite scenes had to be the shower scene (of course), them playing computer games, and then the really sad one where Aden's dad died and Belle was comforting him. Oooo Unfamiliar ay? the title alone could have so many different meanings I don't know where to start. Is it set straight after or years in the future? oh, your writing is awesome, its so sad this has ended. So many fic
  8. That put a really nice finish on it. I would like some longer chapters please? (only criticism I can think of, and fine one to talk am i) but basically Im just being greedy and want more. Is that so bad? Ooooo sequel. Sounds like you're setting it quite far into the future? Should be interesting! can't wait.
  9. I thought that line was really clever. Great place to end it! Very much liked the window bit, seemed appropriate and quite sweet. *tear* so sad its over. xxx
  10. OK, so i'm planning a series 2 to 'the boy with the torn in his side'. That was my first ever fan fiction and despite all the faults i can see in it reading it back I am very proud and attached to it now. Series 2 I hope to be a step up from this. It will be continuing on from the first series but there will hopefully be a bit less going on overall so that the characters actually have a bit of time to interact properly and be a bit happy and work through all their issues that linger from the first series. I hope to write it in a way that will make it enjoyable for fans of the first series
  11. That was an awesome way to end it! Really loved it!!!!! Aw, you've made them like the best couple ever in your fic. I like them more in this than in the actual show (damn Angelo...) And i agree, VW Beetles are the ultimate girl's car. (But sooo cool!) that was awesome! When can we expect the finale?
  12. what did he do? hmmmmm..... I'm thinking a present? No? ah the suspense. Update please, i'm not good at waiting (but i will really)
  13. hahaha, taking him hostage? To get him off the booze? Ah linking it back to the title, like it!
  14. Yep, you all saw it coming! I was going to change the plot to surprise everyone but it was too good a plot line to resist so i kept it how it was.
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