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My Artwork...but slightly different =]

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Hey guys! =]

Sorry i've been really slack in this thread, thanks again to all of you who commented on my drawings, so overly kind of u, can't believe how nice u all are =D

I've done a couple more drawings, one of jack and one of rachel, but i want to do one of aden and belle and then post photographs of them all at once! So many photographs of Belle and Aden tho so really hard to choose from lol

I'm revising for my driving theory test (grrr) which is in a few days, but i'm hopefully going to draw aden and belle and post photos in the next couple of days, i planned to do that this w/e but not enough hours in the day =[

thanks again and thanks for being patiient =D

BTW I really like it when people make suggestions/requests =D so seperate thank you to Lily-G and ish_the_angel <<< my next drawing after aden and Belle will be of Irene and pos belle if i can find a decent pic! =D

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hey guys, =]

Not sure if anyones still interested but here are a few more drawings, sorry about how slow i am in updates

Btw all 3 of these are so inaccurate and well ...pretty crap so my apologies especially to all the adelle fans as i did not do them justice in mydrawing lol, the only one i don't mind is the one of jack =P



The image i used for aden and belle, i didnt have enough space on the page so i had to draw them closer together :P


Sorry about the angle of the photographs its hard not to get the flash glare bright light spot thing :P

EDIT: Omg looking at this now i realise just how bad it is!!... hmm think i'll draw another one of them to replace this!


and jack...not completely finished but i got bored :P


Yeahhh hmm i think im getting worse loll

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Why haven't I seen your thread before? Oh, wow! You're really talented, I love your drawings so much. I love to draw and to look at other people drawings. There's so many great drawings in this thread I don't know which one's my favourite, though I love how you've drawn Rachel's hair. Whenever I try to draw curly hair it ends up looking weird so well done! I would also love to see a drawing of Irene... :D

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