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  1. I love it! msn display pic here i come .. I just noticed the flamingo av, colourings so elegant.. i really like it but i think the hippo is my 2nd fave after the penguins Odd how much as i sincerely like these as i'm not like a massive animal lover or anything lol ... looking forward to more
  2. OMGG can i please save the icon of the penguins?? Love it! croppings brill and i really like the style of the av of the seal
  3. ^^Totally agree, awesome update! Love the colouring and how you've created so many different shadows as much as i love a shirtless geoff the Todd ones definately my fav! Looking forward to more =]
  4. Hard-fi Can't get along without you
  5. Aww loved the last chapter! It was an excellent ending but i'm really sad thats it finished But i just want to say thank you because i've really enjoyed this fic! Your writing was always brilliant and you always updated quickly so it was easy to get into Well i loved the whole of this fic so if u ever do decide to write another one i'll love u forever
  6. Aww wicked chapter! I love how Jack looks after her Amazing writing once again And a bubble bath .. can't wait
  7. Awwww yay they're together again As long as Leon stays away and i still hate Laurie Brill chapter! Looking forward to the next
  8. Leon needs to get stuffed I haven't postedd in aggesss sorry! Well anyway your last 4 chapters have been excellent, amazingly written as always .....; But please put M&J back together properly! and i really hate Laurie Looking forward to more
  9. Yeahh its me loll :D yh corse its ok ill add u as a friend bak :P

    oh and there BOTH mine hehe

    KYm xxx

  10. Awesome chapter! I love how close kim, tash , martha and jack are, its so sweet Beautifully written once again
  11. Poor Martha I'm sure this whole Jack and Laurie thing is innocent.... and if it isn't, well Rach you better watch out ....... jokes Brill writing, can't wait for more
  12. Brilliant chapter ^^ thats where i got to wen i mentioned it to u on msn if that made sense Anyways, writings amazing like always and Jack and Martha are so cute Can't wait for an update
  13. Oasis - Stop crying your heart out
  14. Awww Love the last chapters! Geez Jack just admit your feelings already Brilliant writing, looking forward to an update
  15. ^^^ Ohh good song Well i've been listening to i gotta go my own way from HSM2 for about 2 hours lol, but now i'm listening to Athlete- you got the style
  16. Excellent chapter, mind you they're all awesome You write unbelievably well, its so easy to get into the characters I completely hate Lilly, desperate or what?? And i felt so bad for Martha i just wanted to slap Jack, when will he ever learn. I'm not liking the sound of 'oh dear' either Looking forward to an update
  17. Hi :) sorry just realised i had a comment, thank you, d/w ur right lol some else told me as well :) its now my aim to get rid oif it :P i added you as a friend i hope you don't mind


  18. ^^ I love that song (hey there delilah) I'm now listening to the Hoosiers - Worried about Ray < It makes me laugh
  19. Plain White Tees - Hey there Delilah
  20. ^^ i love the killers When i started to post i was listening to angry mob- Kaiser chiefs, but now its changed to stereophonics handbags and gladrags
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