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  1. I WANNA GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Aden's just.... *sigh* buying everyone balloons. and their villa thing sounds perfect. looking onto a lake! WOW! “It….it’s…it’s there! The real for really cinerelly’s castle.” Eden whispered. OMG!!! that was just adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just can't wait for more!!!!!!!
  2. i wanna go tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jackson's so excited and Aden is the best dad ever! and Justin is just such a nice guy and omg i can't wait for them to get there!!!!!!!!!!! update sooooooon!
  3. poor poor Jax good job he's got an aden as a daddy to look after him! and Aden blaming himself! but love how they all stayed in the hospital together as a family! can't wait what they do with all that money ;) hehe
  4. *sigh* Thank God for that!!!!!!!!!!!! whooohoooo! AMAZING chapter, you wrote that so well!!!!!!!! could feel Aden's emotions! amazing! can't wait for the next chappie! fluff?
  5. love love love love love love love love love love love love love love looooooove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its so fluffy, like serious serious fluff! its like the light fluffy snow falling outside right now (eek) "his muscles in his arms flexed as he pulled one in each hand back up the sand to the stand just in front of the shop" :ph34r: CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT UPDATE! and aren't you glad we twisted your arm ;)
  6. AMAZING update!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are such an amazing writer... I was able to picture the whole scene when Jax was explaining what happened. it was so wow. I hope Belle's gonna be okay, (she better be okay!) can't wait for more! x
  7. !!!! thats toooooooo sad! i dont know how you do it but... you write Aden's emotions soooooooooooooooo AMAZINGLY well! WOW Fliss better be okay!
  8. FANTASTIC update.... you are one amazing writer!!! protective Aden *sigh* you better not hurt anyone Ellen! Sean needs to go back to the hole he crawled out from! btw Carina, Aden's mine! ;)
  9. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Aden being all protective.... *sigh* LOVED it.... and mi5 vj! glad that Justin is staying me likey justin or uncle jj! hehe BRILLIANT update, can't wait for the next chappie xxxxx
  10. omg Ellen that was such a good chappie!!!! LOVE Eden, she's just adorable and a little Nic! haha loved Jax trying to explain the whole brother situation! hehehehe brill! i also LOVED how you've written Belle and Justins relationship, twas amazing how you made it so it wasn't too serious when she was explaining the drug thing. just brill! written perfectly! and yay that Justin is sticking around, me likey him! not as much as Aden though and seriously Ellen, no need to thank me, I LOVE your fics! and i'll do a cheer whenever you want. I think i'm becoming quite good at them. as i said a couple weeks ago, maybe i should be going into the cheer profession hahahahahhaha
  11. omg I LOVED that chapter... its actually one of my fave so far! it had adellenss cheeky Aden, Cheeky Justin, and the best Cheeky Jax, asking for a beer! hehehehhehehe the conversation between Aden and Justin was perfect! I liked how they didn't neeed to say what had happened, they both knew. It also showed that even after how ever many years they could still talk, like brothers which was nice to read! and one of the best things about this fic, if they find sean...which btw i was thinking what happens if Sean is dead? which he could be, would they still get the money? anyway if they find sean... RICH ADEN! *sigh* Brilliant chappie! X
  12. I miss them too, I used to sky + all the eps when they were on so i wouldn't miss any adelleness.... i think one of the best things they bought to the show was their acting, (not saying noone else can act) but their performances were just incredible! the abuse storyline, the drug storyline, the cancer, their relationship and the thing is, some people might say they were all individual storylines but they weren't, what made them amazing was that they were in it together and Todd and Jess were just incredible! since they've both left i haven't really had that much interest in the show... there's no storyline gripping me. which is why i think its a shame they've gone back to the "old style family H&A" where nothing reallllllly happens. the whole Abuse thing was so new to the show it gripped everyone! I really hope they're the couple that gets chosen to have the 10 eps on fiver... you can vote here http://holysoap.five.tv/homeandaway
  13. OMG Ellen!!!! I can't believe i missed an update! it was brilliant!!!!!! LOVE Aden talking about Belle and the kids, its so cute and *sigh* i reallllllllllly need one of him! Loving Justin, he seems great, he better stay great though and not do anything bad! haha can't wait for more! x
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